I find it interesting that some bloggers here assume that people are as ignorant as they are. Or maybe by making certain statements (look it up yourself…) they assume that people will just take their word for it.

An uneducated (as in ignorant) blogger wrote this about the situation in the Middle East – and particularly, Islam and the Muslim Brotherhood:

If you are not familiar with these gangsters of islam then you should spend some time doing a bit of research about them.  It isn’t hard to find all sorts of information about them on the internet, they’re a highly visible group.  They are a well organized, determined and frightening bunch intent on overthrowing western-minded civilizations and instituting rigid compliance with sharia law.

Interesting and false claim. Here’s what my own research about the Muslim Brotherhood revealed:


It was founded in 1928 in Egypt by the Islamic scholar and schoolteacher Hassan al-Banna. The Brotherhood’s stated goal is to instill the Qur’an and Sunnah as the “sole reference point for … ordering the life of the Muslim family, individual, community … and state”.[4] Since its inception in 1928 the movement has officially opposed violent means to achieve its goals.

Wikipedia also states that the Council on Foreign Relations says: “At various times in its history, the group has used or supported violence and has been repeatedly banned in Egypt for attempting to overthrow Cairo’s secular government. Since the 1970s, however, the Egyptian Brotherhood has disavowed violence and sought to participate in Egyptian politics.”

Interestingly, Wikipedia does not provide a link to the Council on Foreign Relations ( an impressive name and one that projects authority), regardless of their biased and incorrect anti-Islamic statements. If a couple of “personalities” are among its members, then we consider it a credible source? Further research reveals who they are. For now, let’s stay on the topic of the Brotherhood.

You can read more details about the Brotherhood on Wikipedia and the link is provided; unlike the moron who wrote the hate-statement in which he’s really trying to undermine a religion, based on his own anti-Semitic views and without any reference.

What is really intriguing on Wikipedia, is the fact that Osama Bin Laden had criticized the group!

The Mubarak oppressive and tyrant regime was behind the Brotherhood being accused of terrorism. It was a classic “Divide and Conquer” principle in which Mubarak’s regime ensured its grip remained supported and financed by the West.

Jewish Virtual Library

From the name, one can be certain that this militant Jewish view will have nothing positive to say about another religion, especially Islam. They write (about the Brotherhood):

The organization’s motto is as follows: “Allah is our objective. The Prophet is our leader. Qur’an is our law. Jihad is our way. Dying in the way of Allah is our highest hope.”

An important aspect of the Muslim Brotherhood ideology is the sanctioning of jihad such as the 2004 fatwa issued by Sheikh Yousef Al-Qaradhawi making it a religious obligation of Muslims to abduct and kill U.S. citizens in Iraq.

I must say that these are impressive and strong accusations. I searched English and Arabic sites in which any of the above would appear as a direct quote to Qaradawi, or, at least something similar, and I failed to find one such statement. If you, the reader can, I welcome any reference and we’ll jointly evaluate and debate. When a group or a government wants to discredit someone or another country or group, it will make such statements as if they were facts without any reference, credible or otherwise!

The above image was found on an Arabic Blog. It reads:  Allah is our [ultimate] objective. The Prophet is our Example. Qur’an is our law. Jihad is our way. Dying in the way of Allah is our highest aspiration.”

Jihad of course is the word Zionists and Neocons cleverly use to “prove” that Islam is all about war an/or killing; an utterly hateful and false claim. The Arabic word (Jihad) means struggle; not war. However, when it was used as struggle against the pagans of Mecca during the days of the Prophet, then of course it meant war!  That was when Muslims had to defended themselves against the pagans of Arabia.

