While the ignorant celebrate Bin Laden’s death, believing he was behind the 9/11 events when we all know that a Bedouin living in hills and mountains up until recently, did not have the resources and manpower to mastermind such an elaborate scheme (9/11). Yet we know  that Israelis were present and waiting close by [the towers], awaiting the collapse of the twin towers, then celebrated once they came down, is proof enough that it was the Bush-Cheney and Mossad/ Israeli thugs behind this crime.

But how does Obama benefit from Osama? Talk about timing!

  1. Obama’s approval rating is sure to sky rocket and,
  2. Obama’s re-election is eminent because now he has justification to bring the troops home.

And that’s simple politics, stupid. It’s about re-election.

So those who are celebrating today will not be celebrating again tomorrow after they realize that they simply sealed the country’s fate with Obama at the helm for four more miserable years!


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