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Some ignorant anti-Semitic Rednecks and Nazis around the globe fear that Iraq would plunge into chaos – after the US army pulled out. This is what the U.S. army was doing in Iraq! (Let’s not forget Abu Ghraib and other such acts)

How many times have we seen such despicable acts by these low-life gang-like sub-human degenerates?  And then we are asked to “support our troops?” Yes, please do – by demanding their immediate return and court-marshal for every degenerate who used the army to fulfill their  despicable thirst for blood. Whether a Private and all the way to generals, everyone who allowed this to happen should be thrown in jail.. a dishonorable discharge is a minimum punishment.

Where do we train these gangs? In Israel?

The USA is guilty of committing GENOCIDE!

And we elect these barbaric heathens???



Mona Eltahawy speaking at the J Street Conference 2011 (2.27.11) . These are her complete opening remarks.

History before Our Eyes: Broader Implications of Democracy Movements in the Arab World.


Mona Eltahawy, Journalist
Ron Pundak, Director General, The Peres Center for Peace
Robert Serry, United Nations Special Coordinator for the Middle East Peace Process

Moderator: Steve Clemons, Senior Fellow, New America Foundation
Chair: Ambassador Samuel Lewis, Former American diplomat and former head of the U.S. Institute of Peace


Although the US did not explicitly condone nor condemn the GCC’s (Gulf Cooperation Council) latest decision to sanction the deployment of its forces into the island kingdom, the Barack Obama administration has taken a cautious approach to the growing protests there so as not to undermine the opposition parties’ demands or inadvertently strengthen Iran’s ability, real or imagined, to leverage the opposition leaders of Bahrain’s roughly 70 per cent Shia majority.

“We urge the government of Bahrain to pursue a peaceful and meaningful dialogue with the opposition rather than resorting to the use of force,” White House Press Secretary Jay Carney said in a statement Sunday. “In particular, we urge our GCC partners…to act in a way that supports dialogue instead of undermining it.”


This is the exact same verbiage (or garbage) the U.S. Administration uses with Israel: “We urge the Israelis and Palestinians to pursue peace talks..” while the Israelis massacre, expel, ethnic cleanse and annex Palestine using brutal and barbaric force, courtesy of the U.S. Tax Payers’ money.

  • When Saddam invaded Kuwait, the U.S. was quick in establishing a No Fly Zone and then invade Iraq to bring the country “democracy.”
  • When South Sudan wanted their freedom, U.S. and Mr. George Hypocrite Clooney rushed to the south’s aid and cries for Hypocrisy.. I mean, Democracy!
  • When Libyans are being massacred by a tyrant thug, responsible for heinous crimes against his own, let alone other people, as in Lockerbie,  and uses planes, tanks and poisonous gases to crush the people, we issue Bahrain-like statements.
  • When Yemeni’s are under daily attack by the most vicious of weapons: chemical gases that paralyze and send bodies into violent convulsions, we issue Bahrain-like statements.
  • When Palestinians wanted to establish their state and live in peace, the U.S. determined (under the direction of its masters, AIPAC Zionist thugs) that “the time wasn’t right” and vetoed the reolution that called for an independent state called Palestine!

In other words, we do not condemn the tyrants unless we are absolutely certain that they will be vacating their seats of power and tyranny. This is the U.S. foreign policy and democracy!


  • We preach Democracy and practice Tyranny!
  • We preach Peace and practice Destruction!
  • We preach Justice and practice Injustice!



The Middle East meant only Israel to many. Now the lives of millions of Arabs have been brought to Europe’s attention

Nick Cohen Nick Cohen The Observer, Sunday 27 February 2011

The Arab revolution is consigning skip-loads of articles, books and speeches about the Middle East to the dustbin of history. In a few months, readers will go through libraries or newspaper archives and wonder how so many who claimed expert knowledge could have turned their eyes from tyranny and its consequences.

The Map erroneously includes Turkey, Iran, Pakistan and Afghanistan as part of the Arab World.

