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Israel ensures a continued Ass-Kissing Congress by using some of the AID the U.S. Government pays Israel ($5 billion a year – or what we, the U.S.A, declare) as a… Rebate?

And you wonder why this body of degenerate congressional individuals always veto’s any resolution condemning  Israeli atrocities and war crimes against Palestinians.


You may have read Netanyahu and the Lies about Jerusalem back a year ago.

The Nazi-Zionist is back… addressing a sleepy Congress (Israel’s puppets) and continuing with the charade.

Is Congress as ignorant as they appear? Are these the same people condemning Gaddafi and Assad and Saleh for oppressing their people yet applaud Netanyahu’s continued massacres of Palestinians?

“Israel will not return to the indefensible boundaries of 1967,” Netanyahu said, prompting a big standing ovation.

There you have it! The U.S. Congress blesses and approves terrorism and oppression!

Netanyahu said on Tuesday that Israelis were prepared to make “painful compromises” in a peace deal that would leave some or outlying Jewish settlements beyond the state’s agreed borders! The only painful compromises Israelis are willing to make are those directed at increased pain and sufferings they exert on Palestinians. 63 years of lies and continued annexations and aggressions and our ignorant congress continues kissing Israel’s ass…

It’s simple… these ignorant degenerate hypocrites are seeking AIPAC’s blessings and money. It’s re-election time. This is the usual “Kiss Israel’s Ass and Win.”

“The status of the settlements will be decided only in negotiations..”

Talk about hypocrisy and deception. First steal Palestinian lands, then build illegal Israeli settlements and finally negotiate… brilliant! So if I may, I will hijack your car, for example, steal and enjoy it and then offer you something back if you are willing to negotiate with me an agreement, whereby I keep the car and maybe hand you back the key-chain. Perfect.

Netanyahu’s at times belligerent tone is not likely to persuade countries considering how to vote at the UN on Palestinian statehood, particularly European governments. He said support for any such move would undermine not further the cause of peace. The Guardian

What does one expect from a NaZionist? Yet I’m still baffled by these subhuman elected morons in congress. Holding a Bible behind their backs, they bless the Devil himself!

Benjamin Netanyahu speech to Congress unlikely to do much for peace process. The Telegraph got it right.

The sleepy dwarfs in congress and their “hero” Netanyahu should learn something or two from the events and revolutions sweeping the Middle East and North Africa. Israel will face the same uprising. Arabs in general and Palestinians in particular are unafraid of tanks, guns and F-16’s. Half of the population is willing to die in peaceful protests to guarantee their children freedom and democracy.

And it’s coming soon.

As the morons and simple minded people continue to be in complete and utter euphoria over what they call “Justice Served,” the facts on the planet do not support the U.S. Administration story and claim that Osam Bin Laden was killed. Obama tried to convince us that we, the American people, “are not like that” meaning that we are not so “barbaric” as to release or show photos of those we kill/ execute.  B.S.

