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Around 20,000 protesters marched through London waving Palestinian flags and chanting anti-Israel slogans

By Anna Roberts4:55PM BST 09 Aug 2014

Thousands of demonstrators descended on the streets of central London this afternoon to protest at the bombing of Gaza by Israeli forces.
Waving placards and the black, white, green and red flag of Palestine, the marchers converged on the BBC’s Broadcasting House near Oxford Circus.

Chants of “Free, Free, Palestine” were shouted across London’s busy West End as marchers then made their way to Hyde Park to be addressed by speakers including George Galloway and Diane Abbott.

Organised by the Palestinian Solidarity Campaign and Stop the War, the march passed peacefully, according to most onlookers. Pupils from Ed Miliband’s old school, Haverstock, in Chalk Farm, north London, joined the march, accompanied by a samba band.

Yasmin Rackal, 17, said: “People shouldn’t stand by and watch an injustice. I have little brothers and sisters and if I was in that situation I would want people globally to fight for me.”

Sanum Ghafoor, 22, had travelled from Luton to take part. She said: “It is a massacre of the Palestinians, and the world is staying quiet. The British Government keeps supporting the Israeli establishment.”

One Jewish marcher said he was appalled at the “horrific” images of dead bodies and bombed-out homes being beamed out of Gaza.

But Dan Rosenberg, 43, said while many of his Jewish friends felt the same, they were too afraid to join the march for fear of being abused.

The father of two from north London, said: “It is horrific what is going on in Gaza. It is collective punishment. I don’t know how any human being can stand back while this is happening.

“But it is difficult being here. We have seen the anti-Semitic attitudes and you feel very threatened and scared, but we feel we have to stand up and represent.

“Even standing here we feel quite uncomfortable. You hear people say they think the Jews run the media. Those beliefs are unpleasant, ignorant and racist.

“I have Jewish friends who wanted to come but they felt uncomfortable being here.”

A public appeal for money launched on Friday night to help thousands of Gazans has raised more than £4.5m in less than 24 hours.

The Department for International Development has pledged to match the first £2m donated by the public to the Gaza Crisis Appeal, which will help pay for food, water and shelter

It is almost superfluous to add that there has never been a Palestinian state or a sovereign Palestinian entity of any kind.

The words of Jewish extremists and terrorists who cry for “peace” while making abhorrent, discriminatory and false remarks to justify their NaZionist agenda. The article was posted on “Jew” World News and by a writer identified only as “ a former Israeli ambassador to the United State.”

What does one expect from a NaZionist?

Let me first define NaZionist for the average reader. You surely have noticed that it is a combination of Nazi and Zionist and thus NaZionist.

Nazis advocated the extermination of Jews in Europe as generally accepted by the masses and those who wrote history. Zionists advocated the same: the extermination of Palestinians from their lands of thousands of years, claiming that God, the Creator had promised it to Abraham and therefore it must belong only to Jews!

Mind you, Abraham never even heard of Judaism. And according to the Islamic faith, it is Abraham who named those who followed God’s words as Muslims! He and his son Isma’eel, built the Ka’aba in Mecca, the place millions of Muslims seek for the annual pilgrimage and honor the famous incident in which Abraham almost sacrificed his son, Isma’eel (then 16 years old) as commanded by God Himself – as a test of Abraham’s resolve and faith.

Judaism then, never existed until after the death of Moses.

The descendants of Abraham (Jacob’s – Israe’eel – sons) and the 12-tribes, were the 12 tribes of “Bani-Isra’eel” (the children of Isra’eel – or Jacob) who like Abraham, never new what the word Jew meant since it never existed… Bani-Israe’eel are also referred to Israelites and the country was named Israel to create the argument that Israel and the Israelites were one and the same!  Clever! I mean, amazing Jewish deception!!!

Now then, with this simple introduction, a person of average intelligence will deduce that Zionism came to the world, brainwashing the masses into believing that the Israelites were the early Jews of today’s Israel…


Yet and amazingly,  a Jewish Israeli Professor, Dr. Shlomo Sand, was the one who published a book about the Invention of the Jewish People! Dr Sand argues that the idea of a Jewish nation – whose need for a safe haven was originally used to justify the founding of the state of Israel – is a myth invented little more than a century ago. Read more here.

But NaZionists strategies continued with their brainwashing techniques and reversed the words to state that it was the Palestinians who were invented.

Desperate acts.. using religion – as violent as it was and continues to be – to justify massacring and exterminating Palestinians.

