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In Israel, Romney declares Jerusalem to be capital

KASIE HUNT, Associated Press
Updated 11:22 a.m., Sunday, July 29, 2012

Nazi Zionist (NaZionist) supporter!

Submissive Ass-Kissing Romney.. all for a fistful of Jewish Votes!

Israeli Grand Terrorist and Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu, right, and US Republican presidential candidate and Israeli Ass Kisser, Mitt Romney, meet at the Prime Minister’s office in Jerusalem, Sunday, July 29, 2012. Romney would back an Israeli military strike against Iran aimed at preventing Tehran from obtaining nuclear capability, a top foreign policy adviser said early Sunday, outlining the aggressive posture the Republican presidential candidate will take toward Iran in a speech in Israel later in the day. Photo: Lior Mizrahi, Pool / AP
As bad as Obama proved to be, I’d rather vote him than voting for this Jewish-Ass-Kisser spineless “politician!!!”
Look at the above picture – again: see the weak and submissive demeanor and nature of Romney next to his idol, the terrorist of Israel? Romney is another supporter of “demonic” state of Israel!

TheNakedTruthInAConfusedWorld: ISRAEL: Criminal to the marrow of the bones

Israeli prison raid footage released

Television images shows Israeli Terrorist troops using live ammunition in deadly operation at detention centre.

Hundreds of Palestinian have died inside Israeli prisons and now an Israeli television channel has aired shocking footage of Israel’s so-called Control and Restraint unit, or Masada, attacking Palestinian prisoners.

Activists have demanded people in charge of the operation, carried out in 2007, be charged and the family of one of the victims told Al Jazeera that they would consider suing Masada.

The basic Talmudic doctrine includes more than a “super-race” complex. It is an “only” race concept. The non-Jew thus ranks as an animal, has no property rights and no legal rights under any code whatever. If lies, bribes or kicks are necessary to get non-Jews under control — that is legitimate. There is only one “sin,” and that is anything which will frighten non-Jews and thus make it harder for the Jewish “humans” to get them under control. “Milk the Gentile,” is the Talmudic rule, but don’t get caught in such a way as to jeopardize Jewish interests.

Summarized, Talmudism is the quintessence of distilled hatred and discrimination — without cause, against non-Jews.

Robbery, Stealing, Murder — Approved Against Gentiles

The “chief repository of the criminal law of the Talmud” (together with Makkoth or “beatings”) is the book of Sanhedin (See Exhibit 43). The non-human status of the non-Jew so far as legal or human rights are concerned is reiterated in Sanhedrin 57a. (See Exhibit 57)

A footnote explains that the Talmudist censor inserted the word “Cuthean” in the text for the word goy or Gentile, thus deceiving a possible non-Jewish reader as to the real meaning.

To quote: (Exhibit 57):

“With respect to robbery — if one stole or robbed [Footnote: “by secret stealing or by open violence”] or seized a beautiful woman, or committed similar offenses, if these were perpetrated by one Cuthean against another, the theft, etc., must not be kept, and likewise the theft of an Israelite by a Cuthean, but that of a Cuthean by an Israelite may be retained.”

Sufficient filler is then inserted in the footnotes to confuse the “goy” reader, with a reference to the footnote concerning Baba Kamma 37b (See Exhibit 39). There, the false supposition that non-Jews have no “laws of social justice” is said to justify an inhuman standard of immorality taught by the “ox-goring” Talmud reference, a standard repeated elsewhere throughout the whole Talmud.

On murder of Gentiles (Exhibit 57):

“For murder, whether of a Cuthean by a Cuthean or of an Israelite by a Cuthean, punishment is incurred: but of a Cuthean by an Israelite, there is no death penalty.”

The same doctrine abides throughout the whole Talmud. Glancing at the Jewish Encyclopedia section on “Gentiles” we see that Rabbi Simon ben Yohai’s edict is:

“The best among the Gentiles deserves to be killed.”


Israel destroys East Jerusalem hotel for settlements

Where’s George Clooney now?

