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Reported on Aljazeera this morning that the Yemeni president butcher is already in Saudi Arabia for, what is referred to as medical treatment.

The Yemeni butcher was supposedly injured from shelling of the president’s palace. He had ordered the shelling of the tribal leader’s (Al Ahmar) house earlier. Rumors state that the shelling of the presidential palace was really staged by the butcher and his thugs, hoping for world’s sympathy!

Let’s hope that the butcher of Yemen rots in Saudi Arabia. May he fall into a coma like the butcher Sharon of the terrorist state of Israel.

More power to Yemen and its people seeking freedom and Democracy.

Source: Aljazeera Arabic.

Note: the story on Aljazeera English is quite different. While the former states that Saleh, Yemen’s President handed over the the city to al-Qaeda to lure the world’s attention towards the risks involved should he be ousted, the English version stated:

Away from the political drama in Sanaa, the Yemeni capital, troops clashed with fighters in the south of the country.

The army on Sunday tried to dislodge an armed Islamist group that had taken control of several key buildings, including an ammunition factory, in the town of Jaar in Abyan province.

One soldier was reported killed in the clash and other reports suggested that the police had deserted the town. A day earlier, five soldiers were killed in an ambush in Lowdar, also in Abyan.

The province is seen as a stronghold of al-Qaeda in the Arabian Peninsula, the Yemeni wing of the network which Western countries and neighbour Saudi Arabia fear could take advantage of any power vacuum if protesters succeed in ousting Saleh.

Whether Saleh or Gaddafi, these two thugs use Al Qaeda at will to achieve their criminal objectives! The love they have for ruling, oppressing and stealing their countries resources, one would think these two thugs believe that they “own” their countries!

Oil – exports(bbl / Day) 2011 Country Ranks, By Rank

Rank Country Value Date of Info
1 Saudi Arabia 8,728,000 2007 est.
2 Russia 5,430,000 2009
3 United Arab Emirates 2,700,000 2007 est.
4 Kuwait 2,349,000 2007 est.
5 Nigeria 2,327,000 2007 est.
6 Iran 2,210,000 2009 est.
7 European Union 2,196,000 2008 est.
8 Venezuela 2,182,000 2007 est.
9 Norway 2,061,000 2008 est.
10 Canada 2,001,000 2008 est.
11 Iraq 1,910,000 2009 est.
12 Algeria 1,891,000 2007 est.
13 United States 1,704,000 2008 est.
14 Netherlands 1,660,000 2008 est.
15 Libya 1,542,000 2007 est.
16 Angola 1,407,000 2007 est.
17 United Kingdom 1,393,000
2008 est.
Bahrain and Yemen – where the unrest is, rank 48 (Bahrain) and 42 (Yemen)
40 Sudan 303,800 2007 est.
41 Colombia 294,000 2008 est.
42 Yemen 274,400 2007 est.
43 Thailand 269,100 2009 est.
44 Denmark 268,500 2008 est.
45 Sweden 248,500 2008 est.
46 Trinidad and Tobago 248,300 2007 est.
47 Congo, Republic of the 241,100 2007 est.
48 Bahrain 238,300 2007 est.
49 Aruba 231,100 2007 est.


Oil – exports(bbl / Day) 2011 Country Ranks, By Rank

Rank Country Value Date of Info
1 Russia 10,120,000 2010 est.
2 Saudi Arabia 9,764,000 2009 est.
3 United States 9,056,000 2009 est.
4 Iran 4,172,000 2009 est.
5 China 3,991,000 2009 est.
6 Canada 3,289,000 2009 est.
7 Mexico 3,001,000 2009 est.
8 United Arab Emirates 2,798,000 2009 est.
9 Brazil 2,572,000 2009 est.
10 Kuwait 2,494,000 2009 est.
11 Venezuela 2,472,000 2009 est.
12 Iraq 2,399,000 2009 est.
13 European Union 2,383,000 2009 est.
14 Norway 2,350,000 2009 est.
15 Nigeria 2,211,000 2009 est.
16 Algeria 2,125,000 2009 est.
17 Angola 1,948,000 2009 est.
18 Libya 1,790,000 2009 est.
19 Kazakhstan 1,540,000 2009 est.
20 United Kingdom 1,502,000 2009 est.
21 Qatar 1,213,000 2009 est.
22 Indonesia 1,023,000 2009 est.
23 Azerbaijan 1,011,000 2009 est.
24 India 878,700 2009 est.
25 Oman 816,000 2009 est.
26 Argentina 796,300 2009 est.
27 Malaysia 693,700 2009 est.
28 Colombia 686,600 2009 est.
29 Egypt 680,500 2009 est.
30 Australia 589,200 2009 est.
31 Sudan 486,700 2009 est.
32 Ecuador 485,700 2009 est.
33 Syria 400,400 2009 est.
34 Thailand 380,000 2010 est.
35 Equatorial Guinea 346,000 2009 est.
36 Vietnam 338,400 2009 est.
37 Yemen 288,400 2009 est.