Consider the following points. You be the judge.
  1. When Saddam Hussein of Iraq was executed, the Americans allowed a few Shiite degenerates to watch the execution AND video-tape it. So contrary to Obama’s claim that he did not want to show the photos of the executed Osama are hogwash. We “are [exactly] not like that!
  2. When Saddam’s sons (Uday and Qusai) were executed/ killed, their bullet-riddled bodies were also photographed and shared. We are exactly like that!
  3. Why were the following photos released, yet we claimed that “we’re not like that?”
  4.  If Osama, as the Administration claimed, was unarmed, then why was he shot dead at such close range? With the Seals securing the compound (took their time collecting computers and papers after the raid), how was Osama a threat? According to the news and released graphics of what had happened, there were at least 3 SEALS in the room with their guns targeting the only two people in the room: Osama and his wife. The SEALS shot the wife in the leg. So they actually felt safe enough not to execute her even when she charged the SEALS. Yet, an unarmed Osama was shot in the chest and head. Why?
  5.  According to 20/20 on Friday May 6, 2011, the SEALS analysis of Osama’s DNA had “high probability” that it was that of Osama’s. High probability? With the man’s dead body in possession, shouldn’t the “probability” be conclusive?
  6. Why was Osama’s body dumped in the ocean? We’ve heard many justification so far: “We don’t want his followers to use his burial place as a shrine” or “we did not want him to be glorified” and such idiotic matters. Interesting: the U.S. Administration is applying Islamic teachings now and are concerned for the well-being of Muslims! The Administration is competing in issuing “fatwa” now. After all, weren’t we told that Osama’s body was washed according to Islamic teachings, wrapped and “prayed upon?” By whom Mr. President?
  7. Look at the photo(s) again.Do they seem “professionally taken?” The official story is that a Pakistani just happened to walk in the compound and snapped these photos the very next day… Is it possible that a Pakistani in that part of the world just happened to have a camera, or innocently walk into the compound and just take pictures?There are two additional problems with this:
    • Would anyone of us have the presence of mind seeing bodies and blood  and casually focus his camera to take these photos?
    • If these photos were taken (as the report stated) the NEXT day, the blood seems to be fresh and reflective – not blood that is almost a day old. Day old blood would be dark and almost black, would it not?
    • If we believe the official story that these photos were taken by a Pakistani, then there’s a problem with the time on the photos. 2:30 and 2:39. AM or PM? If AM, the official story is immediately refuted and the pictures were taken the same day and right after the raid. The times correspond to the timing of the raid.
    • If PM, then that means they were taken the next day at 2:30 PM. Again, the blood seems too fresh for a day old blood.
    • We’re told that Bin Laden’s wife was shot in the leg. Then she survived. So what happened to her?
    • Finally, why is there a 9 minutes difference between these photos? Would a casual photographer take his time taking photos when no one knew Bin Laden was there? I don’t know about you, but I would probably need a surgical mask to prevent the horrendous smell of such a scene. If I had the presence of mind to spend time taking photos, I would have gone in and out. There would be no 9 minute difference… maybe 3 or 4 maximum!

Is our government lying to us? We sound just like Gaddafi and his lies about the events in Libya, or Assad’s lies and claims to the events in Syria.

What are the Demoncrats hiding?

Source/ Photos

US backs Mubarak’s cling to power


Ain’t that just lovely! Days ago, they were calling for the immediate transition of power to a ” more democratic government. ” Now they support a dictator openly!

US Secretary of State Hillary Clinton has voiced her support for embattled Egyptian President Hosni Mubarak, alleging that his early exit could raise electoral complications.

Mubarak may need to stay on longer than many of his opponents want in order to ensure elections succeed, Clinton said on Sunday.

“We’re going to try to work with a lot of like-minded countries around the world to offer whatever assistance we can,” she said.

“We have experts in holding credible elections, we have experts in writing constitutions.”

“This is important, to look over the horizon. You don’t want to get to September, have a failed election, and then people feel … what was the point of it?” she added.


Speaking to reporters on the way back from international talks on Egypt in Germany, Clinton stressed that the timetable of Mubarak’s departure lies with the Egyptian people.

For the past 30 years, Egypt has been not only a crucial US partner in the Middle East, but a linchpin in Washington‘s strategy for a future Israeli-Palestinian agreement.

Washington gave Cairo USD 1.3 billion in military aid and USD 250 million in economic aid in the 2010 fiscal year.

Clinton backs Mubarak’s stay at a time the Egyptian army fires into the air to disperse protesters in the capital’s Liberation Square amid continuing demonstrations against the unpopular president.

Millions of Egyptians have for two weeks taken to the streets across the country to call for the ouster of the Mubarak regime. More than 300 people are estimated to have been killed since the protests began.



Game over, O you Pharaoh of modern times.

Mubarak in Arabic means Blessed! This is why the name is stated as Un-Mubarak!

May the Almighty punish you in a manner equal to that of the Pharaoh when he dared follow Moses!

May you be humiliated prior to your death in a manner that will make you beg to die but death will slowly and painfully extract your soul!