Israeli bulldozers have demolished part of a hotel in East Jerusalem to make way for 20 homes for Jewish Nazi settlers.

The destruction of the Shepherd Hotel has angered Palestinians, who want East Jerusalem as the capital of a future Palestinian state.

And our government says what?

The US called the demolition a “disturbing development”.

Israel says it has a right to build homes in any on any part of the stolen city.

The Jewish Infested Media reports the news as such:

The Shepherd Hotel was built in the 1930s and was once home to Amin al-Husseini, the Grand Mufti of Jerusalem who became an ally of Adolf Hitler in World War II.

Yet the same report conveniently ignores a piece of history that remains unchallenged: Jews funding Nazis to kill Jews!

The hotel, like most Palestinian property and land, was seized illegally after Israel occupied East Jerusalem in 1967.

‘Contradicts logic’

“By doing this, Israel has destroyed all the US efforts and ended any possibility of a return to negotiations,” said Nabil Abu Rudeina, a spokesman for Palestinian President Mahmoud Abbas.

“Israel has no right to build in any part of East Jerusalem, or any part of the Palestinian land occupied in 1967.”

I’ll add: Israelis have no right to build anywhere Palestine. Period!

Attempts by the US to revive peace negotiations stalled last year, after Israel refused to end settlement building on occupied Palestinian land.

In a statement, US Secretary of State Hillary Clinton said the demolition “undermines peace efforts to achieve the two state-solution”.

“In particular, this move contradicts the logic of a reasonable and necessary agreement between the parties on the status of Jerusalem,” she said.

Wow! Mrs. Clinton. Such strong words against NaZionism, Apartheid and terrorism! Please, restrain yourself!

I wonder what Mr. George Fuc*&^ Clooney thinks of THIS injustice? Or is he worried about what just might happen to his movie career if he even uttered a word against the barbarian Jews of Israel?

Nearly 500,000 Jews live in more than 100 settlements built since Israel’s 1967 occupation of the West Bank and East Jerusalem. Not to worry, just a few more barbarians to later deport back to the ghettos of Europe! [note that this statement was changed since some readers found the original text was in distaste. I do “listen” to readers comments and have no issue, when I think it’s warranted, in removing or changing distasteful words].

The settlements are considered illegal under international law.

The Jewish terrorists – descendants of Apes and Pigs need not wonder why there will never be peace!

Strong words? Not in ATW’s opinion: for when Jewish Laws of the Jungle protect thugs, militant mercenaries, and allow Ethnic Cleansing tactics to be practiced with the world’s eyes wide shut, then these words are quite appropriate.

Ironically, the writer plays a role in the hands of INJUSTICE by referring to the barbaric ruling as Solomon-style court ruling!

East Jerusalem house is a home divided

An Israeli court has let Jewish settlers live in the front of a house Palestinians have lived in for half a century. The close quarters make for constant tensions and frequent police intervention.

Nabil  Kurd

Nabil Kurd stands in front of the house in Sheik Jarrah where his family has lived since 1956. Now, after a court ruling they must share the house with Israelis, who live in the front half. They fear they will be evicted soon, as were other Palestinian families in the area. (Edmund Sanders / Los Angeles Times)

By Edmund Sanders March 29, 2010

Reporting from Jerusalem – A tiny brick house. A disputed neighborhood. And a Solomon-style court ruling that has placed two sets of strangers — with nothing in common but hatred — under the same flat roof.

Since December, Israelis have resided in the front part of a house where Palestinians have long lived. All that separates them is a bedroom wall, a sealed door and, lately, the police, who visit regularly to break up the fights.

The Jewish occupants accuse the Palestinians of throwing rocks through the windows and wielding sticks. The Palestinians say the Israelis brandish rifles and pepper spray when the police aren’t around.

Even in a city like Jerusalem, where people of different faiths have lived side by side, often uncomfortably, for millenniums, the battle of wills and square footage at House No. 13 Othman Ibn Afan frames the Israeli-Palestinian conflict in almost unbearable close-up.

