This is a letter from freshman Republican Congress people who want to keep getting pro-Israel money and/or who don’t want it to go to their opponents. They are either profoundly unprincipled or profoundly ignorant. People in their districts should expose and oppose them strenuously. How abhorrent that they are typical of the majority of our Congressional representatives from BOTH parties.

A successful political career is apparently dependent on how much Israeli-Ass-Kissing a Congressman/woman is willing to do or to what extent they will go to serve foreign interests instead of their own constituents.
It’s also outrageous that these profoundly ignorant and unprincipled Congress people will refer to Middle Eastern countries seeking freedom and democracy as “Upheaval!” Is it because the majority is Arab and Muslim? Yet they support the “upheaval” in Sudan and the independence of the oil-rich South Sudan seeking its freedom from the Muslim north!


  1. samhenry says:

    These freshmen are either on something or are all ADD as is yours truly. I have never seen an official document move from a consideration of the size of the government to a consideration of our future being linked to that of Israel in the space of a paragraph. I don’t think we can sustain such syntax. I’m a fiscal Conservative and somewhat politically but I am intelligent and I really think at this point to pull Israel deep within our nest is to make a very large mistake. Israel should be able to either attract NATO or other friends to share in its defense or expect to stand alone. We cannot be the sole support of Israel (or am I talking fish). Israel has had a long time to adjust to the neighborhood. We don’t live there; they do. Our doesn’t have to come from there either. Israel is the only western-type country standing between Islam and Europe and let Europe take it on if they are so inclined. The earthquake happened in the wrong region. We need Israel to move 8 feet from Palestine.

    • samhenry says:

      Word is awol – forgot to insert “oil” in the sentence “Our doesn’t have to come from…” Sometimes words run from me. They claim I abuse them. They would be right I guess.

      And George Carlin was a very great editor:

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