Israel plans to wall off Egypt

Tue Feb 8, 2011 1:32PM

Israeli President Terrorist Shimon Peres
Israel is set to put up an electronic security barrier on the border with Egypt as the anti-Tel Aviv sentiment is on the rise in the North African nation.

Israeli President Shimon Peres ordered the immediate construction of the wall at a conference in the seaside town of Herzliya, north of Tel Aviv, Israel’s Foreign Ministry reported on Monday.

The decision comes as a popular revolution in Egypt against the three-decade rule of Israel’s long-time ally Hosni Mubarak has raised serious concerns in Tel Aviv.

Politicians at the Herzliya meeting pointed to the complexity of the situation in the Middle East and expressed concern over the possible developments in the future.

Peres also insisted on an immediate resolution to Israeli-Palestinian conflicts so that “real issues of the Middle East” could be addressed.

“The dramatic events of recent days raise the need to remove the Israeli- Palestinian conflict from the daily agenda as soon as possible because the conflict is being exploited to the detriment of both sides,” Peres said.

Head of the Israeli army’s planning directorate and the foreign ministry’s director general, in their speeches, warned of more severe crises in the year to come.

Informed sources, meanwhile, insist that the recent developments in Egypt and their impact on other Arab nations are indicative of more hassles underway for Israel.

Israel has given its full support to Mubarak despite widespread calls in Egypt demanding that the dictator leave the Egyptian soil.

To prevent a revolution in the country, Israel earlier allowed Egypt to deploy its troops to the Sinai Peninsula in contrast to an agreement between Cairo and Tel Aviv to leave the peninsula demilitarized.

But fearing a complete breakdown of the treaty, Israel refused Egypt’s request for more troops in the region.



Ironic, isn’t it: that a sovereign country would “request” permission to deploy its troops on its land.. further proof that the so-called peace treaty with Egypt is no more than a CIA-MOSSAD plan to contain Egyptians, with the help of their man, Adolf Hosni Mubark!

But we know that the will of people can destroys barriers: the Berlin Wall, the Bar Lev Line, and soon the Apartheid Wall Israel uses to confine and dehumanize Palestinians!

This new barrier will only raise the level of hate towards a NaZionist country founded on, and practices terrorism daily!




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