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Huge flames erupt from an explosion at Egyptian gas pipeline supplying
Israel and Jordan in El Arish, Egypt, February 05, 2011.


The Egyptian gas supply to Israel that has been disrupted since a February 5 pipeline explosion does not seem to be restored at its full capacity any soon.

Egypt’s East Mediterranean Gas Company has informed Tel Aviv authorities of a leak in one of its pipes in the El Arish area.

The news of further delay comes as the resumption of the vital gas supplies to Israel was expected to happen on Monday.

The flow of Egyptian natural gas to Israel was halted five weeks ago after an explosion in the Sinai pipeline at the peak of popular protests against ousted President Hosni Mubarak’s regime — which was seen as Tel Aviv’s closest Mideast ally.

Meanwhile, experts speculate that once the gas supply is resumed, Israel will not receive more than one-quarter of the quantity supplied before the pipeline explosion.

Israeli authorities have estimated the damage caused to Tel Aviv’s economy by the absence of Egyptian gas at $1.7 million a day.

Egypt has been supplying 40 percent of Israel’s natural gas, used to produce 20 percent of Israel’s electricity, since May 2008.

The Egyptian opposition is openly against the gas deal signed between Cairo and Tel Aviv under Mubarak in 2005.



ATW Comment:
Supplying the enemy of humanity and terrorist state of Israel is a mistake. As these thugs continue to defy all international laws, blockade Gaza, and now blockading Nablus while the settler degenerates attack Palestinians, annex lands, ethnic cleanse and kill and massacre civilians, Israel should not receive any gas from Egypt or any Arab country! As the Israelis blockade Palestinians, Egypt must boycott Israel and/or exporting anything to this thugs-infested country!
Egyptians and Jordanians should immediately nullify their so-called “peace” treaties. If Israel wants peace they must begin by halting and abolishing their Nazi-like conduct and withdrawing to 1967 borders. Period.
What are these people thinking?
Are they that dumb, deaf and blind?

They all repeat the same thing… it’s as if they have the same mother.. or father (Ramses II) for that matter!

Some Predictions for the remaining morons!






Costumes of Arab women, fourth to sixth century.

You've Come A Long Way Baby!


Woman from Damascus, Muslim woman from Mecca, ...

Different Traditional Costumes

Saudi Arabia has pledged to stand “with all its capabilities” by Bahrain’s ruling royal family amid pro-democracy protests inspired by revolutions in Tunisia and Egypt which toppled US-backed government. Press TV

The Saudi Government [as reported by Aljazeera Arabic site] demanded their religious leaders to issue fatwas condemning any type of protest..

The Saudi, Jordanian and Syrian corrupt governments are very concerned… that their thrones will soon become as good as toilets!

The statement came as US Admiral Mike Mullen, chairman of the US Joint Chiefs of Staff, arrived in the Saudi capital, Riyadh, for a two day visit.

He told reporters that he was in Riyadh to “reassure, discuss and understand what is going on.”

Bahrain is home to the US Navy’s Fifth Fleet, which has served as a hub for operations in Persian Gulf, the Arabian Sea and East Africa.

Bahrainis, inspired by revolutions in Egypt and Tunisia, dubbed have been expressing disappointment with the political reforms of the past decade, which have failed to bring prosperity and real change.

The protests, however, took a new turn on Thursday after the brutal crackdown on protesters in Manama, which left at least five people dead and more than 230 injured.

At least eight people have been killed and hundreds injured in the clashes since the uprising in the Arab world reached Bahrain last week.

Thousands of protesters continue to mass in Manama’s Pearl Square. They are pressing for political reforms, including the release of political prisoners and the sack of the incumbent Prime Minister Khalifa Bin Salman.

A group of protesters, however, called for the ouster of the entire ruling monarchy.


Meanwhile, in Jordan

”]The Jordanian religious leaders issued Fatwas SUPPORTING protests and stating that such are but a religious mandate to speak against evil, corruption and oppression. Unlike the Saudis, who issued fatwas declaring protests… sacrilegious!