The “former ambassador” also tries to use ignorant and absurd logic to convince us that Arabs never identified themselves as Palestinians yet Jews did define themselves as Jews – in the Holy Land. Hold on to your horses here, Mr. ignorant former Israeli ambassador…

  1. A Jew is one who follows Judaism; a religion.
  2. A Palestinian is one who identifies himself  by the land he inhabits. Palestinians did refer to themselves by their faiths: Christian and Muslim.
  3. Likewise, Lebanese, Jordanians, Saudis, etc… must also be “invented” since they never referred to themselves by the land in which they resided.
  4. Then the demise of the Ottoman empire and the “christian invaders, if you will” divided and conquered the Middle East and North Africa into the countries we know today: then “educated” each division that their “citizenship” is now “Jordanian, Lebanese, Syrian and so on..”
  5. Then we have Americans… the invented people of the West. Americans should be recognized then as Colonists and only native Americans should be honored and called Americans. But that’s another story… and this is exactly what NaZionism is trying to achieve… an America-like scenario where Palestinians will only exist in “reservations” while European and American Jews who will emigrate to the Holy Land will eventually be referred to as Israelis.

Dream on… 

The Jewish faith predicts the demise of this heathen violent country of blasphemous inhabitants (Israeli NaZionists) and every year we hear a new interpretation of the demise of Israel by a Rabbi – and the year in which it is supposed to happen – per Talmudic teachings and the Rabbis who interpret the “scriptures…”

We know one fact for sure: Palestine will be freed. The second coming of Jesus peace be upon him will establish justice in the land after he, Jesus, kills the anti-Christ (I suspect he would be a Jew) and his followers, then it’s a matter of time – no prophecy had exactly pinpointed this – before the final day and The Day of Judgement!

One of the brave Palestinian Children: the reason Israel will never succeed in its ethnic cleansing!

Palestine papers: treason and corruption

Over the last several months, Al Jazeera has been given unhindered access to the largest-ever leak of confidential documents related to the Israeli-Palestinian conflict. There are nearly 1,700 files, thousands of pages of diplomatic correspondence detailing the inner workings of the Israeli-Palestinian peace process. These documents – memos, e-mails, maps, minutes from private meetings, accounts of high level exchanges, strategy papers and even power point presentations – date from 1999 to 2010.


Notice the area outlined with RED lines, including the famous Armenian and Jewish Quarters. This is almost half of East Jerusalem that the Traitors of the so-called PA wanted to give away! This would place the militant NaZionists right at the walls of the Al Aqsa Grounds so that they could  carry on more terror and destruction of Islam’s second Holiest Site.


By now..

…you have surely read ample reports on the Palestine Papers and formed an opinion. Regardless, I will include it again towards the end of this post.

For now, I want to address the Los Angeles Times irresponsible report on this issue – as quoted by the Guardian here.

Here’s Edmund Sanders, Jerusalem bureau chief for the Los Angeles Times, who can barely keep himself awake while reading them:

The documents so far haven’t revealed anything that someone moderately familiar with the Mideast hasn’t already heard.

Neither side is shown offering anything very fresh or sweeping, though it appeared the talks were serious, detailed and respectful.

“Old news” is also the standard response of a journalist who has been scooped.

I posted a comment on the LA Times site – that I doubt will be approved. Here’s what I submitted:

The LA Times, surprisingly, comes across as ignorant as third-world countries’ media!

It’s easy to claim that “Palestinians so far don’t really seem to have anything to be ashamed of in the leaks from the 2008 talks. Despite the spin by Al-Jazeera and critics of the Palestinian Authority, the documents released don’t show Palestinian negotiators giving away the store. ”

It’s responsible journalism to have actually watched the almost 2 hour segment about this issue and learned the facts first hand.

I watched the whole program on Aljazeera. The so-called Chief Negotiator, Mr. Erekat, was visibly upset, shaken and flustered. He couldn’t even make a single credible point that would allow the viewer to suspect what Aljazeera had reported.

This is further confirmed by the old rumors that the so-called PA is simply interested in looking like an ally to the U.S.  Of course, as we have supported dictators in the past while at the same time cry out for democracy in the Middle East, we are as arrogant and hypocritical as are the dictators we supported. Look what happened in Tunisia. It’s also happening in Algeria, Yemen and soon maybe in Egypt and Jordan.. all ruled by the dictators we call allies. And when they are ousted, then we extend our “measured and calculated” support to people seeking democracy.

Yet when it’s about Palestinians, our media is quite arrogant in its reporting. You seem to support the PA giving away the store because it’s in Israel’s interests.   Israel, a country founded on – and one who introduced terrorism, ethnic cleansing and daily massacres, land annexation and defying over 60 UN resolutions is now “rightfully” claiming the settlements as part of Jerusalem?

International Laws do not allow an occupying power to annex any part of occupied territories. We went to war with Saddam when he invaded and tried to annex Kuwait. We rushed to help Sudan split up and give the southern Sudanese independence. Yet, we always side with Israel regardless of its war crimes against humanity and repeat whatever the Israeli Occupation Forces want us to repeat.

