These are the words of Egypt’s Foreign Minister.

Foreign minister, Ahmed Aboul Gheit, rejects calls for immediate repeal of emergency law and says US “imposing its will” on Cairo!

Imagine the audacity of such a statement. Did this thug forget that his corrupt government imposed its will on the Egyptian people for 30 years?  Those who refused to submit, were imprisoned, if not executed!

Give me time – he says!

“Allow me to have control to stabilize the nation, to stabilize the state and then we would look into the issue.”

As Donald Trump would say:

“Aboul Gheit, You’re Fired!”

The sons of the Martyrs are dying while Mubarak possesses $70 billion.. We Demand an immediate trial (for Mubarak)


One of the best comments on Aljazeera Web Site:

The Prophet Mohammed said: “Those who preceded you were smitten [destroyed] because when their “nobels” stole, they would leave them alone, while when  their poor (weak) stole, they would severely punish them. By God: If Fatima, Mohammed’s daughter, were to steal, I would cut off her hand [in equal punishment.]”

And Mubarak steals $50 billion? Amazing that this amount seems minimal in your eyes… War hero??? A hero who stole his subjects? A hero who wrongs his people?  And a hero who lies in broad daylight!

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