The “Dying in the way of Allah is our highest aspiration/ hope” does not – promote war. During the time of the Prophet and in Muslims defending themselves against the pagans, the Quran comforted those new Muslims that their reward is highest than anyone elses if they were killed defending themselves against the pagans. This reward is an immediate entry to Paradise, according to Islamic belief, and living eternity directly below the Throne of God Almighty. In other words, the ceiling of one’s abode, is the Throne of Almighty!  Today it still means the same thing: that if one were to die defending his family, his honor or his country, the reward would be the same. The Quran clearly states that:

2:190 Fight in the way of Allah against those who fight against you, but begin not hostilities. Lo! Allah loveth not aggressors.
60:8 Allah forbids you not, with regard to those who fight you not for (your) Faith nor drive you out of your homes, from dealing kindly and justly with them: for Allah loveth those who are just.

On Wikipedia, it is stated that the Brotherhood preaches that Islam enjoins man to strive for social justice, the eradication of poverty and corruption, and political freedom to the extent allowed by the laws of Islam. The Brotherhood strongly opposes Western colonialism, and helped overthrow the pro-western monarchies in Egypt and other Muslim countries during the early 20th century.

Sounds like what we stand for in the U.S., does it not? We value freedom and don’t like colonialism, unless it is us doing it!

Sharia Law

Again, this blogger antisemitic and hate to Muslims and Islam is quite apparent in and from posting the famous photo-shopped picture of  a woman who was supposedly stoned to death. If you examine the picture casually, you will notice that the woman’s image is inserted in what seems to be a “hole” with rocks all around her and red marks on her face. Yet, there’s no spilled blood, no torn dress, dust or dirt on her “very black” garments. Little details the “creator” of the photo neglected to add.

I am yet to post something about the so-called Sahria “Law”  and prove that what most politicians and the media’s views are influenced by pro-Zionist terrorism to discredit Islam and Muslims in America. Period.

There is not even a single verse in the Quran that calls for stoning anyone!  Nor does the so-called Sharia “Law” support the stoning and/or killing as claimed. But if Iranians and/or Shiites do this, Islam and Muslims have nothing to do with this.

Does anyone accuse Christianity of being a racist and violent religion based on the KKK and its white-supremacist beliefs? Does one accuse Judaism in general to be an evil religion even when the Talmud contains violent and despicable teachings – from sex with infants to the permissibility of killing any non Jew?


Soncino 1961 Edition, page 57

Stoning in the Bible

1 Samuel 30.6: David was in great danger; for the people spoke of stoning him, because all the people were bitter in spirit for their sons and daughters. But David strengthened himself in the Lord his God.

Acts of the Apostles 7.59: While they were stoning Stephen, he prayed, ‘Lord Jesus, receive my spirit.’

2 Corinthians:  Five times I have received from the Jews the forty lashes minus one. 25Three times I was beaten with rods. Once I received a stoning.

More from the Bible:

Anyone arrogant enough to reject the verdict of the judge or of the priest who represents the LORD your God must be put to death. Such evil must be purged from Israel. (Deuteronomy 17:12 NLT)

You should not let a sorceress live. (Exodus 22:17 NAB)

If a man lies with a male as with a woman, both of them shall be put to death for their abominable deed; they have forfeited their lives. (Leviticus 20:13 NAB)

A man or a woman who acts as a medium or fortuneteller shall be put to death by stoning; they have no one but themselves to blame for their death. (Leviticus 20:27 NAB)

Whoever strikes his father or mother shall be put to death. (Exodus 21:15 NAB)

If one curses his father or mother, his lamp will go out at the coming of darkness. (Proverbs 20:20 NAB)

But if this charge is true (that she wasn’t a virgin on her wedding night), and evidence of the girls virginity is not found, they shall bring the girl to the entrance of her fathers house and there her townsman shall stone her to death, because she committed a crime against Israel by her unchasteness in her father’s house. Thus shall you purge the evil from your midst. (Deuteronomy 22:20-21 NAB)


The flavor of the day is anti Islam and Muslims. The morons of the day do not realize and understand that this is parallel to, and downright antisemitism.  Yet most have been “trained” to associate antisemitism with Jews only.