A great deal for Palestinians? What an irresponsible claim. A great deal for Palestinians would be to offer them the same justice we offered Kuwait and Sudan. A great deal for Palestinians is for Israel to be forced back to 1967 borders and live and let live. It’s bad enough that they [Palestinians] have lost a whole country: now you want them to have a divided East Jerusalem surrounded by militant Israeli settlers?

Here’s the MAP the so-called Palestinian Authority was ready to accept:

Annexing more Arab Lands while returning nothing

Annexing East Jerusalem lands to surround Palestinians

In return? What do Palestinians get? Absolutely nothing! As stated above, the Israeli Occupation Forces have no claim or any rights whatsoever in post 1967 occupied territories. I personally believe, like Orthodox Jews from the Naturei Karta, believe that Israel has no claim or right in Palestine. Period.

"Yessir.. these idiots will do whatever we demand"

The Palestine Papers

The material is voluminous and detailed; it provides an unprecedented look inside the continuing negotiations involving high-level American, Israeli, and Palestinian Authority officials.

Al Jazeera will release the documents between January 23-26th, 2011. They will reveal new details about:

  • the Palestinian Authority’s willingness to concede illegal Israeli settlements in East Jerusalem, and to be “creative” about the status of the Haram al-Sharif/Temple Mount;
  • the compromises the Palestinian Authority was prepared to make on refugees and the right of return;
  • details of the PA’s security cooperation with Israel;
  • and private exchanges between Palestinian and American negotiators in late 2009, when the Goldstone Report was being discussed at the United Nations.

Because of the sensitive nature of these documents, Al Jazeera will not reveal the source(s) or detail how they came into our possession. We have taken great care over an extended period of time to assure ourselves of their authenticity.

We believe this material will prove to be of inestimable value to journalists, scholars, historians, policymakers and the general public. More..

I don’t doubt the validity of the so-called Palestine papers.   The top scum-so-called four “leadership,” claiming to represent the Palestinian people and their interests, have just shocked the  world in general and the Palestinians in particular, with their treason, corruption, lies, deception and their readiness to play in the world political arena simply because they enjoy the world of politics: sex, lies and videotapes. So-to-speak!

A simple fact evident by Mr. Abbas’ chauffeured car: yes, the latest-style Mercedes… the man who’s “people” are unemployed, starving, are humiliated by the Israeli Nazi Forces daily, imprisoned, ethnic cleansed, massacred… you get the picture… and the SOB is chauffeured around in a brand-new Mercedes!

To continue the lavish lives and life-style, at the expense of Palestinians, the degenerate four (including and) around Abbas: Saeb Erikat,  Ahmed Qureia,  Yaser Abdrabu and Salam Fayyad, were prepared to kiss Israel’s ass in exchange for a few million by and from the U.S.  This is in addition to the biggest traitor of them all: Dahlan.

Dahlan actively collaborated with Israel against the Palestinian resistance groups under the rubric of carrying out official policy. He co-planned and co-plotted and connived with Israel against Hamas. In Gaza, he commandeered the notorious death squads to liquidate people he deemed hostile or non-conformist.



The question remains: why now?

Is this an Israeli leak timed just right so that the U.S. (Clinton’s) opposition to Palestinians bid for a UN resolution would simply collapse without having to be embarrassed in front of the whole world by Vetoing the resolution?

See:  Clinton opposes Palestinian bid for UN resolution

See: Clinton Opposes Palestinian UN Move on Settlements

U.S. Secretary of State Hillary Clinton Thursday expressed opposition to a draft U.N. Security Council resolution condemning Israeli settlement activity. The proposed resolution was introduced Wednesday and has broad support on the council.

to be continued…


Israel destroys East Jerusalem hotel for settlements

Where’s George Clooney now?

Israeli bulldozers have demolished part of a hotel in East Jerusalem to make way for 20 homes for Jewish Nazi settlers.

The destruction of the Shepherd Hotel has angered Palestinians, who want East Jerusalem as the capital of a future Palestinian state.

And our government says what?

The US called the demolition a “disturbing development”.

Israel says it has a right to build homes in any on any part of the stolen city.

The Jewish Infested Media reports the news as such:

The Shepherd Hotel was built in the 1930s and was once home to Amin al-Husseini, the Grand Mufti of Jerusalem who became an ally of Adolf Hitler in World War II.

Yet the same report conveniently ignores a piece of history that remains unchallenged: Jews funding Nazis to kill Jews!

The hotel, like most Palestinian property and land, was seized illegally after Israel occupied East Jerusalem in 1967.

‘Contradicts logic’

“By doing this, Israel has destroyed all the US efforts and ended any possibility of a return to negotiations,” said Nabil Abu Rudeina, a spokesman for Palestinian President Mahmoud Abbas.

