About ATW

The Pride of Palestine: always Arab; always palestinian!

The Pride of Palestine: always Arab; always Palestinian!

Attending the World

..is about, you guessed it, the World: its beauty and ugliness, justice and injustice, feasts and famine, waterfalls and droughts, beaches and hurricanes, humor and disasters, happiness and misery, love and hate and most importantly, exposing the lies that many assume to be true simply because they’re trying to change history!

As a result, I encountered people who became like friends.. and others who are definitely ignorant! The ignorant seem to be  Zionist thugs and their Christian-Zionists brothers-in-hell!

Attending the World therefore refocuses! It’s now about Palestine and Palestinian rights! It’s about Palestine’s liberation from the filth of Zionism and so-called-settlers who are no more than the terrorist Jewish Taliban!  These scum-of-the-earth deserve only one place on earth: the bottom of the Mediterranean.

“If you are neutral in situations of injustice, you have chosen the side of the oppressor..”

Bishop Desmond Tutu

To those who are decent, unafraid of being labeled anti-Semitic because the stand up for the truth, and the courage to stand up to injustice,

a tip of the hat to thee…


To the ignorant, Zionists and Neocons, or those who think they are God’s Chosen, yet kill babies and women, uproot Olive trees and torture people in the name of their religion:


Your rear-End is Near!

How/Why I started blogging?

Fast Forward! I could not stand the audacity of some, who insist on defying the rest of the world –  as if the world is “ignorant” or unaware of the truth – and  choose to fabricate the truth, attempt to rewrite Wikipedia and tell lies!  These deceptive low-lives must be exposed! So, here I am you thugs: I will discredit your claims and expose your lies. All with the simplest and most powerful weapon: the Facts; the Truth!


  1. You wouldn’t know a fact if it bit. What a bunch of distorted and twisted lies. Shame on you for being such purveyors of hate.

  2. cultavix says:

    love the blog, added to blogroll.

  3. Mazin says:

    Check out the propaganda-saturated “General Knowledge” of this person who lives in America.


    I guess your site’s punchline is apt for this guy comment at the end of the article.


  4. eastcoastusa says:

    The Middle East describes the Arabian Peninsula portion of Asia. Afghanistan is not in the Middle East, it is in Central Asia. Take a look at a map it borders China for the love of God. Afghanistan is also not an Arab nation as you state. Afghans are Afghans not Arabs hence the name Afghanistan, meaning land of Afghans.

  5. Tseday says:

    We need more people like you … Thank you for presenting the facts….The truth will set everyone free and stop the ugly mess created by irresponsible western leaders and zionist radicals.

    For a free Palestine!

  6. souvenirsandscars says:

    Love your blog! Like everyone else here, I will definitely be visiting again to see what you have to say and might just use you as a reference on what’s going on in our crazy, crazy world.
    Btw, brilliant header!!

  7. 5-Pillar Scribe says:

    You have quality posts. Thanks for visiting my site. I intend on using your site as a reference, and hope to gain knowledge not only on your topics; but also on your effectiveness and style of blogging. Would not mind you being a guest writer or collaborator in the near future.

  8. bosskitty says:

    I welcome your comment on TruthHugger. I agree this could be the distraction Bush & Olmert need to spark Armageddon …. before each leave office. Make no mistake, Iran is watching this very closely. What a bunch of cretins.

  9. Thanks for leaving a comment on my blog. You’ve got a very interesting blog here, I’ll take some time to discover it over the weekend.
    One thing is sure, there is no confusion here… everything is directed towards one aim: informing (or showing) people all the negative aspects and actions of Israel, it’s army and society.
    I once had an argument with an Israeli who chose to do exactly the opposite. Show all the positive aspects of Israel.
    I don’t think one contradicts the other. Just as Janus, Israel has two faces. I totally agree with denouncing the ugly face, but I don’t believe this should be a goal in itself. It’s only important if it can trigger change, a positive change within the Israeli society and with its treatment of Palestinians and its Middle Eastern neighbours. So the question I ask myself is the following: how can this be done? and is that a way to do it?

  10. LuLi says:

    Thank you for visiting my site, I’m rapt that it lead me to discovering yours.. I’ve bookmarked it so that I can read through your posts properly.
    You are doing a great service to the uninformed.
    Take care,

  11. Mazin says:


    Thank you for visiting my blog . In turn, I got 2 see your blog .
    Now , I am a Muslim .
    Do you know that we Muslims too believe in Jesus Christ , all the prophets of God including Adam,Noah,Abraham,Moses,Jesus and the last Prophet Muhammad -who has been sent to the whole world.

    To all my Jews and Christian brothers,
    Take a look at what the Quran has for you

    The Quran’s Message to the Jews and Christians

    Click to access theholyquran.pdf

    Great site ,by the way .

  12. ATW may i ask what is your religion?

    I agree, real jews are not zionists

  13. Hey ROGUE (with a name like that, I really need to shower and wash my blog every time I see your ignorant comments on my blog):

    It’s a fact that my hatred is towards the likes of you: militant Israelis who claim to be Jewish. You know nothing about the Prophet whom you call false. You’re the type who expects God to send you a Prophet with trumpets and angels and even gold and silver so hat you would follow him and even then you would deny such a Prophet.

    The only false thing here is the false and illegal existence of a terrorist atheist state of NaZionists, aka Israel.


  14. roguejew says:

    Beauty in the world? WTF? You want Barack Hussein Obama to nuke Israel. Your hatred toward jews is not surprise to me, neither is your loyalty to the false prophet called Jesus.

  15. I like your blog, it expose truth!!! Kept going

  16. rayon-soleil says:

    Hi there,

    I started to read your posts recently. I will be back again 🙂



  17. i am the son says:


    I think you are a person with courage and honesty, to say what is.

    When I wrote those posts that you commented on in my blog, I didn’t realize what kind of response it would generate, and it has received some different points of view. I am going to use a few of your comments as a basis for future posts, in about a week or so. I am watching to see what goes on till then.

    Thank You


  18. finebeer says:


    Keep up the good work, ATW

  19. Ozy…

    We do offer “reading and computer skills” classes to help people like you comprehend what they are attempting to read and “see” the links that support the claims. Please let us know if we maybe of service. 😉

  20. m@q says:

    Thanx for visiting my site…by the way, yours one is a nice one… keep it up…


  21. delhi4cats says:

    I’m glad you visited my blog today which in turn led me to your very interesting blog.

    American Bedu

  22. Benedict says:

    Hey there, thanks for visiting my site today. Love your pages here, looks like we have a lot of interests in common. I’ll be back!

    Benedict of Aedificium

  23. Thank you greentech. You just inspired me to present a post that relates to this! Stay tuned 🙂

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