Tell the World

I want to tell the world

By Nahida

This is a Blog post I saw and read on the Palestinian Mother’s forum. I found it so powerful and so important that I wanted to spread this message further on, and I told Nahida that we need to tell the world – together! And I asked her if I could re-post it here, to which she agreed…


I want to tell the world


I want to tell the world
A story

About a home With a broken lantern

And a burnt doll

About a picnic That wasn’t enjoyed

About an axe That killed a tulip

A story about a fire That consumed a plait

I want to tell a story About a goat That wasn’t milked

About a mother’s dough That wasn’t baked

About a wedding That wasn’t celebrated

And a girl That didn’t grow up

About a football That wasn’t kicked

About a dove That didn’t fly

I want to tell a story About a key That wasn’t used

About a classroom That wasn’t attended

About a playground That was silenced

About a book That wasn’t read

About a besieged lonely farm
And about its fruits That weren’t picked

A story about a church That’s no longer prayed in

And a mosque That with no longer stands

And a culture No longer rejoiced

I want to tell a story About a muddy grassy roof

About a stone That faced a tank

About a stubborn flag That refuses to lie down

I want to tell the world A story

Now Light a little candle for Palestine

Light a candle One little candle
Watch the darkness fade away
Just try it out

One ray of light
Wipes away the gloomiest
Jet-black nights
As the dawn breaks
Just observe
Can you see that
All the might of darkness
In the world
Cannot extinguish
The faintest flicker
Of a beam of light
Light a candle
One little candle
Watch the darkness fade away
You can do it

Did you hear me?

Source: Alice; Jerusalem, Israel
Alice is not my real name. It’s a nickname I took up about two years ago on my previous Blog on Yahoo. I live in Jerusalem since 1995, when I arrived in Israel. It’s been about two years that I started to have a good look onto what’s going on the “other side of the Wall”, and I haven’t stopped to think and write about it ever since…

  1. fourthreichisrael says:

    There is a video of Nahida’s poem and photos, however, they did not give her the credit. But the video is excellent otherwise.

  2. fourthreichisrael says:

    That’s very powerful with the photos. I had read the poem before and was very moved by it, the photos really add to it. Nahida, is a friend of mine and I have one of her poems on my site, it is also amazing; she is an extraordinarily gifted poet as well as a lovely person and a humanitarian.

  3. susanne430 says:

    I saw this on another blog. Is there a way we can add it to ours? I think the message is worth sharing with as many who can stand seeing the truth in pictures. Thanks.

  4. whitewraithe says:

    Those responsible for this tragedy are not human. If they were they could not perpetrate such atrocity within an established culture. Real humanity cannot turn away from the injustice. It would be forced to act.

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