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Stop Imminent Massacre in 3 Burma Villages

An order has been given to authorities to round up and kill all boys over the age of 10. It may be today or tomorrow we are told. Apparently UN agencies also know about this.

This is about the ongoing week long attack on Rohingya Muslims in Burma. This area has a Muslim majority and has no history of conflict. Buddhist have always been safe in this area.

Extremist are bringing their killers from other areas.

  1. Call the Secretary of State at 202-647-4000 asking him to make phone call to the Burmese president and urge him to intervene and stop this week long attack on three Muslim villages.
  2. Call your U.S. Representative to co-sponsor House Resolution 418….we’re now up to 19 co-sponsors!  Let’s keep up the effort!

Find your U.S. Representative

Buddhists are terrorists! The Dalai Lama is equally a terrorist!



These were the phrases (and/or actions) used just before the Holocaust that “ethnically cleansed”  11,000,000 human beings!  Six million were Polish citizens. Three million were Polish Jews and another three million were Polish Christians and Catholics.(source)

Holocaust Remembrance Day in Israel

..marked as it is every year by air-raid sirens signaling two minutes of simultaneous nationwide silence in homage to Jews who perished in the Holocaust. Throughout the country, people stop what they’re doing, cars pull to the side of the road, everything literally comes to a halt. People remembering. And saying Never Again. Ironically and at the same time, their F-16’s, tanks, Dime-bombs, Phosphorus bombs and other incendiary weaponry, rain on Palestinian civilians in Gaza, the 21st century Auschwitz Camp. Road blocks throughout Palestinian cities and lands reduce the basic human needs to painful and exhausting chores that Jews in Poland and Germany in the thirties may never have experienced.

Nazi Germany

Nazi Israel

Back to the Future:

It’s 2010 and we seem to be returning to the past…1933 – 1943 Nazi Germany.  But now it’s not the Polish Jews or Christians. It’s the American Muslims.

The Phrase: Never Again seems to only apply to Jews! Or Rwanda. Or Darfur! But not Palestinians. Not Muslims. Remember, it’s 2010: the 21st century in which we preach tolerance, liberty democracy and justice for all… all?

We exclude those whom we have no information on.. or those we just don’t understand!  We play the ignorant card then defend our ignorance and arrogance by repeating some story we may have heard from someone. Then we claim that we’re tolerant!

We attribute our intolerance to what we perceive as our accepted values!  If your mother or sister decides to walk naked in the street, it’s Freedom of Expression! It’s Art! It’s Civilization! If a Muslim or Orthodox Jewish woman dresses very conservatively and does not show her cleavage or crack, then she’s Abused, Oppressed and.. very different! We hate them!

Muslim Hijab

Jewish Hijab

American prejudice against Muslims, Islam higher than bias against other major faiths

NEW YORK (AP) — Americans are more than twice as likely to express prejudice against Muslims than they are against Christians, Jews or Buddhists, a new survey found. Nearly two-thirds of Americans say they have little or no knowledge of Islam. Still, a majority dislike the faith.

The analysis, for release Thursday, is from the Gallup World Religion Survey and is part of a project on finding ways to increase understanding between Americans and Muslims.

President Barack Obama and his administration want to improve America’s image in the Muslim world. Many analysts who study extremism also say that U.S. Muslims who feel alienated from broader society resist integrating, potentially becoming more vulnerable to radical ideas.

In the poll, just over half of Americans said they felt no prejudice against Muslims. However, 43 percent acknowledged at least “a little” prejudice against Muslims, a significantly higher percentage than for the other four faiths in the survey.

About 18 percent of respondents said they had some level of prejudice against Christians, while the figure was 15 percent toward Jews and 14 percent toward Buddhists.

Asked about knowledge of Islam, 63 percent of Americans say they have “very little” or “none at all.” A large majority of respondents believe most Muslims want peace. Yet, 53 percent of Americans say their opinion of the faith is “not too favorable” or “not favorable at all.” By comparison, 25 percent of Americans say they have unfavorable views of Judaism, while 7 percent say they have “some” or “a great deal” of prejudice toward Jews.

Personally knowing a Muslim is not linked to a lower level of prejudice, although not knowing a Muslim is related to the greatest level of bias. The authors of the report say this finding underscores the need for better education on what Islam teaches.

“What really seems to impact one’s perception of a group much more than knowing an individual is having a positive opinion of that group’s distinguishing characteristic, which in this case is their faith,” said Dalia Mogahed, senior analyst and executive director of the Gallup Center for Muslim Studies. “That one person being nice enough could simply be explained as that person being an exception.”

Respondents who say they attend religious services more than once a week are significantly more likely to have a favorable view of Muslims. Mogahed said people who are more religious generally consider prejudice a moral evil and often have respect for the devout of other faiths.

Desecrated Torah-1938

Desecrating the Quran - 70 years later!

Researchers also found a link between prejudice against Jews and Muslims. Americans who acknowledged “a great deal” of bias toward Jews were much more likely to feel the same about Muslims. The survey results could not explain why the two prejudices are linked. Mogahed said bias against both groups should be tracked and studied together to understand the dynamic.

“Groups working against the two types of prejudices should perhaps form a closer alliance,” she said.

The report, from the Muslim West Facts Project, a partnership of Gallup and the Coexist Foundation, is based on a random telephone survey of more than 1,000 adults, conducted from Oct. 31 to Nov. 13 of last year. The margin of error is plus or minus 3.4 percentage points.