67 Years of Terrorism!

67 Years of Israeli Terrorism!

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The Return of Nazism: now symbolized by the Star of David


  1. killt says:

    Killt (you know who you are)

    Thank you for the beautiful photo. I will post on my site sometime soon. Meanwhile, comments from NaZionists and killers of children or mad Nazis who use Phosphorus bombs against civilians, are never welcomed here.


  2. susanne430 says:

    Oh, it wasn’t smushy this time! Yippee! My computer is miraculously fixed! 😀

    Thanks for what you added to your “about” page. I enjoyed it! I was really curious how you got to work in Israel for 18 years, but maybe you live there. Anyway…thanks so much for your kindness. I like your sense of humor, too. 🙂

  3. Suzanne430 – thanks for stopping by again and your kind comments. How I got involved in this? OK, let me add this bit to my “About Me” since this is a story in itself..

    But the smushy thing is your computer – not my blog.. :p


    Thanks for stopping by and for your kind words too. Btw, the Theme you use is what I first used when I started blogging here! Great minds think alike!


  4. susanne430 says:

    ATW, I’m so glad you left a comment for us today. I am enjoying your blog and finding out a bit more about you and your work. How interesting that you worked in Israel/Palestine for many years! We have friends doing that now, and I admire their work very much. I am interested in how you became involved in this. I am really ashamed that I never knew the truth for so long … or bothered to try to learn it. :-/

    Thanks for the good work you do informing others of the Palestinian perspective! Are you Arab? Your “about” page was kind of smushy on my computer. Maybe you like being secretive anyway. 😉 Regardless, thanks again.

  5. mcdozer says:

    Aaaah, corageous folks like you are like a fresh breeze of new hope to me! Thank you!

  6. Tseday says:

    Thank you for sharing the truth ATW … enough is enough. Justice is long due for the Palestinians.

  7. letthewhitedovesing says:

    Moving slide show.
    Thank you for exposing Israeli terrorism.

  8. Wingless..

    Or should I say “Headless?”

    I am well informed and lived in Israel/ Palestine and worked with both sides for 18 years. The proof is in the pudding: the Zionist agenda of terrorism as has been written about by Israelis themselves. The Zionist state’s founders quotes of ethnic cleansing are well documented. And then the largest concentration camp in the history of the world (Gaza) exists today under Israeli occupation and is much bigger than what the Nazis had ever dreamed of.

    And spare me the democratic Israel please. Israel is the most racist country in existence. Again, this was written about by Israeli media and posted here on my blog. Check out Haaretz article on this issue.

    It seems that the only misinformed here is you. You can’t handle the truth! We already listened to the “old song of Palestinians controlling most of Palestine.” Puhleeez! The truth behind Israel’s generous offer is here.

    Again, the truth is written about by Israelis themselves – those who have a conscience. Want to debate? Get informed first and look at SOME of the facts I provided.

    All other claims you make have no basis and prove your abundant ignorance. Palestine is mentioned in the Bible. End of story. Jerusalem IS mentioned in the Quran. One does not dispute facts with wishful thinking or lack of understanding of another faith or history. This would be the equivalent of comparing Judaism with pedophilia based on some Talmudic teachings that a Rabbi is allowed to have sex with as young a child as a 3 year old.

    These are childish attempts and have grown “old” now. Many like you have shunned these idiotic arguments and came up with more “creative” ways to “debate.”

    Once you are informed, you are more than welcome to return for a debate.


  9. winglessblog says:

    Israeli terrorism? Are you crazy or just plain misinformed?

    Israel is the only nation where Arabs in the Middle East can vote, run for office, sit in parliament, sit on the Supreme court and have freedoms of sexuality and religion.

    So much is made of so-called settlers but in truth they make up less than 1% of 1% of 1% of the Arab population. Israeli Arabs, those Arabs who did not leave during the 48 or 67 wars (both instigated by surrounding Arabs nations who wanted the land for themselves) or those that came back shortly after were given FULL ISRAELI CITIZENSHIP AND RIGHTS. They make up 25% of Israel and are over 1,000,000 in number… funny how Arabs lands must be JEW FREE! While Israel can accept 25% Arab into its democracy!

    Today, Arabs control 83% of “Palestine”, 70% = Jordan, paritioned in 1918 from all of Mandate Palestine east of Jordan river; 13% = Gaza (100% Jew free for years) + areas of Judea + Samaria under 100% PA Rule! I say “Palestine” with quotations since a country called Palestine has NEVER EVER EXISTEN UPON THE PLANET EARTH. Similarly, Jerusalem is not mentioned in the KORAN ONCE (so much for Hamas, Hezbollah and Al Qaeda’s dribble) and Muslims turn their back to Jerusalem when praying.

    Lastly – if this conflict is about land why didn’t Arafat accept the 2000 deal? East Jerusalem, 100% of Gaza, 97% of Judea/Samaria, 3-5% of Israel proper. HE REJECTED AND LEFT THE TALKS! He went back home and began planning the 2nd intifadah IMMEDIATELY FOLLOWING THE OFFER (Marwan Bargouti has admitted this)

    Care to debate? Unlike the anti-Israel sites (jewssansfrontiers is the biggest culprit, they LOVE to delete), I won’t delete or edit your comments just because they don’t fit my agenda (because I don’t have one, I am after truth, nothing more and nothing less).

    HTTP COLON SLASH SLASH wingless DOT aoriginality DOT com
    (put the above in address bar, but obviously replace COLON with ‘:’ etc.)

  10. Marine! We know you’re nothing more than a militant Israeli lover. I think you should convert to Judaism and join Meir Kahana’s thugs.

    You are not and cannot be a Christian.


  11. irishanglican says:

    Goodness, not another 9/11 conspiratorial person?

    Fr. R.

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