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Art of Resistance – A Comment on Günter Grass

By Gilad Atzmon

Outrage in Germany, Nobel Laureate Günter Grass has, once again told the truth about Israel being the greatest threat to world peace.

Günter Grass, Germany’s most famous living author and the 1999 recipient of the Nobel Prize in Literature, sparked outrage in Germany on Wednesday with the publication of a poem, “What must be said,” in which he sharply criticizes Israel’s offensive approach towards Iran.

Once again, it is the artist rather than the politician, who tells the truth as it is.  Once again it is the Artist rather than the academic who speaks out.

 “Why did I wait until now at this advanced age and with the last bit of ink to say: The nuclear power Israel is endangering a world peace that is already fragile?” Wrote Grass.

In the poem, published by Germany’s Süddeutsche Zeitung newspaper and other European dailies on Wednesday, Grass also calls for an

“unhindered and permanent monitoring of Israel’s nuclear potential and Iran’s nuclear facility through an international entity that the government of both countries would approve.”

Israel and some German Jewish prominent voices were quick to react. The Israeli Embassy in Berlin issued a statement offering its own version of ‘What must be said.’

“What must be said is that it is a European tradition to accuse the Jews before the Passover festival of ritual murder,” the statements reads.

Pretty outrageous, don’t you think? In the open Israel together with its supportive Jewish lobbies (AIPAC, AJC)  are pushing for a new global conflict. Yet, shamelessly the embassy defies criticism tossing in the air the old blood libel. The appropriate timely question here is why Israel and AIPAC are pushing for a world war and a potential nuclear conflict just before Passover? Can they just wait for another Yom Kippur (atonement day)?

Watch this:

The Israeli Embassy continues,

“in the past, it was Christian children whose blood the Jews allegedly used to make their unleavened bread, but today it is the Iranian people that the Jewish state allegedly wants to annihilate.”

Isn’t it really the case? Every military expert suggests that Israeli pre-emptive attack on Iran could escalate into a nuclear conflict. If anything Grass tries like others, including your truly, to prevent Israel from celebrating its lethal symptoms once again.

The Israeli embassy noticed though that “Israel is the only state in the world whose right to exist is openly doubted.”

Correct, and so it should be. Israel is a racist, expansionist state, it doesn’t have room amongst nations.

The Central Council of Jews in Germany also called the poem an “aggressive pamphlet of agitation.” I wonder, is it really aggressive to try and restrain an aggressor?

The German newspaper Die Welt, which apparently obtained an advance copy of Grass’ poem, published a response by rabid Zionist Henryk Broder,  the country’s most prominent Jewish writer. “Grass always had a problem with Jews, but it has never articulated it as clearly as he has in this poem.”  Broder said  “Grass has always had a tendency toward megalomania, but this time he is completely nuts.” I would expect Germany’s  leading Jewish writer to come with something slightly more astute.

Border however may be correct when he notes that Grass is “haunted by guilt and shame and also driven by the desire to settle history, he is now attempting to disarm the ’cause of the recognizable threat.’”

Wednesday’s poem is not the first time Grass has come out with critical views of Israel. In a 2001 interview with SPIEGEL ONLINE, he offered his own solution for the Israeli-Palestinian conflict.

“Israel doesn’t just need to clear out of the occupied areas,” he said at the time. “The appropriation of Palestinian territory and its Israeli settlements are also a criminal activity. That not only needs to be stopped — it also needs to be reversed. Otherwise there will be no peace.”

Broder contends that such a statement is “no less than a demand for Israel to not just cede Nablus and Hebron, but also Tel Aviv and Haifa. ” he continues, “Grass does not differentiated between the ‘occupied areas’ of 1948 and 1967.” Needless to say that from an ethical perspective Grass is correct-there is no difference between 1948 and 1967. The Jewish State located itself on historic Palestine on the expense of the Palestinian people. I guess that Grass understood already in 2001 that the Jews only State must be transformed into a ‘State of its Citizens’. Israel should embrace the true notion of peace, universalism and inclusiveness.  But I guess that we shouldn’t hold our breath for it is not going to happen soon.