“Israel has no right to build in any part of East Jerusalem, or any part of the Palestinian land occupied in 1967.”

I’ll add: Israelis have no right to build anywhere Palestine. Period!

Attempts by the US to revive peace negotiations stalled last year, after Israel refused to end settlement building on occupied Palestinian land.

In a statement, US Secretary of State Hillary Clinton said the demolition “undermines peace efforts to achieve the two state-solution”.

“In particular, this move contradicts the logic of a reasonable and necessary agreement between the parties on the status of Jerusalem,” she said.

Wow! Mrs. Clinton. Such strong words against NaZionism, Apartheid and terrorism! Please, restrain yourself!

I wonder what Mr. George Fuc*&^ Clooney thinks of THIS injustice? Or is he worried about what just might happen to his movie career if he even uttered a word against the barbarian Jews of Israel?

Nearly 500,000 Jews live in more than 100 settlements built since Israel’s 1967 occupation of the West Bank and East Jerusalem. Not to worry, just a few more barbarians to later deport back to the ghettos of Europe! [note that this statement was changed since some readers found the original text was in distaste. I do “listen” to readers comments and have no issue, when I think it’s warranted, in removing or changing distasteful words].

The settlements are considered illegal under international law.

Israel forces Palestinians to demolish their own homes

“families were faced with the decision either to demolish their own home and pay a fine of 60,000 shekels (approximately $17,000 US) “or refuse, and watch as soldiers demolish their house and punish them with a fine of 120,000 shekels ($34,000)”

Palestinian women from Lyd sit on top of the rubble of their home after it was destroyed by Israel, December 2010. (Oren Ziv/ActiveStills)

These NaZionist scum wonder why Palestinians wanted to throw them into the Sea? Just like Israeli Nazis expel Palestinians now, the day Palestinians will reciprocate and expel these thugs, is not too far! Justice will prevail and the Holy Land will be CLEANSED from the terrorism of the Jewish religion!

EI, December 31, 2010

More than 100 Palestinian protesters and their supporters blocked a main street in the city of Lyd on 28 December, demonstrating against the recent demolition of Palestinian homes and what residents say is a rise in racism and police brutality.

On 13 December, officials with the Israel Lands Administration (ILA), the government agency that manages and leases state land, entered the Palestinian section of the segregated city flanked by bulldozers and hundreds of municipal, riot squad and border police forces. The bulldozers then demolished seven homes all belonging to the Abu Eid family in Lyd.

The demolition, which took several hours, subsequently displaced 67 members of the entire family, including dozens of children, during one of the worst rainstorms of the season. Dozens of other Palestinian homes have been demolished over the years in Lyd, which is a few miles east of Tel Aviv inside the state of Israel.

Lyd is a so-called “mixed city,” as is the neighboring city of Ramle, with significant Palestinian minority [after being the majority before being ethnically cleansed] communities living alongside the Jewish majority. Palestinian residents of these communities have been chronically discriminated against and brutalized by police.

Oren Ziv, a photojournalist with Israeli-based photography collective ActiveStills, witnessed the demolitions of the Abu Eid homes and told The Electronic Intifada that the family knew that the ILA had issued demolition orders against their homes, but they were given no notice of exactly when the destruction would take place.

“During the destruction, I climbed onto the roof of a neighboring house and I saw several bulldozers demolishing the fourth house,” Ziv said. “Many neighbors and a few activists were watching it all happen. I’ve been documenting [home demolitions] for seven years and this was one of the biggest demolitions I’ve ever seen.”

Ziv added that when the bulldozers finished demolishing the seventh house, children were starting to come back from school only to find their homes reduced to rubble.

“People were trying to salvage their papers and belongings from underneath the destroyed homes,” he said. “It was hard to find a solution for the family, especially during the terrible weather. They built a protest tent and a tent camp.”

Ma’an News Agency reported that the homes were among more than 100 in the city “under immediate demolition orders” following a decision in the Israeli parliament to destroy an estimated 4,000 “illegal” housing structures “in a plan said to cost millions of shekels” (“Family takes stock after mass Lod demolition,” 13 December 2010).

The ILA claims that the homes and structures that were demolished, or are facing demolition, were built in an “agricultural” zone, and have therefore denied retroactive building permits to residents of Lyd.

Members of the Abu Eid family told Ma’an that they had “paid rent for decades to a state-owned company to use the land, but [were] only allowed to build up to 100 square meter homes since it was zoned as agricultural … As the family grew, it requested but was declined approval to expand their houses.” After they lost a series of appeals, the family was told by the local court to expect demolitions.

Ziv said that after the destruction, the Abu Eid family placed a banner alongside the tents declaring it the “Abu Eid refugee camp.”

