Hitler, Jews and Blood Passover?


“The Jewish people as a whole will be its own Messiah. It will attain world domination by the dissolution of other races…and by the establishment of a world republic in which everywhere the Jews will exercise the privilege of citizenship. In this New World Order the Children of Israel…will furnish all the leaders without encountering opposition…” (Karl Marx in a letter to Baruch Levy, quoted in Review de Paris, June 1, 1928, p. 574)

“Not every victim was a Jew but every Jew was a victim.” –Elie Wiesel speaking of World War II.


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  1. @nuinithil –

    Thanks for the comment. I may add that the difference between Israel being a militaristic state and “Radical Palestinians” is the fact the latter is under the occupation and oppression of the former. No people in the universe, when oppressed, will succumb to discrimination, humiliation and oppression. Therefore it’s only natural for resistance to take shape and form. We’ve seen this in the French resistance to Nazi Germany against Nazis and collaborators – and we celebrated their actions. When it comes to Palestinians though, we choose to look the other way!

    Radical Muslims are twofold: those who do not represent the religion of Islam and those labeled by our governments as “radical.” The radicals – Taliban, Alqaeda and so on, are the ignorant bunch who don’t even adhere to the faith. These morons need to learn that the first RIGHT God mandated in the Quran: the Right to Live [and let live].

    Unfortunately, the ignorant go about translating the Quran to justify their actions. This stems from lack of education and knowledge of the religion. Many are simply “militaristic” in their way of thinking. They only need to read the history of the Prophet of Islam to learn how patient and forgiving he was with the pagans of Arabia.

    The other group – labeled by our governments as radical are any Islamic movement that calls for legitimate self defense. Hamas, fro example is NOT a radical movement. Yet we hear over and over on the news that the US government considers Hamas a terrorist group. When the Americans called for their Independence from Great Britain, those Americans were also considered terrorists by the British. I think the point is clear.

    Finally, regarding the Old Testament, read if you will, the Story of Joshua.

    • nuinithil says:

      I wonder though if it makes violence any more acceptable when it is in response to such circumstances or not. Does it matter if a Palestinian blows up a grocery store full of people, or an Israeli? In the end it’s still a site of death and devastation.I understand the motivation for the violence, but I wonder if now it would be better simply to lay that aside. The world sees Palestine now, such acts are no longer necessary for its attention. I wonder if peaceful resistance would be more fitting. Certainly it would force many nations into viewing Israel as an aggressor nation.

      The point is that, oppressed or not, violent revolt has never been met with much positive feeling except, perhaps, by those revolting. In this case I think neither case is necessarily in the right, but it falls on the oppressed to offer the hand of peace. Each is fighting for land, each for freedom from oppression. As long as Israel feels it is threatened, I do not think they will back down, which is essentially the same thing that Palestinians are doing – not backing down because they fear their land will be taken (or rather has been taken). The Palestinians, arguably, have allies in the region which makes Israel feel threatened. I think it will have to be the Palestinians who make the overture of peace to change anything. Then Israel will have no legitimate claim to continue their militaristic actions.

      • @nuinithil

        Interesting! It falls on the OPPRESSED to offer peace? What kind of logic is this? I guess the oppressed French “violent” resistance played no part of liberating France? Maybe they should have offer flowers to the Nazis as a gesture of wanting to live in peace with oppressors! What about the Jews during the Holocaust? Should they have just willingly surrendered to show they were “peaceful?”

        Israel has super-power allies! I’d love to learn who the Palestinians “allies” are? Not a single Arab country came to the defense of the Palestinians as they were massacred during the criminal holocaust on Gaza!

        Are you saying then that Israel is justified in killing Palestinian civilians? Why wouldn’t you even address this and place the blame on a state run on and by terrorism since it was founded? Would you call that violence? Anyway, when was the last time a grocery store blown up? Your responses seem to be supportive of Israeli actions with total disregard to the crimes Israel commits as an occupying power. Let me share the numbers with you as reported by Israeli sources:

        * 124 Israeli children have been killed by Palestinians and 1,441 Palestinian children have been killed by Israelis since – September 2000 ONLY!

        * 1,072 Israelis and at least 6,348 Palestinians have been killed since September 2000 ONLY!

        * 8,864 Israelis and 39,019 Palestinians have been injured during the same period.

        * 1 Israeli is being held prisoner by Palestinians, while 7,383 Palestinians are currently imprisoned by Israel. Many of home are women and children!

        * 0 Israeli homes have been demolished by Palestinians and 24,145 Palestinian homes have been demolished by the NaZionist government you seem to defend.

        * Israel currently has 223 Jewish-only settlements and ‘outposts’ built on confiscated Palestinian land. Palestinians have ZERO settlements. As a matter of fact, they are not even allowed to build. Period!


        • nuinithil says:

          I’d like to make a few things a little more clear. Firstly, my position on this conflict is that neither side is justified in killing anyone, I merely meant to offer the possible motivations behind such actions. And the grocery store is merely an easily rendered model or image.

          Secondly, I do not think it fair to compare the current state of affairs in Israel to the events of WWII. The Holocaust was an institutionalized, systematic genocide that killed millions of Jews in the span of just a few years – estimated to be more, in fact, than the entire current population of the Palestinians, which is approximately 4 million according to the World Bank.