“We can never relax,” said Nabil Kurd, 65, head of the Palestinian family that has lived in the home since it was built in 1956. “Every time I pass them, I just want to cry.”

No comment, say the Jewish settlers, who were recently given the key to the front rooms by a Jerusalem district court.

Since then, decades of bad blood have played out daily on the front lawn of the run-down house, where the feuding inhabitants are so close to each other that they can hear sneezes on the other side of the wall, smell what’s cooking and brush shoulders at the front gate.

Several times, the tensions have exploded into fistfights and brawls.  But most days the residents try to keep enough distance to stay out of spitting range. Cursing is so commonplace that one of the first words the Kurds’ 2-year-old learned was the Hebrew word for “trash,” something both sides shout at each other.

Even when there’s no physical confrontation, the residents, like rival siblings, have mastered the little ways to needle and provoke. Blue-and-white Israeli flags have been hoisted on the roof of the Jewish side. The new inhabitants make obscene gestures at the Palestinian women, calling to them as though they were dogs, and taunt the children with laser pointers, the Kurds say. “They call my 87-year-old mother a whore,” Kurd said.

The Palestinians give as good as they get. They cut off the water supply to the front part of the house, and Kurd’s boys beat on pots and pans to disturb their sleeping Israeli housemates, the parents acknowledge.

Palestinian women line chairs along the front walkway, forcing the Israelis to pass through a gantlet of cold stares and curses to reach their door.

Police, who respond to complaints from the street on average every other day, say it’s a miracle no one has been killed or seriously hurt. “The close proximity between the two is causing friction and tension on a daily basis,” said Jerusalem police spokesman Micky Rosenfeld.

The fighting is equally intense in the courts, where lawsuits over who owns the land have wended their way to Israel’s Supreme Court more than once. The litigation centers on Jewish claims that the Palestinians are illegal squatters and Palestinian allegations that Jewish deeds to the land were falsified.

For centuries, the property in the Sheik Jarrah neighborhood of East Jerusalem contained nothing but olive trees and the ancient Jewish tomb of Shimon Hatzadik, a high priest who is said to have persuaded Alexander the Great not to destroy the Second Temple.

In the late 1800s, a couple of dozen Jewish immigrant families settled into temporary homes built by a Jewish group whose leaders say their organization bought the property around 1875. After the 1948 Arab-Israeli war, the Jewish residents fled when the area came under Jordanian control. [An obvious falsification: in 1948 Jewish terrorists massacred Palestinians in many Palestinian areas to expel the Palestinians from their lands and in turn, steal them!]

The Kurds were among 28 Palestinian refugee families relocated to the neighborhood in 1956 by the United Nations and the Jordanian government. In exchange for turning in their U.N. ration cards, the Kurds, who had fled their home and business in Haifa, say they were promised title to the newly built home. But before any titles were given, Israel took control of East Jerusalem in the 1967 Middle East War.

Jewish groups, asserting previous ownership of the land, moved to evict the Palestinians. The Jewish title has been transferred to a company that says it wants to build 250 Jewish homes on the site. An attorney for the firm, Nahalat Shimon Ltd., declined to comment.

To date, Israeli courts have upheld the Jewish claims and granted eviction orders against several Palestinian families who, during the last two years, have been forcibly removed from their homes. The Kurd family appears to be next, their attorney said.

In December, an Israeli judge took the first step by permitting Jewish claimants to reopen and occupy the front part of the house, which the Kurd family had built in 2000 as an addition. Because the rooms were constructed without permits, which Palestinians say are impossible to obtain, the court ordered them sealed and slated the addition for demolition. The front had remained padlocked and empty until the Israelis arrived with the key, Kurd said.

At first, a family seemed to have moved in, with women and children, the Kurds say. Now, they say, only young Jewish men come and go at all hours of the day and night, often protected by private security guards.

“It’s used almost like a Zionist frat house,” said one American activist with the International Solidarity Movement, a protest group that is supporting the Kurds.

The garden wall tells the story. Nobody knows how many times it has been spray-painted with graffiti. Stars of David painted over Palestinian flags painted over Stars of David. Arabic slogans over Hebrew ones.

