In the wake of the massacres committed by a regime more brutal than Mubarak, Hitler and Sharon of Israel, Gaddafi should not be asked to leave.

He must remain in Libya so that he can be tried and executed by hanging, for his crimes against Libyans. The execution should be carried out in the middle of the city of Tripoli and broadcast live on Libyan TV!



At the time of publishing this post, the news reported that one of the largest tribes in Libya, 1,000,000 strong, have joined the call for democracy and to oust this Libyan Hitler, Gaddafi.  A local witness said that a section of the troops had joined the protesters on Sunday as chaos swept the streets of the city, worst hit by the uprising against Gaddafi’s 42-year old rule.

Freedom and democracy is coming soon to Libya. The fall of this tyrant who dared call himself “The King of Kings of Africa” is eminent and his execution should be a day of celebration for all those who seek freedom and democracy.

The same should be the fate of the fat ugly Bedouin dictator in Bahrain.


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