You have earned your seat in history: next to, and as the Last Pharaoh, Hitler, Sharon and Netanyahu!


And all of you thugs: uneducated peasants with helmets and sticks, you shall be stampeded to death by the masses. This is the least payback Egyptians can offer you, tyrant thugs! And those of you who may survive, justice awaits. Then you would have wished that you were killed during the demonstrations!


Good Riddance Hosni!


Welcome Justice and True Democracy!

Gaddafi: You’re Next!



Update: Egypt protests; Three reported dead in ‘day of revolt’


Ben Ali clan fled Tunisia with 1.5 tonnes of gold

(And the Saudis welcomed him? This man should be hung by the testicles!)

PARIS – RELATIVES of the ousted Tunisian leader Zine El Abidine Ben Ali are thought to have fled the country with 1.5 tonnes in gold, Le Monde reported Monday, citing French intelligence sources.

At Monday’s prices 1.5 tonnes in gold would fetch $65 million dollars (S$83.7 million on the open market.

According to Le Monde, President Nicolas Sarkozy’s office has been briefed by French intelligence that Leila Trabelsi, Ben Ali’s second wife, withdrew gold ingots from the Tunisian central bank last week.

The governor initially resisted her request, but backed down under pressure from Ben Ali himself, the report said.

Ben Ali and Leila have now fled Tunisia, under pressure from an unprecedented wave of street protests and amid anger that their family is accused of looting the country’s resources. — AFP

Tunisians drive leader from power in mass uprising


Bravo Tunisia! More power to you. You’ve had enough: enough torture, corruption, dictatorship and God only knows what else. Freedom is here. Finally! Celebrate, cherish and establish JUSTICE.


We wish you success! We wish you Justice. We wish you prosperity. Tough times are over.


Your dictators have been there too damn long! Time to expel them. Protect your interests first so that they don’t steal more of your countries and the people’s resources!


You’re already doing it. Soon, you will expel this Zionist venom and disease from the Middle East!

Tunisia unrest a wake-up call for the region

I hope we choose Boxer! Not because I like Boxer… I just don’t want to see Fiorina take charge! We’ve seen what she did to HP! She couldn’t run a company. Is she going to run a state?

First of all, do you trust someone with a name of a dish? Whenever I hear the word Fiorina, I’m expecting to be served a Pasta dish.

Secondly, I think the Fiorina’s PR personnel put a Spin on this issue with her hospital visit! Looking for sympathy votes among women? Please!

Thirdly, since when do US Senate candidates need to be vetted by Israel before they can hope to be elected? We see this time an again! This is what Fiorina tried: a visit to Israel – she thought, would guarantee her the Jewish vote? Anyone who kisses-up to a foreign country to appease the local supporters of such country should be expelled from office, running for office or even be in politics.

ISRAEL IS, AND REMAINS, A FOREIGN COUNTRY. With a bizarrely undue amount of sway over US politics, I must add.

More embarrassing to this ignorant woman should be her dabbling with foreign policy! She dared open her big mouth about why we should support Israel: especially “when [Iran] continues to defy the International community, threaten the existence of Israel and build nuclear weapons!”

Really! Fiornia, you belong in a kitchen on a shelf – as a forgotten Pasta dish! What country defied over 60 UN resolutions? It’s Israel!

What country is a threat to Middle East peace and its neighbors?  For 62 years, it was Israel that initiated all – except one – wars with the Arabs. Until this day, Israel holds the largest concentration camp since – and putting Auschwitz to shame! And it is Israel with the largest arsenal of nuclear weapons! It almost deployed its nuclear “power” in 1973 (Yom Kippur humiliating War)!  It is also Israel that was found guilty of War Crimes by a Jewish judge! (Goldstone Report).

I’d rather vote for Senator Boxer; the Jewish and current CA Senator who does not need to kiss ass! Although she is a supporter of Israel – and maybe blindly, she’s straight forward and does not go around “begging” for Jewish vote or selling her soul to the devil to succeed.