Qaddafi’s “Voluptuous” Nurse Leaves!

Posted: February 27, 2011 in Gaddafi, Libya, Resistance
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Gaddafis Nurse!

According to Aljazeera’s Arabic site, Qaddafi’s nurse has abandoned him. This news comes from her daughter who supposedly informed the Ukrainian Newspaper (Segodnya) that her mother (Qaddafi’s nurse) had contacted her family on Friday expressing her wish to return home.

The New York Post also reported the same:

The voluptuous Ukrainian nurse believed to be Moammar Khadafy’s constant companion is ready to get out of Dodge.

Galyna Kolotnytska told her daughter she is planning to return home to Kiev, Ukraine’s Segodnya newspaper reports.

Tatyana Kolotnytska told the paper that her mother was shocked by the violence in Libya.

“Mom called [Friday]. She says that she is in Tripoli,” the daughter said. “There is shooting, fighting. She asked us not to worry and said she will be home soon.”

Tatyana added that she did not know if her mother was currently with Khadafy.

  1. samhenry says:

    I hope this is a vacation for you. I have just returned from a visit to – a site I have visited somewhat throughout the past year. I like it. Always thoughtful and wonderful back and forth discussions between Pakistanis and Indians. One commenter today on an article I cross-posted said the red Indians in America will take the country back. 1/2 red indians – the ones from Mexico.

    Hope you are well. SH – It is a long and painful war in Libya. I could be Beirut all over again.

    • Well hello there SH…

      Libyans are breaking my heart.. the problem with that piece of oil-rich desert is not the resistance/ rebels; it’s the tribes.

      I read somewhere a scary analysis in which the writer stated that we should not forget where these Arab countries came from: they were divided by the colonists with all these different types of people in mind. That was not just by accident. The colonists knew how to divide and conquer.. in the case of Libya, it’s mostly tribes. Similar to Jordan, Saudi Arabia, Yemen and the Gulf “states.” Gaddafi is now betting heavily on the tribes that do actually like him (excuse me while I puke).. and that’s why things there are not going on as Libyans expected!

      By the way, the same analysis claimed that these revolutions were the doing of the UK and USA… (and you thought the Indians reclaiming their land was bizarre)? The “reason” is (supposedly) that this is PART II of the division of the Ottoman Empire. This will keep the Arabs busy while Israel will populate the West bank and have “new facts on the ground” to slap the Arabs with!

      It actually is a brilliant – and scary plan, if true!


      • samhenry says:

        It’s late and I will be back tomorrow or next day to read you new posts. It is very scary but how the heck can one little country even with nuclear holocaust potential hold the whole Arab world in sway? Tell me it can’t happen. A more likely scenario is that the Chinese who are tiptoeing through the Taliban are waiting to move into Afghanistan and strip mine there and of course if they find something of interest in the mountains of the beautiful Kashmir – all the better. There are so many of them and love their culture though I do – how would you loose their stranglehold. My brother has a Chinese exchange student who is very offish and only studies – does not help with anything. AND he is staying longer because it is more convenient to take his SATs in June when my brother’s family were to attend a family wedding in RI. He doesn’t join in at school as well. I find this behavior the norm on the campus near me and have had Asians as boarders and they are the same. Although I met one very polite Chinese student and he had a delightful sense of humor. I always thought of all the Asian peoples they were more like the west in that they have been trading with us for centuries. The other countries are more insular and closed.

        I hope you read the satiric piece I read about how the Administration and Europe hope the revolutions in the Middle East will play out. The last line was one of my best. It will make you laugh heartily. A demain.

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