One only needs to read, research and explore… the truth is right at one’s fingertips.
  1. susianapress says:

    The airwaves in the U.S. have been overactive in trying to scare Americans in believing that there is a hidden Islamic agenda of taking over the U.S. and western governments and replacing them with Shari’a law. Obviously this is this ludicrous, because any professor of law in any U.S. university can confirm that we have a Constitution that prevents such an occurrence. So who are the alarmists, the Islamophobes, and what is their real agenda?

    This is the work of Christian fundamentalist organizations who are projecting themselves on the unsuspecting Muslim population in the U.S. The Christian fundamentalists are trying to distract the masses from their own agenda of taking over the U.S. government. They were busy at work this past week, with their new Tea Party and other Republican representatives, trying to shut down our government.

    So let’s examine the agenda of one of several groups of Christian fundamentalists, namely the Reconstruction movement:

    The Reconstruction movement was founded by a Texan economist named Gary North and his father-in-law, Rousas John Rushdoony. They believe the secular government in Washington D.C. won’t last, and believe that God will replace it with a Christian government that strictly follows biblical laws. The Reconstructionists want a Christian commonwealth because they believe democracy is a heresy.

    They actually want to abolish democracy, and bring back biblical laws and traditions: They want to re-establish slavery (so you can imagine why they hate President Obama so much). They want to prohibit contraception, and introduce laws where adulterers, homosexuals, blasphemers, and astrologers will be executed. They believe disobedient children, who do not change their ways, should be stoned. They believe in beating children as early as 2 weeks of age, for the “sin” of crying. They believe light beatings are not sufficient, but one should wear out the skin until it is severely bruised. Anyone watching this past week’s episode of 20/20 should have been alarmed at hearing such words coming from the mouths of Baptist preachers, who are also covering up for pedophiles and rapists in their congregations. A blog established for “survivors” of their churches already has 1000 people claiming abuse.

    The Reconstruction movement also believes that poor people are wicked, and that tax money should not be given to welfare programs. They don’t believe in programs like medicaid, medicare, and social security. They don’t believe in foreign aid to the developing world, since these nations don’t follow their own narrow-minded Christian beliefs.

    Christian fundamentalists don’t believe in peace. They want continual wars. They were very anti-Soviet (they are banned in today’s Russia); they demonized Iraq, and planned its invasion by putting George W. Bush in power. They are promoting wars against Iran and Syria. They want wars against the Islamic World because they believe worldwide havoc and turmoil, widespread destruction, is necessary before God sends “Jesus” back. Jerry Falwell believed that the creation of the State of Israel was the biggest sign that Jesus will return, and the Christian and Jewish fundamentalists are doing everything in their power to make sure the conditions are present – the Christians want their “Jesus” to return, and the Jews want their “Messiah,” (who they think never came) to appear. Together, these two Messianic groups are responsible for U.S. foreign policy decisions, since their representatives are deeply embedded in the U.S. government (note the Prayer Breakfasts).

    In an attempt to distract the unsuspecting and ignorant masses from the real Christian fundamentalist agenda in the U.S., they hope to scare them about an alleged Islamic agenda of implementing Shari’ah law. They are simply projecting their own agenda, far worse than any Shari’ah law, on the Muslims. The real perpetrators of the crimes are pointing the finger at the innocent person, hoping to distract attention from themselves.

    For further information on the above, read:

    Jeff Sharlet’s best seller, “The Family,” which describes the power of the Christian fundamentalists in our government, and their agenda of world domination (they have been active wreaking worldwide wars since the 1930s).
    For information on the other groups, see:
    Ammerman, “North American Protestant Fundamentalism:, pp. 49-53
    Michael Liensesch, “Redeeming America: Piety and Politics in the New Christian Right,” Chapel Hill, NC and London, p. 226.
    Gary North, “In the Shelter of Plenty: The Biblical Blueprint for Welfare,” Fort Worth, Texas, 1986, p. xiii, p. 55.
    Gary North, “The Sinai Strategy: Economics and the Ten Commandments,” Tyler, Texas, 1986, pp. 213-14.
    Franz Rosenzweig, “The Star of Redemption,” New York, 1970, p. 176.

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