Jordan’s king enjoys absolute powers, ruling by decree: He can appoint and dismiss cabinet and parliament whenever at anytime.

Amani Ghoul, a teacher and member of the movement that organised the protests insisted the protests will continue until their demands are met.

“We want a complete overhaul of the political system, including the constitution, the parliament dissolved and new free and fair elections held,” she said.


It was predicted here first, on Attending the World, that the Tunisian uprising would inspire the rest of the Arab world to erupt against their ruthless despicable dictators.



Although the spark of freedom skipped Libya and ignited the first Facebook revolution ever, in Egypt, toppling a powerful dictator (who we continued to call as “friend” throughout this uprising), strangely enough, the remaining dictators still don’t get it. Bahrain‘s King in his joke of a-kingdom,  offered each family $1,000 per family (in their currency).

What was he thinking?

Libya, finally, and Yemen are in the process of toppling their despicable dictators.

Soon, North Africa will become the first dictator-free Arab land – and on the way to establishing the new United States of Arabia!

After Yemen ousts its dictator (who has been in power longer than Mubarak), Saudi Arabia and Jordan must go next. Then Syria, Iraq, the UAE and Bahrain… maybe even Sudan. Even Iran is exploding! Maybe Israelis will soon explode against their Nazi-like government as well since they know that their government is a most hypocritical and ruthless dictatorship.

What a beautiful picture this will finally paint.

Israel will no longer be surrounded by complicit Arab dictators who bowed to Israel’s every humiliating demand, despite Israel’s continued Nazi-like massacres, uprooting and ethnic cleansing of Palestinians. The Israeli terrorist government, feeling the heat, issued statements indicating their commitment to “peace.”

Now? For 62 years of tyranny and brutality in the name of a religion, Israel reigned terror on Palestinian civilians. Not once have we seen any serious attempt for peace from the side of Israelis. On the contrary, they continued to create an Auschwitz-like camp (Gaza) and starved 1.5 million Palestinians to death. They continued to build settlements on occupied territories to create what they called “facts on the ground.”

Israel will soon face a real democratic United States-like “Arab country” which will be treated with the utmost respect throughout the world. Then, the U.S. will abandon its other dictator-ally called Israel.  And then the Arabs (Jews, Christians and Muslims) will liberate Palestine from Zionism, in the simplest most effective way: a peaceful Intifada or protests!

Then there shall be peace!


Without Egypt’s Mubarak and with relations with Turkey in shambles, Israel will be forced to court new potential allies.

The fading power of Egyptian President Hosni Mubarak’s government leaves Israel in a state of strategic distress. Without Mubarak, Israel is left with almost no friends in the Middle East; last year, Israel saw its alliance with Turkey collapse.

Israel is worried that the Peace treaty with Arabs – particularly Egypt, is now threatened.


What did this “peace” produce for Egypt, Jordan or others who signed “peace treaties” with the Nazi state?

It simply bought silence:  that Israel will continue in its ethnic cleansing, expelling Palestinians, demolishing their homes, committing more atrocities – all in the name of a so-called peace. The Arab dictators were paid off for their silence! They became richer than ever: Jordan’s King Abdullah and his father before him, Ben Ali of Tunisia and Mubarak of Egypt are but some examples.

Yes, Israel should be fearful.

The Arabs, ignored and dismissed by the West because of their dictatorships and corrupt regimes, have now erupted against tyranny, injustice and humiliation. Now they will decide their future on their own. Democracy and the WILL of people is the new wave.

This is the wave that scares Israel, a terrorist state founded on terrorism and violence. With U.S. help, Israel arrogantly dictated the terms of any dealings with Arabs. Peace meant that Egypt will not attack Israel. But Israel attacking Arabs is an open game.

