A Libyan Diplomat (Hussain Sadeq Almesrati) just announced on Aljazeera that he resigned his post in China in protest of the massacres by Gaddafi and his thugs.

Also reported that there is an internal conflict between Gaddafi’s two sons regarding what’s happening right now against the Libyan population. Another claim is that Gaddafi is preparing an escape (or has already escaped) to Venezuela.

To Venezuela:

ARREST this criminal! Rise for Justice and Democracy and Support the Libyan people: Arrest Gaddafi and demand your government to arrest him in the event he does show up in Venezuela.

Do not allow your government to host this tyrant and terrorist.

And Europe and the US still support dictators!

And Saif spoke live.. wish he kept his mouth shut!

Saif el Islam, Gaddafi’s son just spoke live on Libyan television.. said there is a plot to break Libya into small Islamic states…. Jeez, isn’t that the same thing Mubarak said? Saif is as delusional as the other ignorant tyrants of the Arab world. He threatened that [the government] will fight [the people] till the last man and bullet!

Just Shut the *&^ Up!

When will these MF’s ever understand the people or the… situation?

  1. samhenry says:

    What happened to the”Hear or Israel” post? I did a SamHenry views of zionists in Israel and then took it down. The world is not ready to hear that aside from the native Israelis, those who came from Europe may not be safe there anymore. I think the West needs to think of where they will go.

    It is the beginning of the end of the West in the region. In many ways, however, we will be missed. We are not the great Satan although our corporations and government are guilty of greed and often more. But in-the-main, it is a collision of cultures that has never been resolved. I wish the inhabitants would remember the anthropologists who have come over the years to fund study of the history and pay to free treasures from the soil. They didn’t take them all. In fact you could say that because many are spread around the world they are in effect “safe” should anything happen in one place. I can’t afford to go to Egypt. I am happy Egypt comes to me with the Temple of Dendur at the Metropolitan Museum of Art or the traveling Tut exhibit. When you have students in the west having to study world history (in most schools) Egypt is always their favorite and it isn’t just the Mummy movies! We do acknowledge and appreciate the origins of our very beings in Egypt, the roots of our western culture in Greece and Rome and the contribution of movable type, gunpowder, planetariums and NOODLES from the Chinese. People who know these things are beginning to speak up.

    The tragedy is that money we paid for oil did not help the bulk of the people in the region. We should have been exerting power on the kings longer.

    I am happy if the people of the region want a Caliphate. Just not here – ever. If Muslims insist on a breeding war to win the point then it will have to be countered in some way. It is simple – limit children as the Chinese have done. It is a technique formerly used by the Catholic Church and was as obnoxious in their hands.

    My thoughts for today. My mind and soul go back to the Greeks. They are my foundation. I see the shadows on the cave wall and wonder at their mastery of man and their world and we read them and think we have come so far. I do not want to see a mosque on the Acropolis, thanks.

    • It’s still there! I just checked. You scared me 🙂

      Whatever you wanted to say should be said. Shlomo Sand’s book was a best seller in Israel itself as you know and he challenged the existence of a “kingdom” of Israel as we’re sold.. err.. I mean told, or Exodus and going as far as claiming that Palestinians are more likely the descendants of the Israelite than the Ashkenazi and Sephardim Jews. He himself is an Ashkenazi.

      Remember the words “great satan” are of the Iranian regime. If you haven’t been to the Middle East (Jordan, Syria, Lebanon, Iraq and even Egypt) you would see that Americans are welcome with open arms. But show up with a carrier and/or a couple of M-16’s and the view is that you are the occupier. I guess we wouldn’t like that here either, would we: Russian tanks and planes on American soil.

      Don’t forget to credit western civilization to the once-upon-a-time Islamic Empire. History attests to that and I have a post here about Sir Ben Kingsley. And that was a caliphate. This is why people want one – again: it’s an advanced version of democracy! History shows that at one point in time during the Islamic Empire, the “House of Money” which was an equivalent of a Bank that was established simply to help the less fortunate and poor, couldn’t even find one taker! So they used the money to expand roads, science, technology..trade.. etc. And they ruled from India to Spain and no Taliban/terrorists.. existed! So no, I beg to differ, Muslims did not breed war. Again, history proved that fact: the empire spread easily because people were in awe of these people’s manners, fairness and justice. Just look at Indonesia and the largest Islamic population in the world. How did Islam spread to Indonesia if it was – as the claim is – through the sword. Interestingly, read this article: The Sword of Judaism

  2. samhenry says:

    I have just finished a post on Gaddafi. I listened to his speech and I have a question if you heard it as well. He referred to “those rats” shortly after mentioning the bombing of his tent by the US in which his son (more than one) was killed (he hid in a bunker underground). But then he mentioned the protesters who he thought to be infiltrated by those who wanted a Muslim state. “Those rats” also occurred here.

    He was always dangerous but mad, as he is now, he is VERY dangerous. He threatened genocide against those who are protesting. God bless the airmen who escaped to Malta rather than bomb their own people.