Some chilly evenings, both sides light campfires along the front walkway, sitting less than 20 feet apart and trying to ignore each other.

Then there was the prayer-off in February. Ultra-Orthodox Jews began dancing, singing and praying one Sabbath afternoon. Not to be outdone, Muslim men gathered a few feet away and kneeled in dueling worship.

The household trash is a frequent weapon, getting tossed back and forth like a hot potato, and eventually ending up in the front yard, which has become a kind of no-man’s land and repository for garbage and abandoned household fixtures.

One recent morning, an ultra-Orthodox teenager arrived at the front door to find a dead rat and a pile of trash left by the Palestinians. As the Kurd women tried to shoo him away, he kicked the trash into the yard and walked defiantly around the property before leaving.

“They are not here to live,” said Kurd, who works as a cigarette company driver. “They are just here to disrupt our lives and provoke us.”

Both sides have enlisted reinforcements. Jews throw parties in the yard and once invited a Zionist-themed tour group to gather at the property to discuss historic Jewish claims to the area. It turned into a shouting match, with the tourists and the Palestinians calling one another “murderers.”

The Palestinians have invited international activists to live in a tent in the front yard.

The Sheik Jarrah cases have drawn international attention, including calls from the United States for Israel to halt Jewish expansion in the East Jerusalem neighborhood. This month, 3,000 people demonstrated in support of the Palestinian families.

“It feels good to know that we are not alone,” Kurd said during the evening protest, hoisting his granddaughter on his shoulders. But when he returned home later that night, it was solitude that he missed. A light shining from the front house window and muffled noise on the other side of the wall was all it took to set his teeth in a clench and bring back that familiar knot in his stomach.


Write Edmund Sanders and object to such a terrorizing and Nazi-like stand where the weak are terrorized and the Jewish thugs of European ghettos are “granted” lands and homes of Palestinians!  How could this be “disputed” when the family lived there for half a century? The Jewish thugs were most likely not even born yet! Read Keeping out the Arabs for more details.

He told the court on Wednesday that the trial showed that the right to freedom of speech was at risk in The Netherlands.

“I believe in my heart and soul that freedom in the Netherlands is being threatened,” Wilders said.

“It is not only our right, but our obligation as free people to speak out against every ideology that restricts freedom.”

In a five-minute speech to the court in which he also quoted Thomas Jefferson, author of the US Declaration of Independence, Wilders predicted future generations would ask how “we in 2010, in this place, in this room” defended freedom.

‘Nothing against Muslims’

The release of Fitna prompted protests in Pakistan, Iran, Indonesia and Afghanistan, while Ban Ki-moon, the United Nations secretary-general, described the film as “offensively anti-Islamic”.

“I also do not intend to hurt people’s feelings”

Fitna is an Arabic word which has numerous meanings including “sedition” and “temptation”, and appears in the Quran.

Wilders has previously sparked outrage over other anti-Islamic comments in the media, including calling for a ban on the Quran and comparing the book to Adolf Hitler’s Mein Kampf.

However, in court on Wednesday, Wilders said that he did not have a problem with Muslims.

Dutch Pig!

“I also do not intend to hurt people’s feelings. I have nothing against Muslims,” he said.

“I have a problem with Islam and the Islamisation of our country because Islam is diametrically opposed to freedom.”

Constitutional right

Defence lawyers have argued that the court does not have the constitutional right to put the MP on trial, but the prosecutor said Wilders’ remarks must be tested against the “existing legal framework”.

If convicted, Wilders would face a maximum sentence of 15 months in jail.

Wilders supporters staged demonstrations outside the court, holding banners saying “Freedom Yes” and “Stop the Islamisation of Europe”.

An anti-racism group has also responded to the trial by placing 100 comments from Wilders online to back up its allegations that the MP is guilty of inciting immigrant hate and discrimination.

Wilders has become one of the Netherland’s leading politicians, with his party emerging last year as the country’s second-largest party in the European Parliament.