To a generation of politically active if not morally consistent campaigners, the Middle East has meant Israel and only Israel. In theory, they should have been able to stick by universal principles and support a just settlement for the Palestinians while opposing the dictators who kept Arabs subjugated. Few, however, have been able to oppose oppression in all its forms consistently. The right has been no better than the liberal-left in its Jew obsessions. The briefest reading of Conservative newspapers shows that at all times their first concern about political changes in the Middle East is how they affect Israel. For both sides, the lives of hundreds of millions of Arabs, Berbers and Kurds who were not involved in the conflict could be forgotten.

If you doubt me, consider the stories that the Middle Eastern bureau chiefs missed until revolutions that had nothing to do with Palestine forced them to take notice.

• Gaddafi was so frightened of a coup that he kept the Libyan army small and ill-equipped and hired mercenaries and paramilitary “special forces” he could count on to slaughter the civilian population when required.

Leila Ben Ali, the wife of the Tunisian president, was a preposterously extravagant figure, who all but begged foreign correspondents to write about her rapacious pursuit of wealth. Only when Tunisians rose up did journalists stir themselves to tell their readers how she had pushed the populace to revolt by combining the least appealing traits of Imelda Marcos and Marie-Antoinette.

• Hearteningly, for those of us who retain a nostalgia for the best traditions of the old left, Tunisia and Egypt had independent trade unionists, who could play “a leading role”, as we used to say, in organising and executing uprisings.

Far from being a cause of the revolution, antagonism to Israel everywhere served the interests of oppressors. Europeans have no right to be surprised. Of all people, we ought to know from our experience of Nazism that antisemitism is a conspiracy theory about power, rather than a standard racist hatred of poor immigrants. Fascistic regimes reached for it when they sought to deny their own people liberty. The Protocols of the Elders of Zion, the forgery the far-right wing of the decaying tsarist regime issued in 1903 to convince Russians they should continue to obey the tsar’s every command, denounces human rights and democracy as facades behind which the secret Jewish rulers of the world manipulated gullible gentiles.

Syrian Ba’athists, Hamas, the Saudi monarchy and Gaddafi eagerly promoted the Protocols, for why wouldn’t vicious elites welcome a fantasy that dismissed democracy as a fraud and justified their domination? Just before the Libyan revolt, Gaddafi tried a desperate move his European predecessors would have understood. He tried to deflect Libyan anger by calling for a popular Palestinian revolution against Israel. That may or may not have been justified, but it assuredly would have done nothing to help the wretched Libyans.

In his Epitaph on a Tyrant, Auden wrote:

“When he laughed, respectable senators burst with laughter
And when he cried, the little children died in the streets.”

Europe’s amnesia about how tyranny operated in our continent explains why the Libyan revolution is embarrassing a rich collection of dupes and scoundrels who were willing to laugh along with Gaddafi. His contacts in Britain were once confined to the truly lunatic fringe. He supplied arms to the IRA, funded the Workers’ Revolutionary Party, Vanessa Redgrave’s nasty Trotskyist sect, and entertained Nick Griffin and other neo-Nazis. We should not forget them when the time comes to settle accounts. But when Tony Blair, who was so eloquent in denouncing the genocides of Saddam, staged a reconciliation with Gaddafi after 9/11, his friendship opened the way for the British establishment to embrace the dictatorship.

It was not only BP and other oil companies, but British academics who were happy to accept his largesse. The London School of Economics took £1.5m from Saif al-Islam Gaddafi, money which by definition had to have been stolen from the Libyan people, despite being warned to back away by Professor Fred Halliday, the LSE’s late and much-missed authority on the Middle East, who never flinched from looking dictators in the eye.

“I’ve come to know Saif as someone who looks to democracy, civil society and deep liberal values for the core of his inspiration,” purred the LSE’s David Held as he accepted the cheque.

Human Rights Watch, once a reliable opponent of tyranny, went further and described a foundation Saif ran in Libya as a force for freedom, willing to take on the interior ministry in the fight for civil liberties. Meanwhile, and to the surprise of no one, Peter Mandelson, New Labour’s butterfly, fluttered round Saif at the country house parties of the plutocracy.

Last week, Saif, the “liberal” promoter of human rights and dining companion of Mandelson, appeared on Libyan television to say that his father’s gunmen would fight to the last bullet to keep the Gaddafi crime family in business, a promise he is keeping. The thinking behind so many who flattered him was that the only issue in the Middle East worth taking a stand on was the Israeli-Palestinian conflict, and that the oppression of Arabs by Arabs was a minor concern.