          Furthermore, offering peace does not mean offering surrender and to assert otherwise is to mistake the power of diplomacy in the modern world. Gandhi helped Indians retake India in the 20th century by peaceful means, Martin Luther King Jr. gained civil rights for blacks in America. These and other movements were achieved through peaceful means and represent the kind of peace I speak of. If Palestinians stopped all their attacks, then they put themselves into a position in which the world sees them as the poor, oppressed people they are. The reasons I propose that it is on the shoulders of the Palestinians to do so is partly favored by the statistics you have provided.

          A.) Since there is already such disparity between the two rates, it would only hurt Israel’s world position more if Palestine ceased all violence and would have a greater marginal effect in doing so, as it would contradict their current world image. B.) Because the rates are lower, there is less to stop and it would be more feasible. C.) Because Palestinians to not currently have a land to physically lose, they are in a better position to lay down arms, not having to necessarily actively defend their territory.

          Essentially, the reason I propose Palestinians should assume the burden of peace is because it seems to be the most feasible option. Yes, Israel has committed atrocious crimes. Yes, in fairness Israel should be the one to own up to what it has done, but I do not see any force sufficient to motivate Israel to do so. Therefore, it is up to Palestine to “arouse the conscience of the community over its injustice.” In the words of Martin Luther King Jr.

          • @nuinithil

            Thanks again for your comment. I have just returned from the region – about 2 weeks ago and what I experienced and saw first hand is what you would not imagine. If you have been to the region and the occupied territories, surely you would have been detained and asked a million-and-a-half questions. If you didn’t or don’t live there, then ask someone who had been. They will curse the day they stepped foot in Israel.

            The peace offerings had always been initiated by the Palestinians yet you seem to report the generic reports of someone who is not totally involved or understand the history. Palestinians have shunned their “resistance” and offered the olive branch: that is why the charters of the Palestinian movements changed their wording and no longer call for the “liberation” of Palestine. That was never good enough and Israel wanted recognition. The Palestinians offered the recognition and a two-state solution. Israel still refuses and delays the peace process and continues to expand settlements so as to make it a “matter-of-fact” issue already on Palestinian lands – which, by the way are stolen (according to Haaretz and NY Times – search posts here: On Stolen Lands) from Palestinians. This way the Israeli government can annex more land and possibly “allow” Palestinians to live in Banstuntans but never allow a state to form alongside. By the way, while Israel keeps demanding to be recognized by palestinians and Arabs, they never once offred to recognize Palestinian rights nor a state! Meanwhile, if you are a Jew from Timbuktu, Israel will immediately offer you citizenship, work and even a Palestinian home to expel its residents and take over!

            What’s not fair here is the fact that from an Israeli-Jewish perspective, no one is allowed to defend the Palestinians. Your writings prove this. Palestinians have and continue to lose everything – even their identity. Thank God for people like Yonatan Shapira, ICAHD, Dr. Shlomo Sand, Illan Pappe [all Israelis] and many more, who expose Israel’s crimes against humanity. Thus, the conscience of the World community has been aroused! Israel is no longer viewed as the victim. It’s new status: The Oppressor.


  2. Jew With A View says:

    And I see from following your link that you’re just repeating the age-old, vile charge of ‘ritual murder’ by Jews.

    Oh, purleeease. I know kids of ten who can see what a load of garbage that ancient and racist charge is. Shame on you.

    • Jew without a view: open your eyes! So if you don’t like the source (a Jew), then you cry Foul? Interesting analysis and.. ignorance!


    • Tabatha (JWAV),

      Is Deception a Judaic value? You don’t have the decency to post what your terrorist-like Rabbis have been stating and which I posted on your site. The truth hurts, does it not? Truly you must elicit the extremists who favor violence. After all, the Old Testament is your guide for Ethnic Cleansing. Then you claim “God” ordered you to do so or have chosen you to spread terror on Earth? I think this makes you equivalent to Bin Laden and other terrorists who claim they have been chosen to kill.. ironic isn’t it? Are your eyes wide shut?


  3. Jew With A View says:

    Er, and your point is…?

    Marx never spoke for any Jews – he never even identified as a Jew for much for the time.

    As for this mad ‘blood passover’ – what???

    So far on your blog I have not found one objectively accurate fact.

    • Jew with a View:

      You’ve had time to go through 4 years of posts and you haven’t found ONE objective fact? Tell me please: I quote Haaretz, Dr. Sand (An Israeli Professor, and various English and US Media. None of these are credible? I guess the “objective source” you’re looking for is the JDL or Settlers Are Us?


      • nuinithil says:

        I would like to point out that neither of these views are encompassing. It is true that atrocities have been done and continue to happen, but there is always more than one side and both sides have legitimate points. While Israel is a militaristic, one might even say oppressive or racist state, it is arguably no worse than Palestinian violence of the same kind, just better covered up and thus a mite more scandalous. Radical Muslims also have committed their fair share of terrible acts as you have pointed out, but it is unfair to equate all Jews with radical Muslim terrorists. The Old Testament, so far as I have understood it, does not condone the destruction of other races. There are even direct references to the toleration of others within Jewish lands.

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