Any and all dictatorships in the Middle East must be eliminated.

Generally speaking, Middle Easterners fear their governments because they were raised to keep their mouths shut: dare criticize governments, and you are wiped off the pages of history. Period.

Syria is no different. As in any country in the Middle East, the affluent praise the regime and boast the freedom with which the dictator bless the masses… so they think! The rest are worried about being terrorized, jailed and even executed. Officials will then claim such dissidents never existed!


In Damascus, Syria, protests failed to get underway on Friday despite heavy promotion on social networking sites.

Author - Ammar Abd Rabbo Source - http://flick...

Image via Wikipedia campaigns on Facebook and Twitter had called for a "day of rage" on Friday and Saturday, following similar actions in Yemen, Egypt and Tunisia.

But despite 12,000 “likes” on its campaign site, the streets of the Old City remained quiet on Friday.

The city did see a higher number of security agents but it was not clear whether protesters had been put off by authorities.
The city did see a higher number of security agents but it was not clear whether protesters had been put off by authorities.

“Syrian dissidents, including Kurds, did not respond to this call because they are convinced protests would be inefficient under the current conditions,” Abdel Karim Rihawi, president of the Syrian League for the Defence of Human Rights, was quoted by the AFP news agency as saying.

Earlier, Human Rights Watch called on the country’s authorities to “respect” the right of its people to protest, following reports that protest organisers had been intimidated by security forces.


“Syria’s government should immediately cease its intimidation and harassment of demonstrators expressing solidarity with pro-democracy campaigners in Egypt,” the human rights group said in a statement.

Bashar al-Assad, Syria’s president, has resisted calls for political freedoms and jailed many critics of his regime.

On Wednesday, a group of 20 people in civilian clothing beat and dispersed 15 demonstrators who had gathered in old Damascus to hold a candlelight vigil for Egyptian demonstrators.


“Security services also detained two young male demonstrators for a few hours … and have exerted pressure on organisers to cease any public gatherings,” Human Rights Watch said.

But the voices calling for freedom, and the souls yearning for democracy, shall not be silenced. Each dictator in the Middle East will be disgraced, not just by history, but by the people they enslaved, tortured and crushed!  Sooner or later, these people will be paraded in their own capitals and taken to the Guillotine to face justice and “enjoy” the worst day of their lives!


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