Bennet: the israeli prime minister LIAR!

Posted: April 23, 2022 in News & Views
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Bennet accused Christiane Amanpour of lying! He said in the interview that exposed his lies, that:

  1. Israel is a peaceful “country” – well, it’s not a country. It is not peaceful
  2. He said about 300 “Palestinian rioters” entered the Al Aqsa mosque with stones and fireworks and “desecrated” their own mosque, preventing “80,000 decent Muslims” from praying at Al Aqsa!
  3. He said it was his duty to ensure that Muslims can pray freely, blah blah blah so that’s why he sent his forces in!
  4. Mr. Bennet, you’re the ultimate liar.

Here’s why:

  1. No, 300 Palestinians did not enter the mosque and desecrated their own mosque. That’s the first lie. Videos show Palestinians under attack by the most immoral israeli forces, seeking protection INSIDE the Al Aqsa mosque.
  2. If you wanted to have Muslims pray freely, then why did your forces BEAT UP Palestinian women, children, and the elderly on the outside?
  3. Why did you prevent Christians from entering the Church of Holy Sepulcher?

AND HERE’S THE PROOF THAT DEBUNKS Bennet’s claims and exposes his lies.

Below, “Peaceful” israeli scumbag settlers terrorizing Palestinians and being protected by the most immoral army in the world:


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