AIPAC: Un-American!

Posted: February 19, 2019 in AIPAC, Hasbara
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No doubt that you’ve heard about the Aljazeera documentary that exposed AIPAC-style organization in the UK or the most recent documentary about AIPAC in the U.S. This is Episode 1 of 4

AIPAC’s agenda and the government of Israel’s Hasbara go hand-in-hand and among their goals are to:

  • Discredit the Messenger as a means to discredit the message
  • Stress that BDS is a “hate movement!”
  • “We are a different government, working on foreign soil… and we have to be very, very cautious… Speaking to a gathering of the pro-Israel lobby in Washington
Sima Vaknin-Gil

We have three different sub-campaigns, which are very, very sensitive, regarding data gathering, information analysis, working on activists organizations, money trail.. This is something that only a country with its resources can do the best”

Sima Vaknin-Gil, Director General of Israel’s Ministry of Strategic Affairs

If you want to win [against BDS] we have to change our ways. We have to think differently. And this is waging a holistic campaign against the other side. Take him out of his comfort zone. Make him be on the defensive.

In the United States, the Lobby (AIPAC) is working with Israel to spy on American citizens.

We are giving them (Israel) data, for example, one day Sima’s deputy is sending me a photo, just a photo on WhatsApp. It’s written “Boycott Israel” on a billboard.

Sagi Balasha, CEO of AIPAC 2011-2015 – Now works with cyber-intelligence organizations to target BDS activists.

In a few hours, our systems can find the exact organization, people and even their names, where they live. We gave it back to the ministry and I have no idea what they did with this. But the fact is, three days later, there were no billboards.

Sagi Balasha

We use all sorts of technology. We use corporate level, enterprise-grade social media intelligence software. Almost all of this happens on social media, so we have custom algorithms and formulae that acquire this stuff immediately

Jacob Baime, the Executive Director of the Israel on Campus Coalition

In terms of information sharing, we did add the Ministry of Strategic Affairs to our operations and intelligence brief. Which kind of goes back to how do we get information, about what’s going on on American college capuses.

Ian Hersh, Director of Operation of Israel on Campus Coalition

ANGRY YET? These people are evil… they’re traitors working for a foreign Apartheid racist state and they must be treated as spies, imprisoned and deported!

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