It is almost superfluous to add that there has never been a Palestinian state or a sovereign Palestinian entity of any kind.

The words of Jewish extremists and terrorists who cry for “peace” while making abhorrent, discriminatory and false remarks to justify their NaZionist agenda. The article was posted on “Jew” World News and by a writer identified only as “ a former Israeli ambassador to the United State.”

What does one expect from a NaZionist?

Let me first define NaZionist for the average reader. You surely have noticed that it is a combination of Nazi and Zionist and thus NaZionist.

Nazis advocated the extermination of Jews in Europe as generally accepted by the masses and those who wrote history. Zionists advocated the same: the extermination of Palestinians from their lands of thousands of years, claiming that God, the Creator had promised it to Abraham and therefore it must belong only to Jews!

Mind you, Abraham never even heard of Judaism. And according to the Islamic faith, it is Abraham who named those who followed God’s words as Muslims! He and his son Isma’eel, built the Ka’aba in Mecca, the place millions of Muslims seek for the annual pilgrimage and honor the famous incident in which Abraham almost sacrificed his son, Isma’eel (then 16 years old) as commanded by God Himself – as a test of Abraham’s resolve and faith.

Judaism then, never existed until after the death of Moses.

The descendants of Abraham (Jacob’s – Israe’eel – sons) and the 12-tribes, were the 12 tribes of “Bani-Isra’eel” (the children of Isra’eel – or Jacob) who like Abraham, never new what the word Jew meant since it never existed… Bani-Israe’eel are also referred to Israelites and the country was named Israel to create the argument that Israel and the Israelites were one and the same!  Clever! I mean, amazing Jewish deception!!!

Now then, with this simple introduction, a person of average intelligence will deduce that Zionism came to the world, brainwashing the masses into believing that the Israelites were the early Jews of today’s Israel…


Yet and amazingly,  a Jewish Israeli Professor, Dr. Shlomo Sand, was the one who published a book about the Invention of the Jewish People! Dr Sand argues that the idea of a Jewish nation – whose need for a safe haven was originally used to justify the founding of the state of Israel – is a myth invented little more than a century ago. Read more here.

But NaZionists strategies continued with their brainwashing techniques and reversed the words to state that it was the Palestinians who were invented.

Desperate acts.. using religion – as violent as it was and continues to be – to justify massacring and exterminating Palestinians.

The “former ambassador” also tries to use ignorant and absurd logic to convince us that Arabs never identified themselves as Palestinians yet Jews did define themselves as Jews – in the Holy Land. Hold on to your horses here, Mr. ignorant former Israeli ambassador…

  1. A Jew is one who follows Judaism; a religion.
  2. A Palestinian is one who identifies himself  by the land he inhabits. Palestinians did refer to themselves by their faiths: Christian and Muslim.
  3. Likewise, Lebanese, Jordanians, Saudis, etc… must also be “invented” since they never referred to themselves by the land in which they resided.
  4. Then the demise of the Ottoman empire and the “christian invaders, if you will” divided and conquered the Middle East and North Africa into the countries we know today: then “educated” each division that their “citizenship” is now “Jordanian, Lebanese, Syrian and so on..”
  5. Then we have Americans… the invented people of the West. Americans should be recognized then as Colonists and only native Americans should be honored and called Americans. But that’s another story… and this is exactly what NaZionism is trying to achieve… an America-like scenario where Palestinians will only exist in “reservations” while European and American Jews who will emigrate to the Holy Land will eventually be referred to as Israelis.

Dream on… 

The Jewish faith predicts the demise of this heathen violent country of blasphemous inhabitants (Israeli NaZionists) and every year we hear a new interpretation of the demise of Israel by a Rabbi – and the year in which it is supposed to happen – per Talmudic teachings and the Rabbis who interpret the “scriptures…”

We know one fact for sure: Palestine will be freed. The second coming of Jesus peace be upon him will establish justice in the land after he, Jesus, kills the anti-Christ (I suspect he would be a Jew) and his followers, then it’s a matter of time – no prophecy had exactly pinpointed this – before the final day and The Day of Judgement!