Recent polls have also indicated the Freedom Party stands a chance to become the largest in the Dutch Parliament in national elections due in May 2011.
Source:     Agencies

The Israeli relief effort in Haiti is laudable (really?), but it underlines the state’s indifference to those suffering on its own doorstep

Almost as soon as the IDF embarked on its aid mission to Haiti, accusations began flying that the Israelis’ objectives were of a sinister rather than humanitarian nature. Some accused the country’s leaders of trying to divert attention away from their behaviour towards the Palestinians, others went as far as claiming that Israeli doctors were engaged in stealing the organs of dead Haitians.

On the other side of the fence, diehard supporters of Israel trumpeted the relief efforts as definitive proof that Israel was a light unto the nations, some even claiming that Israel was acting on behalf of world Jewry, rather than just the Israeli people:

We believe that it is a Jewish duty to help the people of Haiti.  As the representative of the Jewish people, the State of Israel is leading the relief effort… we are not only helping Haitians with their tragedy, but uniting the Jewish world and demonstrating the Jewish values of the State of Israel.

It is almost impossible for any news story connected to Israel to exist in a political vacuum, thanks to the nature of Israel’s conflict with the Palestinians and the global polarisation resulting from the hostilities. In the context of Israel’s assistance to Haiti, however, credit should be given where it’s due: Israeli rescue teams’ efforts have been second to none, and their staff have shown true humanity in a time when it is so desperately needed by the victims.

Israel’s response to the Haitian earthquake is only the latest in a long line of noble deeds when it comes to disasters around the world: 140 countries have received aid from Israel’s state-run Mashav humanitarian relief division, including Turkey, India and El Salvador after earthquakes brought devastation to their shores. Israel’s foreign affairs ministry borrows a Biblical quotation to describe Mashav’s work:

If there be among you a needy man, one of thy brethren, within any of thy gates, in thy land which the Lord thy God giveth thee, thou shalt not harden thy heart, nor shut thy hand from thy needy brother” Deuteronomy 15:7

However, for all that Israel’s sterling work overseas deserves to be praised, it highlights the lack of compassion shown by the country’s leaders to those suffering on its own doorstep. Israel’s insistence on doing next to nothing to alleviate the suffering in Gaza while rushing to Haiti’s aid exposes just how far they are prepared to stray from the religious teachings to which they claim to adhere. Likewise, when Zionist movements such as Bnei Akiva trumpet the achievements of Israel’s relief teams as representative of the entire Jewish people, they inadvertently tar all Jews with the same brush when Israel’s frequent violations of international law are brought to light.

Israel should shoulder its responsibility to help countries such as Haiti along with all other states fortunate enough to have the manpower and resources to assist in such a mission. Every nation which has done its part to alleviate Haitians’ plight should be praised for their work, but neither they nor their supporters should be allowed to hide their other, less favourable actions behind the efforts they have made in Haiti.

Questions should be asked about why Israel – which has proved itself incredibly capable when it comes to responding to certain humanitarian crises – is so intransigent about assisting the Palestinians. If, as many claim, Israel’s leaders believe it to be in their long-term interests to slowly strangle Gaza’s economy and destroy its infrastructure as a means to topple Hamas, it is a reprehensible way to behave. It is a damning indictment of Israel that it is prepared only to come to the aid of those who fit certain political critieria, rather than that of every victim crying out for intervention.


And to the Zionist Pigs found on WordPress, accusing Palestinian of not rushing to the aid of Haiti, read the LA Times article:

GAZA: Palestinians rally for Haiti: ‘We were exposed to our own earthquake’

January 20, 2010 |  6:27 am

Picture 27

With one in five Gazans living in abject poverty, according to the United Nations, extra money and food are hard to come by.

Still, some are putting together what they can to donate to the people of Haiti.

On Monday, a local group began a drive to collect money, blankets, food and other items for donation to Haiti through the Red Cross, the Palestinian Maan news agency reported.

However, getting goods into and out of the Gaza Strip is difficult due to the Israeli blockade, and food and clothing donations have been turned away.

