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Why did Facebook shut down a Palestinian page that gathered over 300,000 Palestinian members?

Then another page sprung up and immediately got over 200,000 Palestinians. And it too was immediately threatened by Facebook to be shut down.

It seems that Zuckerberg doesn’t mind Arabs seeking their freedoms and democracies, but when Palestinians do the same against the NaZionist terrorist state of Israel, Zuckerberg will not allow it! Loyal to his kinfolk?

The Hypocrisy! Zionism in action, is what this is.

Read this interesting article about Zuckerberg here.

ATTENDING THE WORLD blog is linked to a facebook page. I wonder if this post will remain on facebook or will be taken down.

The challenge!

  1. samhenry says:

    How or where did you get the little log in thingy?

    I don’t know if he is Mossad but I do know i can’t stand the little monster. He is allowed to do anything he wants on the internet – and tracking, “oy.” So I have signed a petition put out by the Consumer’s Credit Union to support legislation to put an end to the tracking cookies – the really bad ones.

    And of course it was to the offices at Facebook that Obama went as a candidate asking for help deveoping his database. No two year later, he is part of a guest panel on internet freedom at the white House He also shafted his two ex artners who had initially developed the Facebook concept. Trial for this pending.

    I find more people wo have seen “Network” say it was a totally boring movie.

    • I actually saw the movie and enjoyed it.. because it was quite revealing: how people step on others and crush them to achieve their goals through treachery, lies, deception and everything in between. The love of money is the root of all evil. This is what Zig Ziglar said in his book/ lectures. And now this little dogpile may be a Mossad agent! Yet he is celebrated and treated as a celebrity! It’s the money again…

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