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A British Royal Marine poses with the heads of a woman and man suspected of being part of the insurgency against colonial rule in Malaya during the 1950s. You’ve likely been reading in the media recently that those who behead people are ‘barbaric’ so its important to understand that this picture does not show ‘barbarism’ since it was carried out by a representative of a ‘civilized’ Western government. Instead this would be a ‘deplorable incident that does not represent our democratic values and respect for the Rule of Law’British Royal Marine


But do tell me: why are these police and/or army thugs dressed in civilian clothes and as you see some are posing for the camera? Is it to place the blame on the Brotherhood? You bet it is. Sisi the thug is worse than Mubarak. He’s a war criminal and should be tried and executed. Period. 





The above left is what Egyptian TV shows – caption says: armed elements on rooftops” meaning of course, terrorists while the full photo on the right shows these “elements” are with the Egyptian police!!!


and this video shows it best!!!