The Jerusalem International Foundation warned of the continued Israeli aggression on Al Aqsa Mosque, after Israeli soldiers threw a petrol bomb at the mosque on Wednesday.

The firm said in a statement on Thursday – a day after celebrations of the Jewish Passover, which began Monday and continue until the twenty-fifth of this month – that this targeting of the mosque is part of the escalation of the project of conversion (to Jewish Only)  the occupied city of Jerusalem.

In its barbaric “efforts” of the Judaization of Al-Aqsa Mosque, Israel took advantage of the current revolutions in the Middle East to accomplish a most despicable and barbaric act. Then again, what’s new?

It was an Israeli soldiers who, during evening prayers yesterday, threw a petrol bomb at the forest area on the east side of Door of Mercy of the mosque, igniting a fire and almost cause an outbreak of fire in the mosque. Luckily Palestinian guards immediately noticed and extinguished the fire.

Eyewitnesses stated that they saw an Israeli military patrol in the area and one of its members drop the bomb before being driven away towards the Mount of Olives.

Meanwhile, a group of extremist thugs (settlers) attempted last Monday evening to enter mosque to “make a sacrifice” at the Dome of the Rock. Mosque guards were able to control the situation. Source

There’s Israel for you: a country based on NaZionism and terrorism by heathens and thugs!

A response to Eustace Mullins’ speech concerning Zionist complicity with the alleged ‘Jewish Holocaust’

Last week, a video was making the rounds of a speech given by one of the greatest historians of the 20th century, Eustace Mullins, in which he was suggesting that the Nazi concentration camps were the result of Zionist cooperation with the German Nazis for the purpose of eliminating those parts of European Jewry who were opposed to the Zionist plan of relocating all European Jews to a future Jewish State in Palestine.

1933: Zionists sign a deal with Hitler – The Transfer Agreement

Implied in Mullins’ suggestion was that at least some of the Nazi concentration camps had in fact – as the law-enforced Judeo-Bolshevik narrative of WWII wants us to believe – the purpose of industrial-scale mass killings. That’s obviously nonsense.

Yes, the Jews have cooperated with the Nazi, as they have been doing for centuries with any political or religious cause of any traction, in pursuit of their own evil agendas. I call it the ‘Jewish dark art of gate-keeping‘. In fact, as we have learned from Edwin Black’s book titled ‘The Transfer Agreement‘ and Hennecke Kardel’s ‘Adolf Hitler – Founder of Israel‘ , the Zionists did not only closely cooperate with the Nazis on their common goal of relocating all European Jews to Palestine, but they actually financed and controlled the Nazis. In fact many first and second tier Nazis were (crypto-)Jews themselves and there have been hundreds of thousands of Jews fighting for Hitler in the German Wehrmacht.

However, you don’t even have to bother studying the excellent revisionist work of an Arthur Butz[1], Robert Faurisson[2], Carlo Mattogno[3] or Germar Rudolf[4], available in the online books sections of the Rebel News site, or invest a couple of evenings watching the irrefutable and undisputed evidence provided in oustanding revisionist documentaries such as ‘One Third of the Holocaust (2008)‘, ‘Buchenwald (2008)‘ and even ‘David Cole in Auschwitz (1992)‘, published in the history category of Rebel News’ opinion section, to figure out that the Judeo-Bolshevik narrative of the so-called Jewish Holocaust is a hoax. The mere fact that 65 years after the alleged events, anyone performing or publishing research that contradicts the official narrative is systematically destroyed, even risks being abducted and imprisoned, is sufficient evidence that the official narrative is a lie. In places like Germany revisionists aren’t even allowed to defend themselves by providing evidence for their claims. What more proof does common sense need?

In other words, Mullins was right to the extent that German National Socialism was indeed a merger of Italian style fascism, an anti-Communist movement controlled by elements in the Italian aristocracy and Catholic Church, and Rothschild-Zionism. Much of the blatant racism displayed by some Nazis towards non-Germans, for example Julius Streicher’s “Der Stuermer”, was nothing more than a Germanised version of 3000 year old Jewish supremacism, which is exactly the reason why the Israeli conduct in Palestine reminds us so much of Nazi Germany.