    His speech was filled with lots of anger-raising Anti-Americanism. That is the red flag for the bull. I have my great grandfather’s diary of his trip up the Nile in the 1880s. It is fascinating. A merchant himself, he was a keen observer and went to the market places. In those days you could buy small mummies “not all of which smelled sweet.” You could buy what they referred to as “duplicate” antiquities (there is no such thing). His son, my grandfather, also visited. I was always fascinated by their visits. My family has always placed a high value on travel as the best educator. My grandfathers were not the average tourists. They studied before they went and the carefully observed the people not just the artifacts while there. In my bathroom that evokes the east, is a photo taken by a famous photographer of the 1880s of some columns with a guide in a playful attitude lying on top of a stone beam supported by columns that was part of old ruins. There were people of humor even then – even guides! lol. So let me know if you think that “those rats” were both US and Muslim infiltrators.

    • He did not mean Muslim infiltrators because Libya is 97% Muslim! But like Mubarak, he deceived “the west” by creating this “Islamic” infiltrating movement which, he and Mubarak claimed would invite Iranian (shia’s – go figure) and Taliban/ Alqaeda into their countries. Nothing could be farther from the truth. The Taliban and Alqaeda are as despised by Sunni Muslims and Arabs as they are despised by the rest of the world. They’re the KKK of the Islamic world: interpreting religion to their ignorant primitive ways. What Gaddafi was referring to in his speech was all the protesters. Period. Anyone who dares question his authority is a rat or a cat (he also used the term “cats.”) So cats and rats are protesting. Could he be any madder?

      Again, his claim that the Osama Bin Laden type country would be the alternative is a sick and manipulating way to earn the “West’s” support. It failed. And Germany called his speech horrific. There’s a demand to a UN resolution to have Libyan airspace restricted so that he won’t be able to continue to use his planes to bomb his people. Hopefully, this means that US and/or French and British planes would shoot Gaddafis planes down.

      • samhenry says:

        Terrorist planes should be shot down. I hope if we do it it will be generally understood to be for humanitarian reasons. OK, let’s send in the Texas Rangers – a little more “folksy” to do the job. And for god’s sake, not Blackwater! I just did a post on blackwater watch having seen them here! Later

        • Of course we should. The world would probably like/ expect a bit more.. like a smart bomb that would annihilate this thug from existence. Mubark suddenly seems like a lamb compared to this tyrant.

          • samhenry says:

            You are right about that. The civilized world should not have tolerated this madman for so long. It seems like there is an abundance of madness abroad and it can only end either in disaster or when people of courage and intelligence finally stand up and put an end to it. Barack Obama has just plain no talent to cope with international matters. That is why Hillary is around. Not to mention the Republican ticket – I cannot believe it was even considered. Cavemen. OK I put down my pen, my keyboard and turn off my desktop and my Droid (I LOOOOOOVE it) and put the old lady to bed. See you tomorrow. You really keep me cool about these hot issues. Thanks for “attending the world” in Western NY.

  3. samhenry says:

    I will tune it in as well. Yes, that is what dictators do – speak to us as if we are children. I am against the Middle East Dictators and Zionists. On that we agree. I am not against jews or Israelis per se. I think Israelis should not have been give part of Palestine by the British and I have always believed that. It was an uneducated decision by an imperialist government that almost like a dictator saw but did not really see what the Middle East really was – what most of the world’s other cultures really were. They were not waiting to be educated by my ancestors.

  4. samhenry says:

    Whaaaaaaaaaaaa? Woa. Amazing, Just plain amazing. Has Chavez lost his mind? Momar is not a communist. Momar is not pro Iran. Momar is pro Momar. It can’t be true. I just did two recent posts on the situation in America and Europe. I am trying to protect Western Culture. You have to admire me for doing what you are yourself doing. But to my credit, I have not used “radical” clerc to describe Choudary. However, you cannot imagine I would sit comfortably while he says the flag of Islam will fly over the White House. I have waited too long for women’s rights. My whole life has been made possible by them – able to go to college, to work, to have nothing out of bounds except the men’s room. LOL. I will never subscribe to a way of life that is otherwise. Democracy is not perfect but we are busy trying to do just that. We know there is sickness abroad in the US. But there are some warped parts of Islam as well. The one thing I cannot work past and that is what the Brit said in the one video on my penultimate post said, that Muslims come to us wanting things no other group wants that comes to us – to over throw us. So why would I acquiesce to that? Scotland and England and Ireland and Holland are my heritage. I am proud of them. To no more hear bagpipes, see highland dancers or dutch wooden shoes. To have our museums altered or sacked and westminster Abbey leveled. Do I want that? No. Do I still want you as my honest-spoken internet friend – Hell yes! You at least listen to me and in all aspects except having to live under sharia, I respect and love your heritage. My cousin has made his life’s work the culture of Islam and interpreting and reporting it to the world. I have followed his work. It is important.

    • Well, I’m sharing the news as i hear it LIVE on Aljazeera. Venezuela just issued a statement denying that there are any plans to host Gaddafi. Then again, are we expecting them to confirm?

      You raise other important points – namely what is called Sahria. What is Sharia? What does it mean? I may address this some other time (I have a post here about that) but now the Arab World is making history and I’m glued to the TV and Internet. I’m listening to Saif-ul-Islam, Gaddafi’s son, on Aljazeera. He’s addressing the Libyan people… as if they are ignorant little children…


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