Israeli Barbaric Peace Initiative: erasing Palestinian
babies from existence, hoping to do to Palestinians what Hitler failed
to accomplish with Jews!

In the wake of the butcher’s speech in front of a sleepy bunch of puppets in the U.S. Congress, the Palestinians and Arabs in general must revert to normal and natural relationships with Israel.

  • Israel is a natural enemy and must be viewed and treated as such.
  • Israel is guilty of war crimes and ethnic cleansing and must be treated in equal and non-discriminatory-like manner.
  • Jews are welcome to live among Arabs as they have been for centuries, under Arab rule only.
  • The Arab league must immediately cease any and all “peace initiatives” with Israel based on the latter’s deceptive and criminal record.
  • Arab countries with Israeli Embassies in their countries must immediately close these criminal’s “dens” and deport all Israelis from their lands.
  • Israel understands one language: power! Arabs should practice the biblical “eye-for-and-eye” approach with Israeli crimes.

When such normal relationships return to the table, Israel will find itself alone-in-the-dark. Even the U.S. will then abandon Israel.

And that’s when the liberation of Palestine will be achieved. Zionism, if it wants to exist, will be forced to practice its Nazi-like approach in some other country… assuming anyone would welcome these heathens in their lands.

Long Live Palestine. Palestinians shall return to their lands and homes with heads held high!

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