Israel‘s concern at the popular unrest in Egypt is not just about the internal affairs of a near neighbor, but the strategic issue of its 30-year peace treaty with the largest Arab country, once its bitter enemy.

“Once?” Egyptians still consider Israel as a terrorist state and enemy. Those who suffocate people in Gaza with the help of their soon-to-be-hanged leader, are enemies of humanity!

Arabs will unite, sooner or later. Thanks to the awakening and for the West’s ignorance. The day Israel should fear is near: no longer will Arabs stand for Israel’s violence and terrorism. With the West’s blind support to the terrorist state of Israel, Arabs will resort to resolving their own issues.

They can liberate Palestine just by walking into Palestine. Imagine, out of 300,000,000 Arabs, 100,000,000 decide to march into Palestine.

The result? Waves of 1,000,000 at a time will be massacred by Israel’s terrorist army… 70,000,000 will die! But 30,000,000 will arrive. They will take over Palestine. Jews of Palestine will welcome them. Settlers will flee back to the ghettos from which they came. Zionism will cease to exist!





Egypt protests: Three reported dead in ‘day of revolt’

more here

And Egypt’s Foreign Minister said “It won’t happen here..”


It’s been just two days since the people of Tunis forced a heathen-dictator out and became free. This is the first dictatorship in the Middle East that has evaporated. This is the first chance ever for a real and first democracy to descend upon the Middle East and North Africa.

Every Arab leader – and the Israeli War Criminal Netanyahu – has watched Tunisia‘s revolt in fear while citizens across the Arab world watch in solidarity, elated at that rarity: open revolution.

Egypt, Jordan, Algeria and Morocco are seen as the other countries most likely to face serious popular unrest over unemployment, corruption and hopelessness, though social, political and economic conditions vary considerably between them. [Guardian]


Dictators – and frankly morons – like Gaddafi of Libya, condemned the Tunisian uprising; he had to open his mouth making such ridiculous comments that “Tunisians rushed into this.. and that the deposed dictator was “the best Tunisian to have ever ruled Tunisia..”[source]

Today – January 16, 2011, Libyans are about to do the same – and hopefully, topple this old senile and arrogant so-called leader as they pretty much make the same demands.


Thousands of Jordanians have taken to the streets. While we still hope to see them topple their corrupt dictator-King, they have demanded an end to corruption and demonstrated in front of the Jordanian Parliament and shouting anti-government slogans. It’s a start. (source Aljazeera)

"No to Corruption.. YES to holding the Corrupt Accountable"


Egypt’s idiotic foreign minister claimed that what happened in Tunisia will not be repeated in Egypt!He accused foreign media to be instigating chaos and

Abu Algait, Egypt's Foreign Minister dared to share his "wisdom"

I don’t know what Zodiac influence he’s under, but I am willing to bet a dollar that Egypt will be next, followed by Jordan. Source


A young and unemployed man set himself afire today following in the footsteps of the young Tunisian who later died of his burns. Source


The people here have warned the government to take notice of what happened in Tunisia and warned against adjusting the country’s constitution to extend the current dictator’s term!

Israel and Palestine

While the protests may not be related to the Tunisian uprising, thousands of Israelis rallied in defence of human and civil rights alongside Palestinians.

Under the banner of the “Democratic Camp”, a coalition of organisations and prominent individuals, the marchers heard speakers lambast the Israeli government, singling out the rightwing foreign minister, Avigdor Lieberman, who is seen as threatening Israel‘s democracy.



Saad Hariri faced calls to remain in exile after 11 Hezbollah ministers quit, causing his government to collapse. Anything to do with Tunisia? You be the judge: the timing suggests that it may just be!

Hariri said today that the crisis, Lebanon’s worst in nearly three years, would not be solved without further mediation from Saudi Arabia and Syria, the two parties in a failed deal that was supposed to help end months of political paralysis.

Happy New Year. We’re off to a fantastic start!

Freedom and True Democracy coming to a country near you!