He added that the presence of the Israeli border police, usually designated to areas along checkpoints and during demonstrations in the occupied West Bank, was a stark indication of how the Israeli government views Palestinian communities — whether inside Israel or in the West Bank and Gaza strip.

“In the last few years, Israel has been bringing in the border police to deal with Palestinian communities, or poor communities [in Israel],” he said. “I think it shows where the real borders are inside Israeli society — they’re not where you would expect. Israel brings them to guard the borders between Tel Aviv and Jaffa, and within communities in Lyd.”

Ziv added that Israeli police returned to the area a week later, with the clear intention of destroying the Abu Eid family’s tent camp, but residents and solidarity activists blocked the police forces and prevented the destruction.

Following the 28 December protest, residents and activists in Lyd vowed to stage similar demonstrations on a weekly basis.

Arafat Ismayil, a leader of the popular committee in Dhammash, a Palestinian village beside Lyd that is under constant threat of home demolitions, told EI that the recent activism has strengthened solidarity between his community, Lyd and Ramle.

“What happened in Lyd is the same as what will happen in Dhammash,” Ismayil said. “We feel that the homes that were demolished in Lyd were our homes, and the Abu Eid family are our family too. If we are together in solidarity, hopefully the Israeli government won’t demolish another home. We’re hoping to inspire more activism within our communities.”

Meanwhile, home demolitions continued in the Negev region, and in numerous places around the occupied West Bank, including East Jerusalem.


On 29 December, Israeli forces bulldozed several homes belonging to one family in the “unrecognized” Bedouin village of al-Sadir, according to Ma’an News Agency (“Israel continues Negev home demolitions,” 29 December 2010).

More than 80,000 indigenous Palestinian Bedouins live in dozens of so-called “unrecognized villages” in the Negev region, communities that the Israeli government refuses to acknowledge despite the fact that they have existed before the state’s establishment in 1948. People living in such villages are denied social services, including running water and electricity, and face regular home demolitions.

Less than a week earlier, the Bedouin village of al-Araqib was destroyed for the eighth time since July 2010. Arab News reported that Israeli bulldozers returned to al-Araqib on the morning of 23 December, flanked by dozens of police officers who “acted violently” towards villagers who attempted to prevent the destruction of their homes (“Israeli Bedouin village razed for the 8th time,” 24 December 2010).

Police declared the area a “closed military zone” and prevented access to journalists. Afterwards, residents and solidarity activists working with the Higher Arab Monitoring Committee, a political representative body for Palestinian citizens of Israel, once again helped rebuild the homes and structures that were destroyed, Arab News reported.

The Jewish National Fund (JNF), an Israeli land institution, has been a driving force behind the destruction of al-Araqib and many other Bedouin communities in the Negev.

The JNF plans to build a forest on the village land, continuing a historic policy of cutting off indigenous populations from their land since Israel’s establishment in 1948.

As The Electronic Intifada has reported, international human rights organizations have openly condemned the repeated destruction of al-Araqib and Israel’s policies of violent dispossession of indigenous populations.

Occupied West Bank


The Palestine News Network (PNN) reported that Israeli forces destroyed an agricultural storehouse, a gas station and other industrial structures in the village of Hazma, near Jerusalem, on 29 December (“Israel Demolishes Industrial Buildings North of Jerusalem, Settlers Uproot 30 Olive Trees,” 29 December 2010). PNN added that at the same time, Israeli bulldozers razed sections of land in the Sheikh Anbar district near the Mount of Olives in East Jerusalem.


In the at-Tur neighborhood, also on 29 December, Ma’an News Agency reported that several structures were demolished by Jerusalem municipality police as bulldozers uprooted dozens of olive trees ([Arabic only], 29 December 2010.)

Several days earlier, two Palestinian families were forced to demolish their own homes in Sur Bahir village. The families had received demolition orders from Jerusalem Municipality officials three days before, citing “illegal construction” (“Two Palestinian families demolish own homes under municipal orders in Sur Bahir,” SILWANIC, 25 December 2010).

Maryam Iraqi, a member of one of the families, told the Wadi Hilweh Information Center (SILWANIC) that they were forced to destroy the homes themselves, or would face a huge bill if the municipality demolished it. “When they would come to demolish [our home],” Iraqi added, “we would not be able to take the furniture out. The municipality gave us a one-week period in which to destroy our home ourselves.”

SILWANIC added, “The Israeli state does not provide alternative housing or financial compensation to Palestinian families whose homes are ordered to be demolished, going so far as to actually charge families for demolition costs.”

According to Israeli human rights organization B’Tselem, Palestinians in occupied East Jerusalem are faced with discriminatory housing and building policies, forcing residents to build homes without obtaining building permits — thereby designating the homes as “illegal” and subject to demolition (“East Jerusalem: Policy of discrimination in planning, building and land expropriation“).