[1] Arthur Butz, The Hoax of the Twentieth Century
[2] Robert Faurisson, The Leuchter Reports
[3] Carlo Mattogno, Concentration Camp Majdanek
[4] Germar Rudolf, Lectures on the Holocaust, Dissecting the Holocaust and The Rudolf Report

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Fri., February 05, 2010 Shvat 21, 5770

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Chabad rabbi: Jews should kill Arab men, women and children during war

By Nathaniel Popper, The Forward

Like the best Chabad-Lubavitch rabbis, Manis Friedman has won the hearts of many unaffiliated Jews with his charismatic talks about love and God; it was Friedman who helped lead Bob Dylan into a relationship with Chabad.

But Friedman, who today travels the country as a Chabad speaker, showed a less warm and cuddly side when he was asked how he thinks Jews should treat their Arab neighbors.

“The only way to fight a moral war is the Jewish way: Destroy their holy sites. Kill men, women and children (and cattle),” Friedman wrote in response to the question posed by Moment Magazine for its “Ask the Rabbis” feature.

Friedman argued that if Israel followed this wisdom, there would be “no civilian casualties, no children in the line of fire, no false sense of righteousness, in fact, no war.”

“I don’t believe in Western morality,” he wrote. “Living by Torah values will make us a light unto the nations who suffer defeat because of a disastrous morality of human invention.”

Friedman’s use of phrasing that might seem more familiar coming from an Islamic extremist has generated a swift backlash. The editor of Moment, Nadine Epstein, said that since the piece was printed in the current issue they “have received many letters and e-mails in response to Rabbi Friedman’s comments – and almost none of them have been positive.”

Friedman quickly went into damage control. He released a statement to the Forward, through a Chabad spokesman, saying that his answer in Moment was “misleading” and that he does believe that “any neighbor of the Jewish people should be treated, as the Torah commands us, with respect and compassion.”

But Friedman’s words have generated a debate about whether there is a darker side to the cheery face that the Chabad-Lubavitch movement shows to the world in its friendly outreach to unaffiliated Jews. Mordecai Specktor, editor of the Jewish community newspaper in Friedman’s hometown, St. Paul. Minnesota, said: “The public face of Lubavitch is educational programs and promoting Yiddishkeit. But I do often hear this hard line that Friedman expresses here.”

“He sets things out in pretty stark terms, but I think this is what Lubavitchers believe, more or less,” said Specktor, who is also the publisher of the American Jewish World.

“They are not about loving the Arabs or a two-state solution or any of that stuff. They are fundamentalists. They are our fundamentalists.”

Abraham Foxman, national director of the Anti-Defamation League and a regular critic of Arab extremists, said that in the Jewish community, “We are not immune to having these views. There are people in our community who have these bigoted, racist views.”

But, Foxman warned, Friedman’s views are not reflective of the Chabad rabbis he knows. “I am not shocked that there would be a rabbi who would have these views,” Foxman said, “but I am shocked that Moment would give up all editorial discretion and good sense to publish this as representative of Chabad.”

A few days after anger about the comment surfaced, Chabad headquarters released a statement saying that, “we vehemently disagree with any sentiment suggesting that Judaism allows for the wanton destruction of civilian life, even when at war.”

The statement added: “In keeping with Jewish law, it is the unequivocal position of Chabad-Lubavitch that all human life is G-d given, precious, and must be treated with respect, dignity and compassion.”

In Moment, Friedman’s comment is listed as the Chabad response to the question “How Should Jews Treat Their Arab Neighbors?” after a number of answers from rabbis representing other Jewish streams, most of which state a conciliatory attitude toward Arabs.

Epstein said that Friedman was “brave” for stating his views so clearly.

“The American Jewish community doesn’t have the chance to hear opinions like this,” Epstein said, “not because they are rare, but because we don’t often ask Chabad and other similar groups what they think.”

