Check Mate Gadogfi!

Posted: February 21, 2011 in Africa, Egypt, Gaddafi, Libya, Tunisia
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This lunatic is trying to prove that he’s a dictator.

He’s reported to have said when asked by 4 officers to leave:

I will not leave until I burn the whole country and everyone in it!


I do pray that Egypt and Tunisia rush in – with their armies and air power – to bomb Gaddafi’s headquarters and every one of his residences and exterminate this lunatic. Immediately!

If he survives, this blood-thirsty-heathen should be hung by the testicles… and that’s a little too merciful.
Muammar al-Gaddafi at the 12th AU summit, Febr...

The Dog of Libya

Please help me spread the word and demand from all Libyan embassies around the world to resign and stand with the people.

It is now permissible to kill this tyrant and to rid humanity of such evil. His tyranny and brutality has seen no equal in the Arab world- save that of the Israeli terror forces against Palestinians.

Libyan Pilots refuse to bomb Libyans; defect to Malta

UPDATE Feb 22, 2011

The military spokesman announced on behalf of the armed forces under the leadership of the Green Mountain, full accession of the army in his area to the people. He said in a statement:

“We are officers and soldiers of the armed forces under the leadership of the Green Mountain announce our alliance with the revolution of the people, and we will work to ensure the maintenance of security in the region, and God is our Source of strength.”

Aljazeera also obtained photographs showing/a group of Libyan army joining the people as it arrested a group of mercenaries [Gaddafis thugs].

Aljazeera also got pictures showing/ proving  demonstrators claims that they were fired upon from all directions  in each of the cities of Benghazi and Tripoli, the capital.

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