“People may be astonished at our ability to collect donations from our people [in Gaza]; we tell them that this is a humanitarian campaign and our people love life and peace,” said Jamal Khudary, head of the Committee to Break the Siege, which organized the initiative.

“We feel for [the Haitians] the most because we were exposed to our own earthquake during Israel’s war on Gaza,” he told Maan.

The Palestinian Authority in the West Bank also has pledged assistance to Haiti but has not specified what kind of aid they would provide.

Although Saudi Arabia has yet to pitch in, the Palestinians join other Arab countries and Israel in donating money, medical personnel and relief supplies to the victims of Haiti’s catastrophic earthquake, which is estimated to have taken tens of thousands of lives.

— Meris Lutz in Beirut


Palestinians in Gaza donate to Haiti

It might be one of the world’s poorest areas, besieged by its neighbour Israel, but Palestinians living in the Gaza Strip have been donating what little they have to help those struck by the earthquake in Haiti.

Among the donations collected by a Red Cross representative: toys, toiletries and sweets – small luxuries that Gazans know only too well can brighten spirits in the face of devastation. Some also gave money.

Dr Jamal Khudari, from the Palestinian Committee against the Siege said: “It’s a symbolic donation for the people of Haiti, for the children of Haiti, to tell them that we feel the suffering.”

There are ruins in the Gaza Strip reminiscent of the scenes in Haiti. These were not caused by a natural disaster, but by bombs and shells in Israel’s deadly assault on Gaza, which drew to a close a year ago. Israel blamed attacks by militants for sparking the offensive.

The reason for the destruction might be different, but Palestinians say they understand Haiti’s pain.

Copyright © 2010 euronews

As usual, the source is Israeli!

Haaretz israel news English

Israel rejects bill allocating equal land to Jews and Arabs

By Jonathan Liss
Last update – 18:41 03/01/2010

The Ministerial Committee for Legislation on Sunday rejected a bill proposed by MK Ahmed Tibi (Ra’am-Ta’al) proposing that the state enforce equal allocation of land to Jews and Arabs.

“Yet again, the Israeli government has proven that it is avoiding the principle of civil equality,” Tibi said in response to the ruling. “The same government which approved the selection bill of [Jewish] MKs David Rotem and Israel Hasson, ignores Arabs’ rights, and hasn’t approved the building of a new Arab village since 1948. The government failed at the challenge I placed before it, and that saddens me.”

The bill’s authors stressed the importance of it in an explanation to the committee.

“Since the foundation of the state, the Israel Lands Administration is solely used as Jewish land administration. The director of the Israel Lands Administration has used all the tactics, with the help of the Jewish Agency, to allocate state land only to Jews. Despite the bitter attempt over the decades, not even one Arab town has been established since the state’s foundation. Therefore a bill must be passed which stipulates that the Israel Lands Administration will serve all the state’s citizens without discrimination on religion or nationality, and will promise an equal allocation of land to better the Arab population of Israel.”

Tibi’s proposal was intended to counter a bill passed two weeks ago which states that reception committees of Israeli communities can decide who will reside in their towns. One consequence of that bill is that Israeli Arabs would not be able to live in those towns if the reception committees decide so.

Ethnic Cleansing! NaZism all over again. Isn’t time for the Allied Forces to liberate the Middle East from the filth of Israelis and Zionism?



Israel rejects bill allocating equal land to Jews and Arabs
By Jonathan Liss
Tags: Israel news, Ahmad Tibi
The Ministerial Committee for Legislation on Sunday rejected a bill proposed by MK Ahmed Tibi (Ra’am-Ta’al) proposing that the state enforce equal allocation of land to Jews and Arabs.

“Yet again, the Israeli government has proven that it is avoiding the principle of civil equality,” Tibi said in response to the ruling. “The same government which approved the selection bill of [Jewish] MKs David Rotem and Israel Hasson, ignores Arabs’ rights, and hasn’t approved the building of a new Arab village since 1948. The government failed at the challenge I placed before it, and that saddens me.”

The bill’s authors stressed the importance of it in an explanation to the committee.