The Chabad movement is generally known for its hawkish policies toward the Palestinians; the Chabad Rebbe, Menachem Mendel Schneerson, rejected peace accords with the Palestinians. Rabbi Moshe Feller, the top Chabad rabbi in Minnesota, said that the rebbe taught that it is not a mitzvah to kill, but that Jews do have an obligation to act in self-defense.

“Jews as a whole, they try to save the lives of others,” Feller told the Forward, “but if it’s to save our lives, then we have to do what we have to do. It’s a last resort.”

Friedman is not a fringe rabbi within the Chabad-Lubavitch movement. He was the English translator for the Chabad Rebbe, and at the rebbe’s urging, he founded Beis Chana, a network of camps and schools for Jewish women. Friedman is also a popular speaker and writer on issues of love and relationships. His first book, “Doesn’t Anyone Blush Anymore?” was promoted with a quote from Bob Dylan, who Friedman brought to meet the rebbe.

On his blog and Facebook page, Friedman’s emphasis is on his sympathetic, caring side. It was this reputation that made the comment in Moment so surprising to Steve Hunegs, director of the Jewish Community Relations Council: Minnesota and the Dakotas.

“Rabbi Friedman is a best-selling author who addresses some of the most sensitive issues of the time,” Hunegs said. “I intend to call him and talk to him about this.”

But Shmarya Rosenberg, a blogger and critic of Chabad who lives a few blocks from Friedman in Minnesota, says that the comment in Moment is not an aberration from his experiences with Friedman and many other Chabad rabbis.

“What he’s saying is the standard normal view of a Chabadnik,” Rosenberg said. “They just don’t say it in public.”

For his part, Friedman was quick to modify the statement that he wrote in Moment. He told the Forward that the line about killing women and children should have been in quotes; he said it is a line from the Torah, though he declined to specify from which part. Friedman also said that he was not advocating for Israel to actually kill women and children. Instead, he said, he believed that Israel should publicly say that it is willing to do these things in order to scare Palestinians and prevent war.

“If we took this policy, no one would be killed – because there would be no war,” Friedman said. “The same is true of the United States.”

Friedman did acknowledge, however, that in self-defense, the behavior he talked about would be permissible.

“If your children are threatened, you do whatever it takes – and you don’t have to apologize,” he said.

Friedman argued that he is different from Arab terrorists who have used similar language about killing Jewish civilians.

“When they say it, it’s genocide, not self-defense,” Friedman said. “With them, it’s a religious belief – they need to rid the area of us. We’re not saying that.”

Feller, the Chabad leader in Minnesota, said that the way Friedman had chosen to express himself was “radical.”

“I love him,” Feller said. “I brought him out here – he’s magnificent. He’s brought thousands back to Torah mitzvah. But he shoots from the hip sometimes.”

Contact Nathaniel Popper at

The Jewish terrorists – descendants of Apes and Pigs need not wonder why there will never be peace!

Strong words? Not in ATW’s opinion: for when Jewish Laws of the Jungle protect thugs, militant mercenaries, and allow Ethnic Cleansing tactics to be practiced with the world’s eyes wide shut, then these words are quite appropriate.

Ironically, the writer plays a role in the hands of INJUSTICE by referring to the barbaric ruling as Solomon-style court ruling!

East Jerusalem house is a home divided

An Israeli court has let Jewish settlers live in the front of a house Palestinians have lived in for half a century. The close quarters make for constant tensions and frequent police intervention.

Nabil  Kurd

Nabil Kurd stands in front of the house in Sheik Jarrah where his family has lived since 1956. Now, after a court ruling they must share the house with Israelis, who live in the front half. They fear they will be evicted soon, as were other Palestinian families in the area. (Edmund Sanders / Los Angeles Times)

By Edmund Sanders March 29, 2010

Reporting from Jerusalem – A tiny brick house. A disputed neighborhood. And a Solomon-style court ruling that has placed two sets of strangers — with nothing in common but hatred — under the same flat roof.

Since December, Israelis have resided in the front part of a house where Palestinians have long lived. All that separates them is a bedroom wall, a sealed door and, lately, the police, who visit regularly to break up the fights.

The Jewish occupants accuse the Palestinians of throwing rocks through the windows and wielding sticks. The Palestinians say the Israelis brandish rifles and pepper spray when the police aren’t around.