In Ras al-Amoud, 13 Palestinians were left homeless after being forced to demolish their own home on 21 December, following a demolition order posted on their door by Israeli police. The International Solidarity Movement (ISM) reported that the families were faced with the decision either to demolish their own home and pay a fine of 60,000 shekels (approximately $17,000 US) “or refuse, and watch as soldiers demolish their house and punish them with a fine of 120,000 shekels ($34,000),” ISM stated. “Soldiers showed up outside with a bulldozer. Finally, on 21 December, they tore down their own house” (“13 homeless after home demolition in Ras al Amoud,” 24 December 2010).

After their home was razed to the ground, the family constructed a few tents with their possessions stacked to one side.

United Nations officials visited areas of occupied East Jerusalem last week, and condemned Israel’s ongoing policies of home demolitions in the city, according to Agence-France Presse (“UN envoys criticize Israel home demolitions,” 23 December 2010). Barbara Shenstone, a field worker with the UN Agency for Palestine refugees (UNRWA), which oversees services for Palestinian refugees, admonished Israel’s policies as “cruel and distressing.”

“While children around the world are enjoying the holiday season in their homes, these children have suffered the trauma and indignity of watching their homes destroyed in the presence of their parents,” Shenstone added.

The day before, Maxwell Gaylard, UN Humanitarian Coordinator for the occupied Palestinian territories, said that “The government of Israel must take immediate steps to cease demolitions and evictions in the West Bank, including east Jerusalem.”

The United Nation’s Office for the Coordination of Humanitarian Affairs (UNOCHA) released a report documenting the destruction of 49 homes and structures over a one-week period in the West Bank’s “Area C,” which includes East Jerusalem and the Jordan Valley, encompassing nearly 60 percent of the West Bank (“Report: Protection of Civilians,” December 8-14, 2010 [PDF]).

Under the Oslo accords signed by Israel and the Palestine Liberation Organization in the mid-1990s, the occupied West Bank and Gaza Strip were carved up into areas A, B and C, the latter of which indicates full Israeli control. Under the Oslo regulations, Area C, which includes East Jerusalem, is administered and controlled by the Israeli government and its military. Approximately 40,000 Palestinians live in Area C.


In its report, UNOCHA said that between 8 and 14 December, 29 buildings, including homes, animal structures and an elementary school, were demolished in Khirbet Tana, near Nablus in the northern West Bank. The demolitions resulted in the displacement of 61 Palestinians, including 13 children. “This is the third time this community has suffered extensive demolitions since 2005,” UNOCHA stated.

The report added that 14 water cisterns were destroyed in the Bedouin communities of Umm ad Daraj, Khashem ad Daraj, both near Hebron, and eight trees were uprooted as four vegetable stalls were destroyed in one area of the Jordan Valley.

In addition, UNRWA released a similar report on 23 December stating that there has been an increase in demolitions in the West Bank including East Jerusalem.

In all of 2010, states the report, “396 Palestinian structures were demolished in East Jerusalem and other areas under full Israeli control in the West Bank. This compares to 275 in the previous year — an increase of almost 45 percent. As a result this year, 561 people have been displaced, including 280 children, and the livelihoods of over 3,000 people have also been affected” (“The United Nations Relief and Works Agency, UNRWA, condemns Jerusalem home demolitions and assists affected families,” 23 December 2010).

Days earlier, leading international human rights advocacy organization Human Rights Watch (HRW) released a 166-page report documenting the effects of Israeli policies of dispossession and discrimination, and called on Israel “in addition to abiding by its international legal obligation to withdraw the settlements, to end these violations of Palestinians’ rights (“Israel/West Bank: Separate and Unequal,” 19 December 2010).”

HRW stated in its press release on the report that it “looked at both Area C and East Jerusalem and found that the two-tier system in effect in both areas provides generous financial benefits and infrastructure support to promote life in Jewish settlements, while deliberately withholding basic services, punishing growth, and imposing harsh conditions on Palestinian communities.”

“Such different treatment on the basis of race, ethnicity, and national origin that is not narrowly tailored to legitimate goals violates the fundamental prohibition against discrimination under human rights law,” HRW reported.


East of Hebron in the southern West Bank, four commercial structures were destroyed in the of al-Baqaa valley on 20 December, according to the Alternative Information Center (AIC) (“Israel Demolishes 2 East Jerusalem Homes, 4 Hebron District Commercial Centers,” 21 December 2010). Al-Baqaa is near the illegal Israeli settlement colony of Kiryat Arba in Hebron.

In the same report, the AIC stated that Israeli forces destroyed a home in the Numan village, between Bethlehem and Jerusalem, on 21 December.

Settlements expand

As the US-brokered peace talks remain dead in the water, illegal Israeli settlement colonies continue to expand in the West Bank including East Jerusalem.

