Middle East Unrest Demonstrates Difference from American Values

Remaking the Middle East

Now Dawning: The Next Era of Middle East History


Many journalists are rushing to enlighten us about the events in Egypt, or to offer their “wisdom” and “analysis” into the Arab world, Israel and the region as a whole.

Some attribute the events to differences in cultures: ours vs. theirs!

Our values of free speech, individual liberty and our civil behavior foster a fundamentally different culture than suppression and coercion by threat of force.

The writer ignored the fact that our culture is the one who is responsible for thriving dictatorships in the Middle East. We had some leaders on the CIA payroll.. others receive billions in aid which is used primarily for lavish life styles, ignoring the people’s needs… and we just look the other way.

In what increasingly looks like a tsunami of popular unrest in North Africa and the Middle East, Israel has not been given enough consideration by the press.

And this writer thinks that the world revolves around Israel. Here’s an oxymoron: we claim to support freedom and democracy yet we will continue to support Israel’s Nazi-like oppression of Palestinians. I suspect that the leaks (The Palestinian Paper) – although they were welcome, to be our doing! Why? Palestinians were gaining momentum and support in the world about voting for a Palestinian State: something Israel and our culture of freedom and democracy, rejects!

Then there are those who want to continue to brainwash us with words that only started to exist recently! “Islamists” they claim, may be coming to power… and what does one think when hearing the word “Islamist” (as stupid of a word as it is)? “Terrorism.”

In other words, the media successfully brainwashed us – with the help of Israeli propaganda and AIPAC’s lobbying thugs, into making us associate anything Muslim with terrorism!

Then one can argue that Christianity and Nazism are synonymous. Hitler was Christian. Or should I say, Christianist!

Absurd, isn’t it?

The Media is scrambling to prove its utter ignorance. If they only read.. and learn a little about the history of the region. For example, according to Islamic history, it was Omar bin Khattab, the second Caliph, who stood against slavery by stating “.. since when do you enslave people when their mothers gave birth to them as free people?  The Prophet Muhammad encouraged manumission of slaves, even if one had to purchase them first. Almost 1,200 years later, Christianity and the New America, went to great lengths to acquire and enslave Africans.

The people of the Middle East continued to be free until the demise of the Ottoman Empire and the start of dividing and colonizing the Arab world. The colonists installed dictators who we supported throughout history and until this day, with millions of dollars, so that they could be silenced and in return, silence their  own people.

Yes cultures are different, ours seem to be based on hypocrisy; we create the situation then wonder why dictatorships and oppression exist!



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