Even in a city like Jerusalem, where people of different faiths have lived side by side, often uncomfortably, for millenniums, the battle of wills and square footage at House No. 13 Othman Ibn Afan frames the Israeli-Palestinian conflict in almost unbearable close-up.

“We can never relax,” said Nabil Kurd, 65, head of the Palestinian family that has lived in the home since it was built in 1956. “Every time I pass them, I just want to cry.”

No comment, say the Jewish settlers, who were recently given the key to the front rooms by a Jerusalem district court.

Since then, decades of bad blood have played out daily on the front lawn of the run-down house, where the feuding inhabitants are so close to each other that they can hear sneezes on the other side of the wall, smell what’s cooking and brush shoulders at the front gate.

Several times, the tensions have exploded into fistfights and brawls.  But most days the residents try to keep enough distance to stay out of spitting range. Cursing is so commonplace that one of the first words the Kurds’ 2-year-old learned was the Hebrew word for “trash,” something both sides shout at each other.

Even when there’s no physical confrontation, the residents, like rival siblings, have mastered the little ways to needle and provoke. Blue-and-white Israeli flags have been hoisted on the roof of the Jewish side. The new inhabitants make obscene gestures at the Palestinian women, calling to them as though they were dogs, and taunt the children with laser pointers, the Kurds say. “They call my 87-year-old mother a whore,” Kurd said.

The Palestinians give as good as they get. They cut off the water supply to the front part of the house, and Kurd’s boys beat on pots and pans to disturb their sleeping Israeli housemates, the parents acknowledge.

Palestinian women line chairs along the front walkway, forcing the Israelis to pass through a gantlet of cold stares and curses to reach their door.

Police, who respond to complaints from the street on average every other day, say it’s a miracle no one has been killed or seriously hurt. “The close proximity between the two is causing friction and tension on a daily basis,” said Jerusalem police spokesman Micky Rosenfeld.

The fighting is equally intense in the courts, where lawsuits over who owns the land have wended their way to Israel’s Supreme Court more than once. The litigation centers on Jewish claims that the Palestinians are illegal squatters and Palestinian allegations that Jewish deeds to the land were falsified.

For centuries, the property in the Sheik Jarrah neighborhood of East Jerusalem contained nothing but olive trees and the ancient Jewish tomb of Shimon Hatzadik, a high priest who is said to have persuaded Alexander the Great not to destroy the Second Temple.

In the late 1800s, a couple of dozen Jewish immigrant families settled into temporary homes built by a Jewish group whose leaders say their organization bought the property around 1875. After the 1948 Arab-Israeli war, the Jewish residents fled when the area came under Jordanian control. [An obvious falsification: in 1948 Jewish terrorists massacred Palestinians in many Palestinian areas to expel the Palestinians from their lands and in turn, steal them!]

The Kurds were among 28 Palestinian refugee families relocated to the neighborhood in 1956 by the United Nations and the Jordanian government. In exchange for turning in their U.N. ration cards, the Kurds, who had fled their home and business in Haifa, say they were promised title to the newly built home. But before any titles were given, Israel took control of East Jerusalem in the 1967 Middle East War.

Jewish groups, asserting previous ownership of the land, moved to evict the Palestinians. The Jewish title has been transferred to a company that says it wants to build 250 Jewish homes on the site. An attorney for the firm, Nahalat Shimon Ltd., declined to comment.

To date, Israeli courts have upheld the Jewish claims and granted eviction orders against several Palestinian families who, during the last two years, have been forcibly removed from their homes. The Kurd family appears to be next, their attorney said.

In December, an Israeli judge took the first step by permitting Jewish claimants to reopen and occupy the front part of the house, which the Kurd family had built in 2000 as an addition. Because the rooms were constructed without permits, which Palestinians say are impossible to obtain, the court ordered them sealed and slated the addition for demolition. The front had remained padlocked and empty until the Israelis arrived with the key, Kurd said.

At first, a family seemed to have moved in, with women and children, the Kurds say. Now, they say, only young Jewish men come and go at all hours of the day and night, often protected by private security guards.