The Jewish Telegraphic Agency reported on 15 December that construction began in a new settlement near the Mount of Olives in East Jerusalem (“E. Jerusalem apartment construction begins,” 15 December 2010). Twenty four housing units are being built for students attending a nearby orthodox Jewish yeshiva named after American millionaire Irving Moskowitz, who has bankrolled numerous right-wing settler movements and financed settlements in and around Jerusalem.

In a front-page article in the New York Times, Hagit Ofran of the Israeli settlement watchdog group Peace Now stated that there are 2,000 new housing units currently under construction since the ten-month settlement moratorium officially ended at the end of September, while an additional 13,000 are “in the pipeline” that do not require special government-issued building permits (“After freeze, settlement building booms in the West Bank,” 22 December 2010).

The Palestinian Authority (PA), led by Mahmoud Abbas, drafted a resolution to the United Nations Security Council, demanding that the international body formally declare Israeli settlements to be illegal and call for a halt in construction and expansion, according to the Associated Press (“Palestinians target Israeli settlements in UN resolution,” 29 December 2010).

The PA called the settlements an obstacle to peace, but did not demand sanctions be placed on the Israeli state for its violations of international law. The Associated Press added that the United States, for its part, “has already balked at the resolution and might veto it.”

Under Discriminatory Policies, Settlers Flourish, Palestinians Suffer

(Jerusalem) – Israeli policies in the West Bank harshly discriminate against Palestinian residents, depriving them of basic necessities while providing lavish amenities for Jewish settlements, Human Rights Watch said in a report released today.

The report identifies discriminatory practices that have no legitimate security or other justification and calls on Israel, in addition to abiding by its international legal obligation to withdraw the settlements, to end these violations of Palestinians’ rights.

The 166-page report, “Separate and Unequal: Israel’s Discriminatory Treatment of Palestinians in the Occupied Palestinian Territories,” shows that Israel operates a two-tier system for the two populations of the West Bank in the large areas where it exercises exclusive control. The report is based on case studies comparing Israel’s starkly different treatment of settlements and next-door Palestinian communities in these areas. It calls on the US and EU member states and on businesses with operations in settlement areas to avoid supporting Israeli settlement policies that are inherently discriminatory and that violate international law.

“Palestinians face systematic discrimination merely because of their race, ethnicity, and national origin, depriving them of electricity, water, schools, and access to roads, while nearby Jewish settlers enjoy all of these state-provided benefits,” said Carroll Bogert, deputy executive director for external relations at Human Rights Watch. “While Israeli settlements flourish, Palestinians under Israeli control live in a time warp – not just separate, not just unequal, but sometimes even pushed off their lands and out of their homes.”

By making their communities virtually uninhabitable, Israel’s discriminatory policies have frequently had the effect of forcing residents to leave their communities, Human Rights Watch said. According to a June 2009 survey of households in “Area C,” the area covering 60 percent of the West Bank that is under exclusive Israeli control, and East Jerusalem, which Israel unilaterally annexed, some 31 percent of Palestinian residents had been displaced since 2000.


Human Rights Watch looked at both Area C and East Jerusalem and found that the two-tier system in effect in both areas provides generous financial benefits and infrastructure support to promote life in Jewish settlements, while deliberately withholding basic services, punishing growth, and imposing harsh conditions on Palestinian communities. Such different treatment on the basis of race, ethnicity, and national origin that is not narrowly tailored to legitimate goals violates the fundamental prohibition against discrimination under human rights law.

Israeli policies control many aspects of the day-to-day life of Palestinians who live in Area C and East Jerusalem. Among the discriminatory burdens imposed on Palestinians that Human Rights Watch found are Israeli practices of expropriating land from Palestinians for settlements and their supporting infrastructure; blocking Palestinians from using roads and reaching agricultural lands; denying access to electricity and water; denying building permits for houses, schools, clinics, and infrastructure; and demolishing homes and even entire communities. Such measures have limited the expansion of Palestinian villages and imposed severe hardships on residents, including leaving them with limited access to medical care.

By contrast, Israeli policies promote and encourage Jewish settlements to expand in Area C and East Jerusalem, often using land and other resources that are effectively unavailable to Palestinians. The Israeli government grants numerous incentives to settlers, including funding for housing, education, and infrastructure, such as special roads. Those benefits have led to the consistent and rapid expansion of settlements, the population of which grew from approximately 241,500 inhabitants in 1992 to roughly 490,000 in 2010, including East Jerusalem.

“While Israeli policy makers are fighting for the ‘natural growth’ of their illegal settlements, they’re strangling historic Palestinian communities, forbidding families from expanding their homes, and making life unlivable,” Bogert said. “The policies surrounding Israel’s settlements are an affront to equality and a major obstacle to ordinary Palestinian life.”

