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Fadi Qar'an: The youth have the right to shape their country and future

Ramallah – A group of Palestinian youth envisioning a new “national meeting” that represents the aspirations of all Palestinians in the West Bank and Gaza Strip and occupied Palestine (1948) and refugees in the diaspora, and considers resistance is the only strategic option for national liberation.

The document – published by the youth group of the cities of Jerusalem and Nazareth, Ramallah and Al Bireh – alerts people to “the disastrous situation faced by Palestinians in light of division and confusion of agendas and priorities that led to a state of failure.”

The document demands that the Palestinians are required to re-read their history and their struggle and building a realistic vision for their future, based on the formulation of social reform for all Palestinians, on the basis of their right to self-determination.

The group announced its has no name, but operates under the heading “Document 80%,” in reference to the percentage of the youth among Palestinians.

The activist group Nagwan Bayrakdar – one of the city of Nazareth, occupied in 1948 – This document derives its legitimacy from the Palestinian people in the West Bank and Gaza and Occupied Palestine of 1948, and the Diaspora, and is based on the liberation movement by Egypt and Tunisia.


The document rejects  “reduction” of the Palestinian people to less than a third of Palestinians in the West Bank and Gaza Strip, and “ignoring” the nearly five million Palestinians at home and abroad, and the vast majority of refugees.

It stipulated that the Palestinians in Occupied 1948  Palestine who were forced to carry Israeli citizenship,  are also an integral part of the Palestinian people, and they have the right to participate in self-determination, and get rid of the apartheid regime and the Zionist occupation, “which has been a heavy burden on their chests since the Nakba.”


The document also calls for the re-building of the Palestine Liberation Organization in a democratic way that does not exclude any Palestinian and is free from any Israeli influence.

Read more (Arabic only) here.

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