“It’s used almost like a Zionist frat house,” said one American activist with the International Solidarity Movement, a protest group that is supporting the Kurds.

The garden wall tells the story. Nobody knows how many times it has been spray-painted with graffiti. Stars of David painted over Palestinian flags painted over Stars of David. Arabic slogans over Hebrew ones.

Some chilly evenings, both sides light campfires along the front walkway, sitting less than 20 feet apart and trying to ignore each other.

Then there was the prayer-off in February. Ultra-Orthodox Jews began dancing, singing and praying one Sabbath afternoon. Not to be outdone, Muslim men gathered a few feet away and kneeled in dueling worship.

The household trash is a frequent weapon, getting tossed back and forth like a hot potato, and eventually ending up in the front yard, which has become a kind of no-man’s land and repository for garbage and abandoned household fixtures.

One recent morning, an ultra-Orthodox teenager arrived at the front door to find a dead rat and a pile of trash left by the Palestinians. As the Kurd women tried to shoo him away, he kicked the trash into the yard and walked defiantly around the property before leaving.

“They are not here to live,” said Kurd, who works as a cigarette company driver. “They are just here to disrupt our lives and provoke us.”

Both sides have enlisted reinforcements. Jews throw parties in the yard and once invited a Zionist-themed tour group to gather at the property to discuss historic Jewish claims to the area. It turned into a shouting match, with the tourists and the Palestinians calling one another “murderers.”

The Palestinians have invited international activists to live in a tent in the front yard.

The Sheik Jarrah cases have drawn international attention, including calls from the United States for Israel to halt Jewish expansion in the East Jerusalem neighborhood. This month, 3,000 people demonstrated in support of the Palestinian families.

“It feels good to know that we are not alone,” Kurd said during the evening protest, hoisting his granddaughter on his shoulders. But when he returned home later that night, it was solitude that he missed. A light shining from the front house window and muffled noise on the other side of the wall was all it took to set his teeth in a clench and bring back that familiar knot in his stomach.


Write Edmund Sanders and object to such a terrorizing and Nazi-like stand where the weak are terrorized and the Jewish thugs of European ghettos are “granted” lands and homes of Palestinians!  How could this be “disputed” when the family lived there for half a century? The Jewish thugs were most likely not even born yet! Read Keeping out the Arabs for more details.


Passover is a “Jewish and Samaritan holy day” and festival commemorating the biblical event of Hebrews’ escape from enslavement in Egypt.

Passover is one of the most widely observed Jewish holidays (Yom Tov), and is commemorated by many affiliated and non affiliated Jews alike as a time to contemplate the endurance of the Jewish people throughout history.

The Hebrews were instructed to mark the doorposts of their homes with the blood of a spring lamb and, upon seeing this, the spirit of the Lord passed over these homes, hence the term “passover”

So we go from Jewish Holiday to Hebrews! Are you paying attention? Hebrews were NOT Jews!

The “Jewish and Israeli hardened hearts” will sympathize with the Hebrews – a way to hijack a religion and use as a claim to Palestine- yet these same hearts will not yield sympathy or feelings to other humans, particularly Palestinians! For 62 years, Jews, Israeli, Zionists or whatever one wishes to refer to them, have been using every trick in the book to start wars and steal more of Palestinian lands.

Jews or Hebrews?

The Hebrews are generally regarded as either the same people or as ancestors of the Israelites, but some regard the use of the term by the Egyptians as referring to all peoples who came “across the river” (meaning a category of foreigner) of which the Israelites were a small part. [Wikipedia.]

The issue with Passover and the hypocritical commemoration of the ancient Hebrews’ “escape” from enslavement in Egypt, is the hijacking of history and religion to use as a deed-of-trust for claims to Palestinian lands!

The Hebrews in question could not have been Jews! Moses had not yet received the Commandments nor had he delivered the children (descendants) of Jacob (Israel) from the Pharaoh.

