Although the US did not explicitly condone nor condemn the GCC’s (Gulf Cooperation Council) latest decision to sanction the deployment of its forces into the island kingdom, the Barack Obama administration has taken a cautious approach to the growing protests there so as not to undermine the opposition parties’ demands or inadvertently strengthen Iran’s ability, real or imagined, to leverage the opposition leaders of Bahrain’s roughly 70 per cent Shia majority.

“We urge the government of Bahrain to pursue a peaceful and meaningful dialogue with the opposition rather than resorting to the use of force,” White House Press Secretary Jay Carney said in a statement Sunday. “In particular, we urge our GCC partners…to act in a way that supports dialogue instead of undermining it.”


This is the exact same verbiage (or garbage) the U.S. Administration uses with Israel: “We urge the Israelis and Palestinians to pursue peace talks..” while the Israelis massacre, expel, ethnic cleanse and annex Palestine using brutal and barbaric force, courtesy of the U.S. Tax Payers’ money.

  • When Saddam invaded Kuwait, the U.S. was quick in establishing a No Fly Zone and then invade Iraq to bring the country “democracy.”
  • When South Sudan wanted their freedom, U.S. and Mr. George Hypocrite Clooney rushed to the south’s aid and cries for Hypocrisy.. I mean, Democracy!
  • When Libyans are being massacred by a tyrant thug, responsible for heinous crimes against his own, let alone other people, as in Lockerbie,  and uses planes, tanks and poisonous gases to crush the people, we issue Bahrain-like statements.
  • When Yemeni’s are under daily attack by the most vicious of weapons: chemical gases that paralyze and send bodies into violent convulsions, we issue Bahrain-like statements.
  • When Palestinians wanted to establish their state and live in peace, the U.S. determined (under the direction of its masters, AIPAC Zionist thugs) that “the time wasn’t right” and vetoed the reolution that called for an independent state called Palestine!

In other words, we do not condemn the tyrants unless we are absolutely certain that they will be vacating their seats of power and tyranny. This is the U.S. foreign policy and democracy!


  • We preach Democracy and practice Tyranny!
  • We preach Peace and practice Destruction!
  • We preach Justice and practice Injustice!



  1. samhenry says:

    ATW – you bring out the deeper feelings of Anti-Hillary in me. I think the Clintons are trash, period. America has always been in love with trash. All of the people who think Bill is brilliant are blind to ambition and its fallout. He is just a snake. And Monica still loves him. The world is crazy. I say enough of all of this and we watch an old movie like “The Gods Must Be Crazy,” on youtube. The Gods are crazy.

  2. samhenry says:

    But ATW, Hillary looks so exhausted from running around the Middle East saying “there’s just so much going on” and of course we can’t be expected to handle all of it. Come on, Hill, you’ve at this a long time. I’m glad you will be leaving an administration that has put the country on auto pilot. When Barack Obama runs out of batteries is when we will see who is really running the country.

    • I think Hillary (and I personally do not like her) is exhausted for 2 reasons:

      1) She has no experience in the job but wanted it nevertheless because it was either that or “goodbye politics;”

      2) Because our election system is poorly designed.. and this position: “U.S. Secretary of State” is a position that’s very visible and requires one who is shrewd, courageous, savvy and politically strong… none of which she possesses! Just like we elect our congress/ senate, we should also elect the U.S. Secretary of State position. So she’s running around like a chicken with its head cut-off..

      I’ll bet you she will be writing a book and, and it may be similar to Carter’s!


  3. Thank you for a refreshing and honest post. It is nice to find people who see things as they really are instead of mindless faceless consumer slaves.

    • RT,

      Thank you for your comment and visit. Your blog is impressive and I will definitely read more of your posts. Pen-to-paper? You’re kidding, right? I like your statement “..use the written word to inspire another.” That’s exactly how I ended up with this poem: the one I dared publish.


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