Get it? Libya’s exports to USA are just 5%!

Reviewing all charts here, why then are we being brainwashed that the price of Gasoline at the Pump will jump to at least $4.00 per gallon?


What are these people thinking?
Are they that dumb, deaf and blind?

They all repeat the same thing… it’s as if they have the same mother.. or father (Ramses II) for that matter!

Some Predictions for the remaining morons!

Saudi Arabia has pledged to stand “with all its capabilities” by Bahrain’s ruling royal family amid pro-democracy protests inspired by revolutions in Tunisia and Egypt which toppled US-backed government. Press TV

The Saudi Government [as reported by Aljazeera Arabic site] demanded their religious leaders to issue fatwas condemning any type of protest..

The Saudi, Jordanian and Syrian corrupt governments are very concerned… that their thrones will soon become as good as toilets!

The statement came as US Admiral Mike Mullen, chairman of the US Joint Chiefs of Staff, arrived in the Saudi capital, Riyadh, for a two day visit.

He told reporters that he was in Riyadh to “reassure, discuss and understand what is going on.”

Bahrain is home to the US Navy’s Fifth Fleet, which has served as a hub for operations in Persian Gulf, the Arabian Sea and East Africa.

Bahrainis, inspired by revolutions in Egypt and Tunisia, dubbed have been expressing disappointment with the political reforms of the past decade, which have failed to bring prosperity and real change.

The protests, however, took a new turn on Thursday after the brutal crackdown on protesters in Manama, which left at least five people dead and more than 230 injured.

At least eight people have been killed and hundreds injured in the clashes since the uprising in the Arab world reached Bahrain last week.

Thousands of protesters continue to mass in Manama’s Pearl Square. They are pressing for political reforms, including the release of political prisoners and the sack of the incumbent Prime Minister Khalifa Bin Salman.

A group of protesters, however, called for the ouster of the entire ruling monarchy.


Meanwhile, in Jordan

”]The Jordanian religious leaders issued Fatwas SUPPORTING protests and stating that such are but a religious mandate to speak against evil, corruption and oppression. Unlike the Saudis, who issued fatwas declaring protests… sacrilegious!

Jordan’s king enjoys absolute powers, ruling by decree: He can appoint and dismiss cabinet and parliament whenever at anytime.

Amani Ghoul, a teacher and member of the movement that organised the protests insisted the protests will continue until their demands are met.

“We want a complete overhaul of the political system, including the constitution, the parliament dissolved and new free and fair elections held,” she said.


Protests have been banned in Bahrain and the military has been ordered to tighten its grip after the violent removal of anti-government demonstrators, state TV reports.

“This is the first time in Bahrain’s history that I see this many people in an open area like this,” Maryam al-Khawaja from Bahrain Center for Human Rights told Press TV on Wednesday.

The army would take every measure necessary to preserve security, the interior ministry said.

Three people died and 231 were injured when police broke up the main protest camp, said Bahrain’s health minister.

Tiny but Ruthless

This is how little of a country Bahrain is… it’s as if someone abandoned a little island, and another rushed to claim it… as his Kingdom!

Yet the brutality with which this regime met protests is ten fold the violence against protesters in Algiers, Tunisia and/or Egypt.

Why do these ruthless tyrants and dictators feel as they are formidable against the will of the people? Could they possibly be supported by external powers and forces?