  1. The Hebrews in Egypt were “bani-Isra’eel” (descendants of Jacob) – Jacob was not Jewish either! Therefore Bani Isra’eel were not Jewish since Moses had not yet come with the “message” revealed in the Commandments!
  2. Even if we entertain the idea that these people were Jewish – an impossibility in itself, these people still rejected Moses and the Divine message. They questioned Moses and God’s message. Even when they witnessed God’s miracles, and they crossed the parting sea – witnessing the grandest of miracles, and then witnessed the Pharaoh drown before their very eyes, they still sought to “create” and build a “god” to worship – in the shape of a golden calf!  Moses meanwhile, was on the Mountain receiving the commandments.
  3. Upon Moses return and seeing his followers worship an IDOL, he angrily smashed the Tablets as he was disgusted with how superficial, ignorant and impatient these followers were!
  4. The Punishment of 40 years – in the Sinai was God’s “reward” to an unappreciative and ungrateful bunch!

So for Passover to celebrate an escape from slavery raises the question: whose slavery are the Jews referring to? Is this an invented “group” as Dr. Shlomo Sand, an Israeli historian, raised in his book: “When And How the Jewish People Was Invented”

There Is No Jewish History

It is an established fact that not a single Jewish history text had been written between the 1st century and early 19th century. The fact that Judaism is based on a religious historical myth may have something to do with it.

Similarly, the claim that God promised Palestine to the Jews through Abraham, is just as ludicrous. Abraham and the appearance of Judaism had hundreds of years between them!

An adequate scrutiny of the Jewish past was never a primary concern within the Rabbinical tradition. One of the reasons is probably the lack of a need of such a methodical effort. For the Jew who lived during ancient times and the Middle Ages, there was enough in the Bible to answer most relevant questions having to do with day-to-day life, Jewish meaning and fate. As Shlomo Sand puts it, “a secular chronological time was foreign to the ‘Diaspora time’ that was shaped by the anticipation for the coming of the Messiah”.

Embarrassingly enough, not much was found in Sinai to prove the story of the legendary Egyptian Exodus, seemingly 3 million Hebraic men, women and children were marching in the desert for 40 years without leaving a thing behind. Not even a single matzo ball, very non-Jewish one may say.

In his book Sand takes it further and suggests that until the First Arab Uprising (1929) the so-called leftist Zionist leaders tended to believe that the Palestinian peasants who are actually ‘Jews by origin’ would assimilate within the emerging Hebraic culture and would eventually join the Zionist movement.

Ber Borochov believed that “a falachThis very idea reappeared in Ben Gurion’s and Ben-Zvi’s text in 1918. Both Zionist leaders realised that Palestinian culture was soaked with Biblical traces, linguistically, as well as geographically (names of villages, towns, rivers and mountains). Both Ben Gurion and Ben-Zvi regarded, at least at that early stage, the indigenous Palestinians as ethnic relatives who were holding close to the land and potential brothers. They as well regarded Islam as a friendly ‘democratic religion’. Clearly, after 1936 both Ben-Zvi and Ben Gurion toned down their ‘multicultural’ enthusiasm. As far as Ben Gurion is concerned, ethnic cleansing of the Palestinians seemed to be far more appealing. (Palestinian Peasant), dresses as a Jew, and behaves as a working class Jew, won’t be at all different from the Jew”.


There’s no such thing as ancient Jews (dating to Jacob or Abraham). The Israelis hijacked the Prophet’s name (Israel: Jacob) so that the issue will be confused for Christians and the rest of the world. AshkeNazim and Sephardi Jewish nomads from Europe have as much right in Palestine as do European Christians in claiming that Jerusalem or Bethlehem are theirs because of the Churches of Nativity and Holy Sepulcher!   Just as Palestine does not belong to European Christians, it never once belonged to Jews. There was never a “promise” by God as the blasphemous claim goes.  Judaism was once practiced in Palestine just as Christianity and Islam are practiced. The difference is – and according to Israeli numbers and sources, the Jews were always a small minority.

No happy wishes of passover then to the Apartheid non-democratic terror so-called state of Israel: the state of liars, murderers of children and women and militant thugs cleared to kill Palestinians by their barbaric laws!

Palestine shall be free from Zionism!