The longevity of the regimes presided over by the Gaddafi, Assad and Mubarak families and the House of Saud ought to be a reason for denouncing them more vigorously, but their apparent permanence added to the feeling that somehow Libyans, Syrians, Egyptians and Saudis want to live under dictatorships.

The European Union, which did so much to export democracy and the rule of law to former communist dictatorships of eastern Europe, has played a miserable role in the Middle East. It pours in aid but never demands democratisation or restrictions on police powers in return. That will have to change if the promise of the past month is to be realised. If it is to help with democracy-building, Europe will need to remind itself as much as the recipients of its money that you can never build free societies on the racist conspiracy theories of the Nazis and the tsars. They are and always have been the tunes that tyrants sing.

Oil – exports(bbl / Day) 2011 Country Ranks, By Rank

Rank Country Value Date of Info
1 Saudi Arabia 8,728,000 2007 est.
2 Russia 5,430,000 2009
3 United Arab Emirates 2,700,000 2007 est.
4 Kuwait 2,349,000 2007 est.
5 Nigeria 2,327,000 2007 est.
6 Iran 2,210,000 2009 est.
7 European Union 2,196,000 2008 est.
8 Venezuela 2,182,000 2007 est.
9 Norway 2,061,000 2008 est.
10 Canada 2,001,000 2008 est.
11 Iraq 1,910,000 2009 est.
12 Algeria 1,891,000 2007 est.
13 United States 1,704,000 2008 est.
14 Netherlands 1,660,000 2008 est.
15 Libya 1,542,000 2007 est.
16 Angola 1,407,000 2007 est.
17 United Kingdom 1,393,000
2008 est.
Bahrain and Yemen – where the unrest is, rank 48 (Bahrain) and 42 (Yemen)
40 Sudan 303,800 2007 est.
41 Colombia 294,000 2008 est.
42 Yemen 274,400 2007 est.
43 Thailand 269,100 2009 est.
44 Denmark 268,500 2008 est.
45 Sweden 248,500 2008 est.
46 Trinidad and Tobago 248,300 2007 est.
47 Congo, Republic of the 241,100 2007 est.
48 Bahrain 238,300 2007 est.
49 Aruba 231,100 2007 est.


Oil – exports(bbl / Day) 2011 Country Ranks, By Rank

Rank Country Value Date of Info
1 Russia 10,120,000 2010 est.
2 Saudi Arabia 9,764,000 2009 est.
3 United States 9,056,000 2009 est.
4 Iran 4,172,000 2009 est.
5 China 3,991,000 2009 est.
6 Canada 3,289,000 2009 est.
7 Mexico 3,001,000 2009 est.
8 United Arab Emirates 2,798,000 2009 est.
9 Brazil 2,572,000 2009 est.
10 Kuwait 2,494,000 2009 est.
11 Venezuela 2,472,000 2009 est.
12 Iraq 2,399,000 2009 est.
13 European Union 2,383,000 2009 est.
14 Norway 2,350,000 2009 est.
15 Nigeria 2,211,000 2009 est.
16 Algeria 2,125,000 2009 est.
17 Angola 1,948,000 2009 est.
18 Libya 1,790,000 2009 est.
19 Kazakhstan 1,540,000 2009 est.
20 United Kingdom 1,502,000 2009 est.
21 Qatar 1,213,000 2009 est.
22 Indonesia 1,023,000 2009 est.
23 Azerbaijan 1,011,000 2009 est.
24 India 878,700 2009 est.
25 Oman 816,000 2009 est.
26 Argentina 796,300 2009 est.
27 Malaysia 693,700 2009 est.
28 Colombia 686,600 2009 est.
29 Egypt 680,500 2009 est.
30 Australia 589,200 2009 est.
31 Sudan 486,700 2009 est.
32 Ecuador 485,700 2009 est.
33 Syria 400,400 2009 est.
34 Thailand 380,000 2010 est.
35 Equatorial Guinea 346,000 2009 est.
36 Vietnam 338,400 2009 est.
37 Yemen 288,400 2009 est.



Get it? Libya’s exports to USA are just 5%!

Reviewing all charts here, why then are we being brainwashed that the price of Gasoline at the Pump will jump to at least $4.00 per gallon?