My assessment is that the U.S. does not wish for Bahrain to become a democracy:

The crackdown has caused unease in the West. Bahrain is a key UK and US ally and hosts the US Navy’s Fifth Fleet.

This is exactly the name of the game: United We Stand against democracy and Human Rights when it comes to protecting “our” bases (and interests) on foreign lands. People and freedom, are suddenly unimportant.

Probably larger than the "kingdom" of Bahrain

USS Nimitz in Bahrain

Meanwhile, as dictators continue to insist on living in their own fantasy worlds, Bahrain’s “king” claims that “Reform” takes time!

Bahrain’s King Hamad bin Isa Al Khalifa made a rare national TV address, offering condolences for the deaths, pledging an investigation into the killings and promising to push ahead with reforms, which include loosening state controls on the media and Internet.


The king had previously called for an emergency Arab summit to discuss the growing unrest.

Yesterday Bahraini riot police have stormed a protest camp in the capital Manama, killing at least four people, as the government tried to quell the protests.

The World Reacts

The British Foreign Office confirmed Thursday that it has temporarily closed its embassy in Bahrain.

British Foreign Secretary William Hague said he spoke to the Bahraini foreign minister and stressed the “need for peaceful action to address the concerns of protesters” and “the importance of respect for the right to peaceful protest and for freedom of expression.”

“We also urge all sides to avoid violence and the police to exercise restraint,” Hague said.

Catherine Ashton, the European Union foreign policy chief, deplored the violence and loss of life.

“She also calls on the Bahraini authorities to fully respect and protect the fundamental rights of their citizens, including the right to assemble peacefully. The peaceful expression of people’s concerns should be met through dialogue,” according to a statement from her office.

U.N. Secretary-General Ban Ki-moon weighed in on Thursday, saying that he is “disturbed by the violent means used to disperse the demonstrators” and that “there should be no violence.”

Secretary Clinton to Call Bahraini Counterpart as White House Monitors Uprising Against Another Ally…

I suspect that Clinton is only interested in the well-being of our forces and assets in this tiny spec of land in the Arabian Gulf. As for democracy, she will only issue her support after the success of the revolution, calling on the new government to honor its commitment to the U.S. and maintain the U.S. fleet’s presence in the Gulf!

It was predicted here first, on Attending the World, that the Tunisian uprising would inspire the rest of the Arab world to erupt against their ruthless despicable dictators.



Although the spark of freedom skipped Libya and ignited the first Facebook revolution ever, in Egypt, toppling a powerful dictator (who we continued to call as “friend” throughout this uprising), strangely enough, the remaining dictators still don’t get it. Bahrain‘s King in his joke of a-kingdom,  offered each family $1,000 per family (in their currency).

What was he thinking?

Libya, finally, and Yemen are in the process of toppling their despicable dictators.

Soon, North Africa will become the first dictator-free Arab land – and on the way to establishing the new United States of Arabia!

After Yemen ousts its dictator (who has been in power longer than Mubarak), Saudi Arabia and Jordan must go next. Then Syria, Iraq, the UAE and Bahrain… maybe even Sudan. Even Iran is exploding! Maybe Israelis will soon explode against their Nazi-like government as well since they know that their government is a most hypocritical and ruthless dictatorship.

What a beautiful picture this will finally paint.

Israel will no longer be surrounded by complicit Arab dictators who bowed to Israel’s every humiliating demand, despite Israel’s continued Nazi-like massacres, uprooting and ethnic cleansing of Palestinians. The Israeli terrorist government, feeling the heat, issued statements indicating their commitment to “peace.”

Now? For 62 years of tyranny and brutality in the name of a religion, Israel reigned terror on Palestinian civilians. Not once have we seen any serious attempt for peace from the side of Israelis. On the contrary, they continued to create an Auschwitz-like camp (Gaza) and starved 1.5 million Palestinians to death. They continued to build settlements on occupied territories to create what they called “facts on the ground.”

Israel will soon face a real democratic United States-like “Arab country” which will be treated with the utmost respect throughout the world. Then, the U.S. will abandon its other dictator-ally called Israel.  And then the Arabs (Jews, Christians and Muslims) will liberate Palestine from Zionism, in the simplest most effective way: a peaceful Intifada or protests!

Then there shall be peace!