One of the Palestinian communities that Human Rights Watch examines in the report is Jubbet al-Dhib, a village with 160 residents southeast of Bethlehem that dates from 1929. The village is often accessible only by foot because its only connection to a paved road is a rough, 1.5 kilometer-long dirt track. Children from Jubbet al-Dhib must walk to schools in other villages several kilometers away because their own village has no school.

Jubbet al-Dhib lacks electricity despite numerous requests to be connected to the Israeli electric grid, which Israeli authorities have rejected. Israeli authorities also rejected an international donor-funded project that would have provided the village with solar-powered street lights. Any meat or milk in the village must be eaten the same day due to lack of refrigeration; residents often resort to eating preserved foods instead. Villagers depend for light on candles, kerosene lanterns, and, when they can afford to fill it with gasoline, a small generator.

Approximately 350 meters away is the Jewish community of Sde Bar, founded in 1997. It has a paved access road for its population of around 50 people and is connected to Jerusalem by a new, multi-million-dollar highway – the “Lieberman Road” – which bypasses Palestinian cities, towns, and villages, like Jubbet al-Dhib. Sde Bar operates a high school, but Jubbet al-Dhib students may not attend. Settlements are designated closed military areas that may be entered only with special military permits. Residents of Sde Bar have the amenities common to any Israeli town, such as refrigerators and electric lights, which Jubbet al-Dhib villagers can see from their homes at night.


“Palestinian children in areas under Israeli control are studying by candlelight while watching the electric lights in settlers’ windows,” Bogert said. “Pretending that depriving Palestinian kids of access to schools or water or electricity has something to do with security is absurd.”

In most cases where Israel has acknowledged differential treatment of Palestinians – such as when it bars them from “settler-only” roads – it has asserted that the measures are necessary to protect Jewish settlers and other Israelis who are subject to periodic attacks by Palestinian armed groups. But no security or other legitimate rationale can explain the vast scale of differential treatment of Palestinians, such as permit denials that effectively prohibit Palestinians from building or repairing homes, schools, roads, and water tanks, Human Rights Watch said.

Moreover, in addressing security concerns, Israel often acts as if all Palestinians pose a security threat by virtue of their race, ethnicity, and national origin, rather than narrowly tailoring restrictions to specific individuals who are shown to pose a threat. The legal prohibition of discrimination prohibits such broad-brush restrictions.

“The world long ago discarded spurious arguments to justify treating one group of people differently from another merely because of their race, ethnicity, or national origin,” Bogert said. “It’s time for Israel to end its policies of discrimination and stop treating Palestinians under its control markedly worse than Jews in the same area.”

Israel’s highest court has ruled that certain measures against Palestinian citizens of Israel were illegal because they were discriminatory. However, Human Rights Watch is not aware that the courts have adjudicated whether any Israeli practice in the West Bank discriminated against Palestinians, although petitioners have raised such claims in a number of cases.

Human Rights Watch said that the blatantly discriminatory practices make it an urgent matter for donor countries to avoid contributing to or being complicit in the violations of international law caused by the settlements. These countries should take meaningful steps encourage the Israeli government to abide by its obligations, Human Rights Watch said.

Human Rights Watch reiterated its recommendation that the United States, which provides US$2.75 billion in aid to Israel annually, should suspend financing to Israel in an amount equivalent to the costs of Israel’s spending in support of settlements, which a 2003 study estimated at $1.4 billion. Similarly, based on numerous reports that US tax-exempt organizations provide substantial contributions to support settlements, the report urges the US to verify that such tax-exemptions are consistent with US obligations to ensure respect for international law, including prohibitions against discrimination.

Human Rights Watch called on the EU, a primary export market for settlement products, to ensure that it does not provide incentives for settlement exports through preferential tariff treatment, and to identify cases where discrimination against Palestinians has contributed to the production of goods. For example, the report documents how crops exported from settlements using water from Israeli-drilled wells have dried up nearby Palestinian wells, limiting Palestinians’ ability to cultivate their own lands and even their access to drinking water.

The report also describes cases in which businesses have contributed to or benefited directly from discrimination against Palestinians, for example through commercial activities on lands that were unlawfully confiscated from Palestinians without compensation for the benefit of settlers. These businesses also benefit from Israeli governmental subsidies, tax abatements, and discriminatory access to infrastructure, permits, and export channels. Human Rights Watch called on businesses to investigate, prevent and mitigate such violations, including ending any operations that cannot be separated from discriminatory Israeli practices.

“Discrimination of the kind practiced daily in the West Bank should be beyond the pale for anyone,” Bogert said. “Foreign governments and businesses at risk of being tainted by Israel’s unlawful practices should identify and end policies and actions that support them.”

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