Mubarak’s Sudden Supporters:One Chicken Per?

Posted: February 2, 2011 in Al Azhar, Algeria, Bashir, Belhassen, Ben Ali, Egypt, Gaddafi, Israel, Jordan, Middle East, Mossad, Mubarak, Palestine, Trabelsi, Tunisia, Turkey, War crimes, World News, Yemen
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No doubt that everyone is surprised by the sudden appearance of the “few” thugs who caused havoc and violence in Cairo‘s Liberty (Tahrir) Square.

So where did these people come from? And why so suddenly? Who may be behind this?

ATW suspects that:

  1. These “supporters” are the so-called police force who were pulled back in order for  Mubarak to prove a losing argument and point: that it’s either him or chaos! Grade:
  2. These supporters were promised a fully cooked chicken each if they carried Mubarak’s pictures and ran into the streets.
  3. If point 1 is valid, then these thugs and what they violence and havoc they created, were the result of Israel’s Mossad training and/or directive to maintain Mubarak’s iron grip on Egypt and protect israeli interests. May be the Mossad offered Mubarak to fully cooked chickens!
  4. Witnesses said the military allowed thousands of pro-Mubarak supporters, armed with sticks and knives, to enter the square. Opposition groups said Mubarak had sent in thugs to suppress anti-government protests.

“But we will not leave … Everybody stay put”

Khalil, anti-government protester

Khalil, in his 60s and holding a stick, blamed Mubarak supporters and undercover security for the clashes.

“But we will not leave,” he told Reuters. “Everybody stay put.”

Mohammed el-Belgaty, a member of the Muslim Brotherhood, told Al Jazeera the “peaceful demonstrations in Tahrir Square have been turned into chaos”.

“The speech delivered by President Mubarak was very provocative as he used very sentimental words.

Protesters showing Police ID's they confiscated from Mubarak's thugs

“Since morning, hundreds of these paid thugs started to demonstrate pretending to be supporting the President. Now they came to charge inside Tahrir Square armed with batons, sticks and some knives.

“Mubarak is asking the people to choose between him or chaos.”

The arrogance of Mubarak is unparalleled and unlike any other tyrant’s – save for the Pharaoh’s arrogance,  some 4,000 years ago. We all know what eventually happened to the Pharaoh and the humiliating and violent end he faced.

Adolf H Mubarak


Mubarak must be waiting for the same thing! And Ye Shall Have it!

I have no idea whether this tactic will work. But the idea that President Mubarak should make the case that he is necessary for Egypt’s stability by unleashing violence and chaos on his nation’s youth — it’s a sad and shameful end to his career. And I hope that the international community will firmly denounce this kind of brutality apparently organized by the government. source


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