Israeli Occupation Forces: Nazis of the Middle East!

Posted: August 2, 2016 in AshkeNazi, Holocaust, Israel, Israel Terrorist State, News & Views, Occupation, Talmud, War crimes

  1. Gershom Gewissenmann says:

    AtW, I have looked over your site-blog and while I agree with much of what you have there, I do have a problem. I can, I believe, understand one being so very angry and so very frustrated at the horrific injustice and 68 years of outrageous criminality which has never been altered if not for it’s becoming worse. But it’s the call for Settlers at “the bottom of the mediteranian“. Please, I really despise settlers for their acts and the mind set which leads them but the world we need, must have if we are to have one at all must be built on laws, charges brought where there is evidence and then sentences which fit and compensation to the victims. I demand no less for others than what Jews recieved after WW 2. AND, YES, we are right back at the frustration of crimes going unaddressed, I feel it too but if we “go there“ how are we the better way?

    I won’t tell you you are wrong, just wrong for me, for now. If you change this avenue of expression to some other which, not only I understand as more positively progressive I should be enriched by your passion and energy. I need your truer heart.

    With all respect,


    • Dear Gershom,

      I must say this is the most polite comment I ever received on this blog – other than from supporters of the Palestinian cause. For this, I thank you. While I agree with your sentiments and views,I must say that my comment about the “bottom of the Mediterranean” are only said and stated from an unparalleled level of frustration and disgust with the IOF and their conduct, or the settlers and their hate (which is equivalent to Nazis hatred of Jews) of Palestinians. These barbarians commit crimes that almost always go unpunished, and if a punishment is due, it’s no more than a slap on the wrist. And the media and the rest of the world remains silent. I’m sure you were disgusted by the actions of this scumbag “soldier” with this 8 year old girl in the video. I bet if a Palestinian did the same to an 8 year old Jewish girl, the video would have gone viral and the media would show it 3 or 4 times a day to paint that picture that Arab Palestinians are subhuman and terrorists. See the hypocrisy? Again, my statements are out of disgust and frustration with the injustice! Ever watched settlers attack and/or shoot at Palestinians just because they can? And the IOF are standing right next to them, just smiling!

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